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Random Diary!


Sometimes a random thought embraces in life is a good thing!! Maybe when we muse on something randomly, we also realized what's really important in our life!!

On Sunday, I read Princess & Frog Disney story to Niel and Abby and really liked it. (What's really important to Tiara is that her parents wants her to know that they love her very much and hope she would find true love instead of opening a restaurant which also mislead her in her life.) I love the sentimental meaning behind the story, love the seem-to-be fairy tale cartoon lightened me/an adult up. For the life of me, I have now seem to be a perfect one but there is always challenges and bigger responsibilities to come in the future.  I try to balance the pursuit of my passion for fashion, keep up w/ acting classes for whatever the reason is as well as focus on taking good care of my family, paying attention to my kids' education, there is always a necessary to balance everything that happens in my life!!

Oh... I guess you must be wondering how could I analyze a fairy tale Disney story in such a depth!! haha.... I don't know, maybe it is good indication of me being so sentimental w/ almost every little detail and also being so "careless" w/ every other thing that seems couldn't bother me at all!!!

Oh, life is just much more complicated when you have children!! :)

So here is my Thanks to my dear friend, Isabel, who talks me into not buying a brand new piano!! Instead, DH and I found Rippen upright piano made in Holland w/ Germany mechanic parts on Craglists. I love the wood grain and kids play it every since we move it in the house!!

My family room seems even more harmonic w/ a piano there. :P

I found this huge rose pin/clip in Anthropologie and it did a great job of make-over for my LV black monogram clutch/wallet.


1. Top: 
  • M mission dress
  • two toned cardigan
  • wool blend vest coat
2. Bottom: H&M gray leggings

3. Accessory:
  • H&M floral scarf
  • BR brass studs belt
  • Louis Vuitton black mini monogram runway clutch 06'
Rose pin/clip from Anthro. 
4. Shoes: YSL 09' fall runway booties

I think I just realized that I love flowers very much!!

My 08' Chanel pink camellia earrings.

My 08' Chanel tulle sandal heels!

Then I was checking out Chanel which I almost forgot all about this season... trying to stay away from buying more bags. :P I found that I have ONE thing that would ignite my love for Chanel again!! The crock platform heels... I don't think I would want a pair of Chanel crock heels but maybe the rest of the runway look would fit in my wardrobe!!! hahaha....

Both are Black ones!

White ones. 

Mine from Max Mara. I bought them in June but be patient, soon I will be able to rock them in 2010!!! ^O^

Oh, count down to Thanksgiving and more food in LA!! 


susanh98 said…
awww your daughter's picture put a smile on my face. She's too cute. All your kids are. Funny I was just going to ask you if you were going to get any more Chanel bags from the spring line. I guess not for now? :)
Great pics as usual loving your outfit.
Your daugher is so adroable in that pic!

Love the way you accessorized the LV clutch! And I adore the M Missoni items... sigh. Such fantastic knits. The piano is a fantastic idea by the way and there's no point getting a new one, because old ones are just as good (as long as you keep it tuned). Beautiful Chanel items by the way!
your daughter is a cutie pie :)

That's a nice looking piano; it reminds me of the piano that I used to practice on when I was a kid taking piano lessons. It's a great investment!

You look fabulous as always. I especially adore the M Missoni dress; I'm a big fan of their cardigans.

Happy Thanksgiving and have a good trip to LA :)
janettaylor said…
Haha! Adorable little lady! :-)

First of all: I love Ur Chanels. (U know I'm a huge fan of Chanel (everything). The Missoni dress is divine as Ur whole look too. :-)


Max Mara clogs...YUMMY! I have got a Chanel clogs, but I think I neeed a similar Max Mara... Hungary has got a Diffusione Tessile (esp. MaxMara outlet) and I would like to go the next season, because I hope purchase them...Haha!

Oh my Chanel clogs (if U are a curious):

litlstrawberry said…
hi, susan: thanks. Oh, I always mean to ask how is your kid's allergy? Eczema right? I hope Ilona outgrows it .....hopefully it won't come back next year during spring!!! *finger crossed* know, I think there is one bag that I'd like to possess...226 matte black reissue w/ gold HW!!!
litlstrawberry said…
Hi, haute girl:

Thank you. Oh, I hope your girl friend (the one had a kid) would dress herself and her kid up more soon. :)

Yes, you just remind me that I need to find someone to tune the piano..after Thanksgiving!! :)
litlstrawberry said…
Hey, engineer:
How have you been? I saw all the great deals you posted on your blog and thanks for sharing w/ us!!

yes, Isabel keeps saying that she played for 14 years and she doesn't even want that grand piano which her mom bought for her. She got an OLD one for her son as well. :)

Oh, so are you going to see if you can score a good M Mission cardigan on black Friday sale?
litlstrawberry said…
hah...Janet, I saw your Chanel clog. IT is so cute!!! It really is a cute looking clog just like those from Holland? Am I right?

Hum.. you know, if you can find one w/ sequins clog in Max Mara's outlet...please do get it!! The bronze sequin clog is just so out of the world pretty but I was too "chicken" to get it for that bling ... by the time. But I think it will looks trec' chic in any spring outfit!!!!
Carmen said…
Ahhh I love yhis Chanel shoes!!!!!!
litlstrawberry said…
Thanks, Carmen. Aren't those camellia just pretty!!! :)
What a charming chic look, Rachel! Great picture of your daughter too and I loved your Disney story analysis :)
Ashley said…
Love your Max Mara clogs! Very chic.

Your daughter is so adorable!!
hello! was wondering where you found the chanel tulle sandal heels? had posted a photo about them and have been inundated ever since :)

thanks so much!
Riki said…
Hoping you can help....I have been searching for these Chanel shoes for my upcoming wedding on 9/4/10. I cannot find them anywhere! Are you able to let me know where you got them or are you willing to sell? I wear a size 7.5. Any info is appreciated. Thank you!

litlstrawberry said…
HI, Riki:
I got that shoes in Chanel boutique of San Francisco. That's 08' style and I think the only shot is ask a SA from Chanel boutique to look one for you...or calling their customer service and the warehouse (you can find the number on their official

I am a size 39.5 for that particular shoes since it runs slightly small too.... You might need 38 or 38.5 then. Good luck and congratulations to you.

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