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17 November, 2009

Shopping W/ me and my Friends!!

Do you remember the leather vest I posted? One is brown color by June found at Nordstrom and the other one is Gray color from For Joseph.

It turns out I bought the gray one from Joseph. They don't have xs size for me so I had to get s size instead, the arm pit would fit better w/ warmer clothes but the front is a bit loose on me if I don't zip it up!! Well, give or take is what I thought and well, it ain't look bad at all!! :)

We girls always go out shopping for little things once a while. For DH, and kids.... and occassionally we'd find something we like and we'd wait!!  The pre-sale is really not a big of attraction..... I guess we will have to wait till Christmas!!!!!


They always have the most intriguing store layout and window display. 

Oh, thanks-giving!! The only thing I won't eat as a tradition in USA is thanksgiving turkey.....just not interested in the cranberry stuffing at all. :P

Cute bag.

I have almost exactly the same look of that cropped jacket! 

I adore this necklace very rain drops!!


I don't normally like brown so much but I notice I have changed cause' I wear more brown colors than before.... see, I also bought brown boots (camel Chloe short boots).

Yes, people do change!!!!!!

I was having fun wearing my skirt as tube dress or just as plain skirt!!

This is the original look of this skirt.... 

Nordstrom                                                    f                     

We are now at Nordstrom!!


Yu and I both had our eyes on these set!! Fun and chic and casual sexy!!


On Yu: DKNY tights, mission skirt, Ferregamo riding boots and Chanel Coco Cabas in Black!!

Yu wears Max &Co. leather jacket from couple seasons that color!!

Cathy finally got out of her cage ... you know, in-laws! haha...

I can't believe all 3 of us wearing tights or leggings...haha... 
We are great friends!! ^O^

On Cathy: LNA lace leggings, Guess booties, Club Manoco turtleneck, J crew cardigan,  Darkota blazer.

I bought a silver dress w/ slightly draped design from Hugo Boss today. They are having their VIP sale and I am so happy as I got the dress 40% off and another 10% off today!!!!! They have very cool design for guys too....DH bought a shirt and a gray jeans too!! He is so happy!! hah...


1. TOP:
  • Charcoal turtleneck
  • For joseph gray leather vest
2. Bottom:
wide pleated skirt (fabric de France)
  • 3. Accessory:
  • Hue tartan hosiery
  • Designer Elfi white turquoise necklace
  • Chloe orange Sally 09 s/s
  • Steven madden for Steven belt
4. Shoes: Givenchy wedge booties w/ chains

Oh, I love holidays... I get to hang out w/ friends more!!


Angela said...

love your chloe sally! it's beautiful, love it because it's orange. :)

litlstrawberry said...

hah..thanks, Angela. You like Orange too. :) I love purple and orange very much...then I think green... taupe and gray is nice just because everyone loves it and easy to pair things w/. hehe.... How about you?

dos3n said...

i love how you are wearing the new necklace you got. and that leather vest is to die for, now you make me want to get one too :)

Mona P said...

You look great in your Joseph vest, love the color!

As always, you look fantastic!

Andee Layne said...

love those LNA lace leggings! Anthroplogie is the best for christmas gifts!

susanh98 said...

Wow really liking the vest. Especially since I like grey :)
You look fantastic as usual. Your new necklace is very interesting. Very ehtnic/unique that's what I like about it.
Ok now we need modeling pics of your new Hugo Boss dress!!!

Lilee said...

niiice, i am loving thst cropped jacket!

litlstrawberry said...

hey, Catherine: Thanks, I think I have some connection w/ the white turquoise necklace now. :)

So, what's the latest thing in your wish list?

litlstrawberry said...

Thanks, Mona P. You are so sweet!! :)

litlstrawberry said...

Hi, Andee: I guess the LNA has good stuff that I need to check it out more in the future. :)

Thanks and I just left meg. on your blog too. :)

litlstrawberry said...

Susan: he..thanks. You know, for the moment, my friend, Yu, and I are wondering whether or not the necklace would look like dead elephant teeth (too ethical is not what I want I assume) hahah...... It actually have silver beads in between to modernize the look and that's what I like about it!!!

Oh, the boss dress..hum..I don't think I'd wear it until we went down to LA....which is nEXT weeK...yah~~~~ we will skip thanksgiving turkey all together w/ YU's family!! :)

litlstrawberry said...

Yep, Lilee: you like quirky stuff just like the pic. of you. Cute quirky!!! :)

Betsy C. said...

I was wondering how you'd wear Elfie's necklace and it totally works with your ODJ. It pops from the turtleneck and gives it a bit of an edgy look along w/your rocknroll vest.

So how many times did you change in one day? You had the long skirt and then worn as a top and then changed into the last skirt at the mall... :P

So I read from above that you're heading to LA! How fun! Will you be heading to Disneyland again?

litlstrawberry said...

hah.. No, Betsy: the first two outfits are on Monday...I am having fun OUT and then play w/ the skirt at home. The black pleat skirt w/ yu and Cathy is on Tue. :) I just post them all together since I almost recycle the same clothes for two days. hah...

OH, today, I work that necklace w/ my outfit again and I think it looks even better!! :) Geez, the uploading is turtle speed!!

Betsy C. said...

LOL... I see. You definitely do *very well* recycling your clothes and make them work with different pieces.

Btw, I meant to say in my post above that I was checking out that House of Harlow (i think that's the brand) necklace that Cathy is wearing too! I like the funky geometric shape. All three of you look fab.

litlstrawberry said...

´╝ęsee, Betsy. So I guess maybe you and Cathy have similar taste. She likes funky stuff and sometimes very ODD looking stuff to me. :P

Oh, Yu and I want to ask you about have you ever heard of this ballet school called pacific? man...I don't even remember if that's what it called...ok, in Mt. View, do you know any prestigious ballet school??


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