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Rewards, Thanks, Hectic, Sequins, and Glitters!!!

Thanks to Michael ( and Angela (Angelina's Cafe) who pass those two rewards onto me!! I am very honored and thrilled and
oh, I love them (Mike, Angela and two cute icons)lol!!! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!!

I know the rules for those rewards but I will wait until this weekend to pass it around and to divulge 10 things about myself that you don't already know!!! :P

So, what's next? Oh, hectic!! DH had business meeting in LA today and he was gone literally after walking our son, Niel, to school at 8 AM. That being said, me, as a stay home mom, has to work over-time until DH flies home around 8 PM. :O

Ok, you must think that's not a big deal at all. I know couple of my friend's DH won't be home to lend wife a hand of house chores until 8 PM since they are in the financial industry. Wives still complain even w/ ONE kid only!! So hey, I have 3 kids and given the circumstance, I think that sounds a heck of work to me/everyone!!!!

Here is my schedule of today and to let you know how busy a MOM could be w/ 3 very young children!!!
(I should pass around this schedule to DADs/GUYs/NEWLY-weds so they know how great we are to be a stay home MOM. :P)

8 am Niel attends school. I do my morning ritual (if you know girl!!) and dress my two daughters up while they were having their morning bottles of milk in bed.

Going up and down stairs, cooking rice noodles for Heidi's lunch box while I enjoy my coffee cake as my breakfast!!

(extra info.) Heidi goes to preschool and Ilona stays w/ me until next year.

8:55 am Heidi attends school.

9:15 am Ilona and I went to post office to ship my giveaway gifts to 2 bloggers, Roxanne and dos3n (Catherine) and drop check at Niel's school for school picture which DH forgot in the morining.

9:45 am Got home.
Take garbage out, doing recycle since DH is probably too tired to do it tonight. Ilona had some snacks while I quickly browsed internet knowing I got rewards!!! yay~~ I couldn't spend more time leaving notes since Ilona has painting class at 10:45 am.

10:45 am - 11:45 am Ilona's painting class.

12 pm lunch w/ mommy friend (Ilona's painting buddy too)!

1:45 pm Dropping off friend. Pick up Niel from after school and stop by home again before his piano lesson at 2:30 PM.

Niel took my ODJ photos while he enjoys my leftover pearl milk tea. hahaha...... I couldn't find a better time today to take pic. for myself and I don't think I want to take pic. at Niel's piano teacher's backyard again. :P

2:30 pm - 3:00 pm Niel's piano class.

After some time chat w/ Niel's teacher about how envy I am to her about her going back to Taiwan next week!!!!!

3:30 pm Dropping off Niel back to after school which he insists going back instead of staying w/ us or going home!! &&^^%%$$## Almost late for picking up Heidi from school.

4:00 pm I need to return something to my mommy friend, Melody, so we met up at a barber shop where Heidi also had her hair cut today.

Ilona have swimming class at 7 pm but since DH is not around, I have to go DOWN w/ her!! Geez...... I need a new bathing suit!!!!!!!! Therefore, Heidi, Ilona and I are off to Valley fair mall for a bathing suit hunt!! :)

5:15 pm Finally I am confident in going INTO water w/ Ilona w/ my new bathing suit. yay~~ my, I can't believe myself sometimes!! :P

5: 45 pm Again, almost late for picking up Niel from after school!!

6:06 pm Got home!! Change Ilona, made some fried rice, feed kids and change bathing suit for myself!!

Hectic time!!! Couple phone calls from friend, Ann, asking about borrowing bassinet; DH calling that his almost arrival of San Jose and going straight to play basketball. ....... Niel, Heid, and Ilona were fighting for something, me yelling at them..... OMG......... time to go!!!!

7 pm - 7:30 pm The day is almost done!! Ilona is so happy doing splish n' splash and I am happy that the bra padding didn't drift away!!! hahahahahahahaha...................

By 8 pm we returned home and already showered. Finally, enjoy our bounding time downstairs.

