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Recycled Wardrobe!!... and More to share!!

I bought a fur vest from
et Vous in Paris Last year and I am so content simply by touching it!! lol (PS. I love animals and I know a fact that some farmers even have to trap those wild hares for their massive breeding and restraining them from venturing into the farmlands. ) Let's just think the bright side that those farmers also help balancing the food chain. :)

The thing is my friend,
Pei, is so in love w/ that various color of rabbit fur and ever since she saw mine, she starts her endless searching for IT or it "looks"!! Thanks to Pei that she shows me the most identical look from LaRok today except it's thinner fur when touch it IRL. But if you don't divulge the brand name, no one would tell it is only $236 for the real, luxurious look!!!!

If you like mine, this is a great alternative and cheaper than I paid for et Vous w/ Euro last year!!! It is current on sale on

I would suggest you get one size bigger for a more flurry fur and luxurious look.
I got et Vous one size bigger than my normal size and I like that relaxed look way better than the one on the model, it is too fitted on her!!!!
Click the pic. to purchase in Saks!!

LaRok Joplin 100% rabbit Fur Vest

et Vous 100% rabbit fur vest
This pic. just gave me an inspiration to wear mine w/ plaid shirt dress too.

et. Vous fur vest w/ 2 black ribbons and hidden clasps!!

Another fab. find found by my other friend, Isabel, is a leather vest from You can click pic. below to purchase on line.

It is $20 cheaper in the boutique in LA but still not too bad for $309 on line purchase w/ $5 shipping included either.
It comes in RED, Black and Gray. I just purchased the gray color as Isabel!!:P

ForJoseph Friday Vest in RED
As seen in Glamour magazine.

I post one from made by June. It is current on sale for 33%off for $228.
This one you have to get the smallest you can fit since I still feel loose on size xs!!!! lol

Starting from this week, I will shop in my wardrobe again. I don't know how am I going to keep up the "fresh" look w/ OLD clothes since I pretty much show case all of my pieces in my tiny closet.... haha...... well, let's see, mix-n'-match is my expertise. :P

1. Top:

  • RUGBY military jacket
  • Vol. 1 lace top w/ ruched sides
2. Bottom: Agnes' b full skirt w/ large pleats
3. Shoes: Givenchy ankle boots w/ chains

4. Accessory: Fallon brass necklace

1. Top:

  • American Vintage Maxi dress
  • H&M body suit
  • Vince asymmetrical leather jacket
2. Shoes: Chanel two toned (green/black) heels

  • 3. Accessory:
  • Flying lizard design brass/gold/turquoise necklace
  • wool hat w/ bow


I really need to pay a visit on my hair stylist... how come it grows so fast in the winter?!!


1. Top:

  • Boss orange t-shirt
  • Nicolas K. brown leather bomber jacket
2. Bottom: st. John contour dusty pink layered skirt
3. Shoes: Joie over the knee high boots folded4. Accessory:

  • Vintage chain necklace
  • two tone w/ croc. embossed leather belt
  • flying lizard design necklace
  • BR edition gold tassel necklace
  • Chanel black caviar w/ silver HW mini flap

For me: T-shirt looks is always fresh during winter time. :)

This is the look of single fold the boots.

Wednesday is my work-out day....see you girls!!!! Have a great evening!!!


little fish said…
I love your black outfit and also the maxi dress with your motocycle jacket, very stylish and chic.

You are still very energetic and positive . it is always happy to see your blog as you seems to pass your happiness to your readers as well
Angela said…
I totally agree about the fur wearing thing! Everyone has a job in this society so who are we to say that you can't do your job and make money for your family? I love how it looks on you! So luxe and comfy.
That fur vest is gorgeous! I'm giving you the Honest Scrap Award tomorrow so be on the lookout.
Love the fur vest look! Hope you had a great workout today, R!


litlstrawberry said…
hey, little fish:

how have you been? It is so good to see you here...and you remind me to check on your blog as well.:) Oh, you know, I just talked to Isabel that I want to get a black matte reissue w/ gold HW since I really want a SMALl black bag other than my Rodeo drive which is HUGE. hee..oh, so how do you like your vintage Chanel?? (did I remember it right or yours is jumbo classic?@!!)

Thanks. Hum... I am glad that friends around me seem to think I am a positive person and I assume it is a GREAT thing. :)
litlstrawberry said…
haha... Angela: Thanks for backing me up. You know, SF is the city that people won't be so passive-aggressive or protesting those animal right on the street... but my friend, Renee, would say people might spill paint on me in New York (true or false?) ....blah... OK, I am not wearing fur in New York then. :P

Thanks...considering my zodiac is rabbit ..I shouldn't.... but yes, it is so soft!!! :P
litlstrawberry said…
Hi, Mike:
Oh, what's that?!!

Hum...thanks. I guess Award = spotlight which is good, no matter what it is!! haha.....
litlstrawberry said…
Hi, Rx: Just emailed you. :)

Yes, my friend, Yu, also went to the gym w/ me this evening and since she is too ambitious doing TRX n' Power yoga for 2 hours, I bet she will feel "sore" or "ache" all over tomorrow. ahaha...
isabel said…
Hi Rachel,

I am glad you bought the leather vest, I hope you will like it. I can't wait to see you how you pair yours. It seems like the fur vests are everywhere this year, I remember I had to look hard for mine last year....
Carmen said…
Cute fur jacket :)
litlstrawberry said…
Thanks, sis.

I would want to get June's for cheaper but I can't help to get a gray/slate vest instead. :)

well, here usa is a bit delayed...I know I was seeing A LOT last year in Paris.... I even compare a "green fur coat" w/ et Vous I bought by the time. But figure that GREEN fur might be too much of that LOOK> haha..
litlstrawberry said…
Thanks. Carmen. Are you intimated to get one? :P
susanh98 said…
hey R;

cool looks. btw, i read up on IPL and i didn't know that's what it is but I had several sessions of that done in taiwan. hahaha. My cousin is a cosmetologist and she has a machine so i had few sessions done and i was quite happy with the results. I was just bummed that I didn't know about it sooner so I could have more sessions done. I started towards the end of my trip and she said it can only be done every 2 weeks to let the skin recover but she did every 10 days with me. i like it so i plan to do it again next time i go.
oh after you posted that vest i feel i must go to nordys to check out their sale!!!! argh!
can't wait to see your new vest! :)
Angela said…
true, people protest all the time in new york. Especially during fashion week! Also, I left you something on my blog! Feel free to post about it if you want!
Ashley said…
The Vince leather jacket and maxi dress are awesome!
little fish said…
Hi rachel, I have sold my XL jumbo, and i got a black jumbo , same like that one you gave to your mom. I really like the size of jumbo and can see myself using it alot!
litlstrawberry said…
Hi, Angela: Sure, I will venture to your blog now...geez, can't believe 10 PM right now I finally sit in front of my computer doing my own thing........ kids finally pass out!!!! yah~~

Ya, that's something I hate about NY but I am still enamored of New York. :)
litlstrawberry said…
Hi, Ashley:
BTW, I love those pic. on your blog a lot!!
litlstrawberry said…
Right, little fish: I think somehow I know you got yourself a jumbo but I think I talk too much, w/ too many people, my head is a bit crammed w/ all the things. hehe...
I know...I miss the jumbo I gave to my I want one for myself...:)
dos3n said…
all the outfits look great! i love the fur jacket, now i need to look for one too. i love fur, i love animals too. The way I think is if it was already made, wouldnt it be more cruel to destroy it or not wear it? Then the animal died for now purpose at all.

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