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12 November, 2009

Lady Bug or Polka Dot!!

I could try any pattern of hosiery w/o worrying too much of age appropriate

It seems that my friend, Julia, is so obsessed w/ defining her age w/ the proper ensembles she'd suppose to wear lately.  Why oh Why? When you have the look and the body, sometimes you just have to let go of yourself a little. Then you'd open a lot more of yourself to try out NEW things. Not just clothes, I mean, everything!!  If a person is dying, should s/he be sad and awaits for the final DAY to come?? (Oh, I know, this is probably too much of an example. But you got my idea!!) :P Ok, how about those MEN who wears heels in NEW YORK city!!? haha...Oh, I should stop saying anything more!

Fight hard to our aging and have fun w/ dressing up along the course!! You know what's already looks good on you, all you need to do is KEEP THE LENGTH (cover wherever you think is appropriate!)!! ^o^

Back to today, I assume most of moms taking kids out for bounding when there is no school today!!  :) Me and 2 other moms took kids to Golf land and bathed in a cozy winter sunshine.

You don't think we seriously played golf, do you?!!

I do like social time but not in the golf land just YET!

At this age, there are only couple things that they are so obsessed about, cars, games, and more video games!!

Me? No no no, no games, Gerber finger food is still my favorite!! ^O^

Anthropologie necklace looks its best on thin outfit!

I like the lux. look of purple n' green together!!


1. Top:
  • Twelfth street of Cynthia Vincent purple sheer blouse
  • Taiwan designer satin green shirt dress
  • Zara knit vest 

2. Accessory:
  • Croc embossed leather belt
  • Anthropologies necklace
  • Kate Spade polka dot knee high socks
  • Calvin Klein heels
  • Balenciaga part time 08

I like polka dot socks w/ either flat or strapped sandals. 

Tomorrow is our hectic schedule day again!!!




lovelifelikefashion said...

i love this outfit! i think what i love the most about your fashion is that you are very daring and very unique. So its always exciting to come see your outfit, every look is very different and unique. Its like opening a fortune cookie. I like today look a lot, i think the green and purple do look good together!

chocolaine said...

Hey Rach, I love your eye makeup in this post! esp the dolly lash. Would you do a workshop post?

Julia said...

I got the idea, Rachel. :)

actually not too long ago, i would wear a red stocking with rose pattern. then all of sudden, i did not feel right about it any more - i dont know what got into me.

life is complicated. people are complicated... i dont know how to explain. one thing i know i should do for sure is to not think too much and live freely - like you said!

i do have a very simple life, so let me start from here...

ok, back to your ODJ:

green and purple, very unexpected. but you pulled it all off, again. i think it is because you are a pretty girl and anything look nice on you. hehe..

litlstrawberry said...

Hey, cutie: Thank you. I want to be positive and open for my kids and I think i have to start from Myself!! :)

oh, yeh, the satin green and purple sheer ruffle look very harmony together. :)

litlstrawberry said...

hi, Chocolaine:
THanks for stopping by here. I use RapidLash to help growing my lashes. It is quite working and I think I only use vibrating mascara bought in Target to thicken them more.
As for the doll look is because our lashes are naturally grow as "grouping", you know, not 1 lash per pore, it is couple lashes per pore...well, I am rambling here. :P The mascara makes them even obvious like that. :)
Anyway, if you are not allergic or too sensitive about make-ups, you can try Rapid lash. But it stings a little the first week!!!! :)

litlstrawberry said...

he he, Julia: yes, you should stop thinking too much... today I was cooking and thinking about conversation between DH and I that bothered me a few days ago... I broke a plate!! Well, I think that's the second time I remember I broke something when something else in my mind. Well, both of us or all of us really need to work on let things go and give ourselves a peace of mind!! *<*


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