I think DH showed up around 8: 30 pm after done playing basketball. My job has not done yet since he was starving and wants something Chinese to nibble!! Again, cooking odon for him!!

9:30 pm We were w/ kids in their rooms telling stories, practice some piano and ready for bed!!!

Don't you think those tidies things are nothing, a good time management is required!!! :) Ok, I am glad DH is home safe and I finally can finish my blog NOW!!!!

MOMs, you gotta let DH be a stay-home dad for at least a day and see how does he handle things w/o you around!!!! He should be more appreciated w/ your effort!!

To every devoted mom and wife!!! We deserve the best!!! :)


1. Top:
Alice & Olivia sequins top
Linda Loudermilk organic big shouldered asymmetrical jacket
2. Bottom: Helmut lang boy friend shorts
3. Accessory:
Anthropology brass mini disc necklace
glitter hosiery bought in Paris
Chanel 08 black large perforated Rodeo Drive tote
4. Shoes: Joie over the knee high boots

I play w/ the extra fabric on the boots...that triangle fold looks very futuristic. :)

Now you will be able to see clearly about those two "standing" shoulders.

I am going to bed 10 mins. earlier.... tonight!! :)

Nite, nite!!


Now that is a hectic schedule. So glad I could give you that award...your blog is awesome! That Chanel bag is gorgeous btw.
Hi R! Long time no talk! I've been so away from the computer for too long already. I just updated my blog and you will know why. I had some accidents so I had to rest at home.

Anyway, I TOTALLY feel your hectic schedule. That's what a SAHMs life is all about. Haha! We really deserve the best. My DH is also from the financial industry like some of your friends, but it's good that he is such a family man that he loves lending me hand to take care of Mason whenever he has time. He actually told me that he's jealous that I get to spend more time with Mason as compared to him which is only after work and during weekends. But yes, it's a blessing to us when DH is willing to help on the kids.

I see that you've finally caved in for a pair of knee/thigh high boots! Perfect for your long lean legs.

Anyway, just drop by to say "hi" and have a happy weekend ahead!

I totally agree with you. Being a stay at home mom/wife is more work that having a "day job". DH and I don't have kids yet (well, we do have our non-human daughter, Coco) and given DH's kidney problem, I've decided to give up a "day job" so I can tend to the house and him 24/7. I do run my own business still but luckily, I can do that at home. But even the time when I had a "day job", I still made sure I was a "house wife" first. I wake up, get his clothes ready, make breakfast, prepare his lunch to bring to his work, clean the house as soon as he leaves for work, etc... etc... then prepare dinner for him when he gets home and all that. I do it voluntarily (he never demanded or asked me to be a "traditional" wife) and even though I get exhausted, I feel very happy and content. But yes, I do feel your 'happiness & pain" :) It's wonderful though. As a house wife/mother, you are the master of the household :)
Angela said…
I love the look!! That chanel bag is to die for. The sequins top is so wonderful. I'm tempted to go buy one right now! NO one wonder why Forever21 is full of them!! And about shopping there, you get what you payed for basically! I'd much rather invest in something substantial but as for now it's a cheap thrill. If you want to try it out, you should go on a weekday when there's less people, look online to see things you want ahead, and just keep an opened mind. They tilt the mirrors!!! What a nightmare. LOL. But I think the best thing about Forever21 is the accessories! very cheap necklaces. But of course most of them are trendy and you can't wear them forever. Hope that helps! You looked great!
I must say, I have the utmost respect for what you do! I think it's great you're a stay-at-home mom... it's a tougher job than working in any office! And I think it's terrific you still manage to dress up so chic every day. My best friend had a child last year, and as much as I love her, she has decided to completely neglect her style... sigh. I hardly recognize her anymore (if it were me, I'd still want to look and feel good). In any case, love the jacket and that sequined top is gorgeous! Oh, and I'm drooling over your boots as well. Hope to get my OTK ones next week! Have a wonderful weekend :)
dos3n said…
oh my! that is one hectic schedule! you are a super mommy, i should be more like you, now I feel guilty for wanting to stay in bed for that extra 30 min... btw, love the outfit! very chic and on the go at the same time.
Betsy C. said…
Congrats on your award! You definitely squeeze in a 26 hour day schedule into 24 hours. :D
litlstrawberry said…
yep, Mike, don't know if you have more than 2 siblings!! hah...oh, you didn't tell us in that 10 things about you. :)
litlstrawberry said…
Hi, Mia:
I am glad your DH is very family oriented as I know it is such a pain in the a** if husband is not into sharing households things. You know, 大男人主義!!!

