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Holiday Already??!! YSL 2009 fall Runway Booties Needed!!

Unbelievable that Christmas is around the corner when I am still having a vivid memory of we girls went to Vegas and had a blast there early this year!!!

Yesterday evening, I took 3 kids to Santana Row to join the Christmas tree's lightening night w/ high school Pal, Judy. It was fun and sure crackled my holiday mood already!!

The place was packed w/ people and we don't even feel the night was cold at all!!

The nutcracker!

The Greewich!

The Moose!

Kids had a preview of what tis' Christmas will be!! :)

That was yesterday!!  I wore out my kids successfully cause' normally Ilona or Heidi would get up again trying to get my another round of kisses and hugs but they didn't!! ^O^

This is Today!! 
I was in SF city during the day until I went to Judy's place to cook SWEET N' NOT-Spicy-at-all dishes to show my friend, Melody!! :) You, yes, Melody, I am talking to you!! Next time you better cook it for me when I visit your house!!! :P 

Barney's Christmas tree is a bit quirky looking!!

I had tried those YSL runway heels way back when I bought Givenchy wedge booties, and didn't think it was that impressive!! However, I don't know what's got into me *again* that I want them so bad and have to have it right away!! When Yu told me that those might be on-sale at Nordi. but didn't have my size in the store, I know I have to venture my way to SF city just to make sure I have A PAIR!! :P 

The hidden platform made this heels not that scary of walking-in at all!! :)

The shoes are getting "weird" looking year after year on the runway!! ^O^
Oh, you know what I am talking about......

Hope LA is still warm enough to swim. ..oh, gotta work-out extra for the holiday feast!! :O


1. TOP:
  • Derek lam cashmere tank
  • H&M bat-sleeves top
  • H&M pink cardigan
2. Bottom: black riding leggings
3. Accessory: 
Kenneth Cole mini studs wool hat and convertible gloves w/ fingerless gloves
Elfi's design Africa white turquoise necklace 
Blue gem ring 
Heidi Dau's massive crystals ring

I love this YSL heels very much and I am going to take it w/ me to LA during Thanksgiving!! (oh, I am not walking in those when shopping in Beverly hills....what do you think? Suicidal act?) :P

Then I changed to my work-out outfit to cook...just to show my friend how this easy dish can satisfy a whole family's stomach!! 

Got Shrimp!?!

Girls, sea food is great for your skin, so eat up!!!


Hey R! I nearly bought those exact YSL heels but didn't buy them scared that the height might be too much with those extra thin heels! They are just so fierce! So are they really comfy when walking? What size did you get BTW?

Oh....I have the same H&M cardigan...same color too! LOL!! Nice outfit! I love pinks with blacks...hehe!

USA is already in the festive season. Beautiful and fun! Here, we're a bit slower and not into into that yet... That reminds me, I need to buy a small Xmas tree this year for Mason to decorate....

Enjoy LA next week!

litlstrawberry said…
hi, Mia: yes, you know, when the first time i saw that heels...I only felt the proportion is so awkward when looking at side way of them, however, I think it is a great heels to go w/ almost everything too. From feminine to cool, casual looking...because it is black, covers the whole feet (it is called booties) so I think it won't be hard to matching every outfit.

I have not walked w/ them but I don't think this will be harder than my CL studded booites. :) I got size 39.

That cardigan came out last year too, I think Yu just told me that she had a slightly pinkish/taupe color from last year. yah, I love bright pink too cause' it flatters my skin tone.

Here in USA, the Christmas is a major holidays and it is New Year to Asia...a bit different. But I always think New Year is more fun since we got almost 10 days off and we can receive red envelops too....

