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02 February, 2012

Is Summer here yet!?

Today is so warm that I almost feel it is summer while driving around in the car.  I guess California really is the perfect place to live if you don't want to deal with shoveling snow, or hiding out from the storm and hurricanes... lol... 


Vince hand-knit cardigan, Urban Outfitter tank, Aqua by Aqua fuchsia organza skirt, Tom Binn 18K safety pin necklace, Karen Walker Milky pink Sunglass, white Christian Louboutin Pigalle Plato patent heels, Hermes Vert de Gris 35 Birkin in Clemence with Gold Hardware 

Love summer, love life!
xoxo Rachel 


Mona P said...

Love the skirt and the sunglasses!

wei72637 said...

Cute outfit! Love the new birkin...It looks like grey in some lights and olive green in others. Lucky girl!
Btw, I think i saw you in Hermes the other week? You were with your friend Pei. I was the girl trying on the Blue Electrique constance. I was way too shy to say hi. Didnt want to seem like a stalker. hehe. :)

Rachel Cheng said...

Hi Wei, no kidding!! ;)
U lucky girl too cause that constace goes perfectly with ur furry blue sweater, good one! May I know what size is that? Pei had an offer of large Elec. Bleu constance next couple days but didn't get it as she likes neutral color! Black Birkin is classic, btw.
Yes, I waited for greenish Birkin for over 2 years after my First one. How crazy it is.
Next time, be sure to call me. :)
Xo Rachel

Rachel Cheng said...

Thx, Mona. The skirt is on sale and Sunglasses is procured 2 years ago, love the fact that they can be paired in one look! ;)
Xo Rachel

wei72637 said...

My constance is a 25cm. I had a black epsom in the 25 on my wishlist, but the blue is actually really really versatile. My husband said that the black one would make me look like a flight attendent. :) I cant believe the constance is almost the same price as the birkin and kelly...makes it almost seem like its not worth it.
Its great that you have friends to shop with you. I dont have any girlfriends that like Hermes purses!

Rachel Cheng said...

Hi Wei:

So yours is priced at $9200 ? it is almost a Birkin indeed.

Speaking of the flight attendant, I can picture that look after now you mentioned. lol Yeah, good that you got an offer of that Electrique.

Welcome to join me/us as I have a group of girl friends who love to shop and especially Hermes. :) We can FB talk non-stop!!! "" ..Rachel Cheng

Have a good weekend.

xo Rachel

Julia, the Thanksgiving Girl said...

The skirt is beyond amazing and looks great on you! And yes, I guess you are lucky to live in Cali! Unlike me here... I really don't like the cold weather and yet we get enough of it here lol

wei72637 said...

No, thank god I was able to get it before the price increase so it was $7900...but I think my Kelly 35 was around that price.
I'd love to join you guys sometime for a meet up. Always love to meet new girls with the same passion for fashion.

Have a lovely weekend. :)


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