Oh, my OTK boots is just a fun pair of this season for me....I adore rest of the boots more. :P

You too, have a great weekend.

litlstrawberry said…
Hi, Roxanne:
Yes, now you remind me again, you are such a wonderful woman and I know you have to LOVE your DH enough to be willing to do such things for him. He is a lucky guy I must say!!

You know, I would love to have a nanny around but I guess I am such a person who rushes things all the time. I mean, I drive too fast (just got 2 traffic violation tickets in 2 weeks...:P), I eat fast, I cook fast, I plan everything spontaneously which is why I can have 3 kids...I never really follow schedule unless it's fixed such as their extracurricular activities.) People ask me how did I do it?!! Well, I don't know, spontaneously is the KEY to master 3 kids and all the house chores.

You, on the other hand, take good care of you and your DH is no. 1 priority and I think you are busy enough w/ your daily business too!!!

Just out of curiously, how many pairs of CL you collected so far??!! I just ordered a gold-nude glitter sling back but I missed the UPS today...*darn*!!! :P
litlstrawberry said…
Angela: How is your day? Yes, I think I am getting sick of sequins and I promise no more sequins stuff for me. haha.. oh, not that they don't look good but I am afraid we will all look sparkling in the parties. haha... Jk!!

You know, the advantage of being young is you will look good in everything!! But w/ the aging, we WOMEN need nicer clothes and ACCESSORIES to upgrade the look a little!!! The purpose is the same... whatever makes us looking GOOD or looking YOUNG!! haha..

Oh, I know, my friend shop accessory (belt) in Forever21 but I don't have such luck cause' I found one I like and it is a defeated!! Geez...
litlstrawberry said…
Hi, haute shopper:
I know. Some moms are way focus on their family or kids so they neglect themselves for quite some YEARS... but I assume they are still happy for their sacrifice in some ways.

But hope it is not too late for them to realize that mom looking good, eating right,.....etc. is also a great demonstration for the kids to know that taking good care of ourselves is the 1st step of taking good care of a family!!!!! Positive energy is contagious and that is a good thing for a family!!!
litlstrawberry said…
hey, Catherine:

Don't worry, you are fine. You have only 1 kid and that's ok for you and your daughter to stay in bed for half an hour or even another hour. You are bounding!!!!! :)

My son is 5 yrs old and I know the critical age of 4 and 5 for kids to learn as much as possible. You will be busy ONE DAY.. but I am sure not as busy as me then. hahahahah.. ... ... ...
litlstrawberry said…
Hey, Betsy:

Oh, you are leaving for Taiwan very soon too. I hate friends are leaving for a vacation during holidays and I am staying!!! haaha..... you know, cause' I'd get bored!!!!!! (other than my busy schedule w/ kids...)

BTW, I didn't think that BR necklace will snag sweater at all, maybe just like you said you got a defeated one. That's a real bummer!!! But you still can go back and get it. I even found another ensemble to wear that necklace!!!! I like this one which is great for thick sweater/material, Anthro. one is more for thin fabric/summer time. I really like the shade of that ivory BR necklace. Very romantic and I am so happy it is $19.99 after being marked down twice. :)
babyskyblue said…
R, I now understand why you could stay in such a good shape! Your day is just hectic (how come you have so much energy?????), but I bet you must enjoy every minute of it though!!!!

Have a wonderful weekend!!!

Talk to you later!

susanh98 said…
you are such a great mom :) yeah i think is so great when DH are willing to help out as much as they can. Otherwise it would be really tough.
Your kids always look so happy in all the pictures!!!

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