Thanks, I gotta see where Yu booked our hotel then. :)
WOW...gorgeous shoes!
susanh98 said…
oh wow really good buy on those booties! Very sexy and fierce. the picture of that shrimp dish made me so hungry now! looks delicious.
I think is great you guys are going to LA it's going to be fun and I hope you score big on all the sales!!
Angela said…
i love those shoes! The hat is very cute too, looking very french.
dos3n said…
how can you not wear those when shopping in beverly hills?! you must! if your feet can handle it :) seriously, every time i read your blog i feel my closet is lacking another important piece of clothes, accessory, bag, shoes... So were they on sale. Feeling a lot better now, thanks girl, but my lil one is sick with a low fever for the past few days. as for what i want for xmas, i think i want a van cleef alhambra pendant in turqoise. what about you? What are you guys going to do in LA? is that going to be your vacation?
Miri said…
Those shoes are amazing! I can't believe christmas is only just over a month away, so scary!!
litlstrawberry said…
THanks, Mike. But I always thought MAN would like heels w/ peep toe or at least you can see where the toes are INSIDE the heels..hah...
litlstrawberry said…
Hi, Susan: I am not sure if I will shop that much in LA...but I kinda want to browse some nice jewelry!! :)
litlstrawberry said…
Thanks, Angela. I love beret..I have couple...white, yellow (mustard) and now black w/ mini studs. :)
litlstrawberry said…
hey, Catherine: I am sorry to hear that your little daughter isn't feeling well. Low fever is not that bad and I have heard couple of my friends that their kids had fever for one day, couple days but recovered pretty soon. I guess it is good news as it is not swine flu. :) I know you must be worried a lot too!!! Hope she is doing a lot better too.

Oh, LA...hum..ok, maybe I will wear them and THEN I will tell you how did my feet take it!! haha....... better bring another pair of low heels w/ me in the car too!! :P

Ah~ the van Cleef....every woman's dream. That's very cute one, hope you do get something you like on Christmas even it is not the exact!
litlstrawberry said…
Hi, Miri:

Oh, you live in another half of sphere.... :) normally in January when here gets so chill, I would like to have a vacation there...but right now, I prefer Christmas w/ Santa, Raindeer...and white SNOW..haha... oh it must be so different when Christmas is in SUMMER!! (oh, not literally.) ;0
Lilee said…
aggh the shoes!!! :)
litlstrawberry said…
hi, Lilee: yes, the heels are unbelievably comfortable.

R.I.P Daul Kim, btw. Such a young age, I guess she probably is lost but found peace in Heaven now. :)
Sylvia said…
I just cant believe its that time of year already! Gorgeous shoes and outfit!
Claudia said…
Hi R, WOW! sexy and gorgeous YSL booties. I'd probably take a few tumbles walking in them lol. How much taller you are when wearing this high skyscraper heels? do you get taller than your DH? just curious.

Have a great Saturday!
Wow, I can't believe they already have all the Christmas stuff up in your area! It's odd, because they're just starting here, but I feel it's almost too warm this year to get into the mood. Fabulous YSL shoes by the way... I think the hidden platform probably makes it more comfortable than your average heel...
litlstrawberry said…
Thank you, Sylvia. I bet New York is much chill than here. :)

I like your photos very much.. they are all very whimsical beauty.
litlstrawberry said…
hey, Claudia: hah..I don't know, I think I will be taller than DH but I have not walk in those heels W/ HIM around. haha..

You have a great weekend too.
litlstrawberry said…
Hi, Haute girl:
yes, the heels are very sturdy than my Marni, and CL studed booties n' very prive peep toe as those three are the highest heels I got. However, so far I have not wore YSL heels for over an hour standing or walking so I can really justify it yet...wait until we shop at Beverly Hills and I will find out!! haha...

Have a great weekend!!
Wai Thit said…
i love those boots!! u know i was thinking about putting them on my list and i see you wearing it now~ u know i think we have the same taste in shoes.. we have a lot of shoes in common.. anyway hope u are having a great thanks giving
litlstrawberry said…
hah.. Cutie: yes, I guess so.. but I am not getting the Alexander Wang military boots as it reminds both me and Isabel school days... I think I have similar looking shoes way back in college.... But this YSL booties are so SPECIAL, I've never had shoes like this so it is a must-have for me. :)

Oh, we are going down to LA... shopping for black FRIDAY!!! yah~~~
LS said…
I have been following your blog for quite some time now, but never remembered to comment. I absolutely love your blog and I check it daily for updates.I love how you have so much fun experimenting with fashion.

Your kids are adorable too, and you seem like such a fun mom!

p.s. LOVE your new booties!

litlstrawberry said…
Thanks, Laura. I like your simple blog which almost makes me think that you must be an easy-going girl too. :)

Yes, what else would someone knows her/his style other than doing experiments.
Purse Addict said…
Dude, I'm not sure if they're exactly the same but my parents make that same exact shrimp dish and its been my favorite ever since I was little. When I was living on my own, my mom would pack that for me whenever I came home for visits :)

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