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18 February, 2012

Clean Cut!

When I don't do much layering on my clothes, the look is much simpler and clean. But I really like to accessorize myself, so the simple look didn't last long at all. 

In fact, I already out and about and found myself in two layers of tanks after spending a day in the city with friends and family. 

On me: Pink knit sweater, Marni pink cropped pants, YSL triboo pump with patent cap toe, Chanel garden tweed bag.. layers of bracelets. 

Irene: A. Wang heels 


J crew bracelet, Club Monaco leather bracelet, Dannijo cotton thread bracelet, Rachel Leigh pink bracelet with gold bow 

I remember I used to do those braiding cotton thread in class.  We pretended we were listening to the lecture while busying braiding underneath the desk. lol ... Old School fun ~~~ 

I have to share hubby today's look... lol... 
He is never a complicated man in terms of dressing himself up until today... because of me. 
(Aqua by Aqua shirt with textured sleeves, GAS hooded down vest, and my sunglasses.) 


Zara yellow sheer tank, Mr. Larkin organic silk racer-back tank, Mcginn cropped blazer with satin lapel

Ralph Lauren sweatpants, pony hair belt

 A. Wang velvet boots

Givenchy Tinhan deep V hobo w/ studs, J Crew necklaces, layers of bracelets



Michael St. James said...

I adore the simpler look on you. It's incredibly chic. Your husband's Aqua by Aqua shirt is awesome and LOL at him wearing your sunglasses.

Rachel Cheng said...

^O^ yes, Mike, just for a sec. he is willing to destroy his reputation ... for the heck of fun too.

Have a good Monday.

xo Rachel


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