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Do you think it is Boho Look or A Bit of Everything!?

I didn't forget that I should choose 7 blogger to pass onto the scrap reward and 3 to Over the top reward. I am glad I can pass onto 10 total blogger but I wish I could pass onto everyone I followed!!! :) The fact is everyone is doing great editorial, and I know I am mesmerized in those beautiful picture from all over the world!!! Oh, hope I don't sound so mawkish there. :P

But I promise I will do that tomorrow!! :)

Again, I think I bought enough clothes for this season. If there is anything catches my eyes during the sale, it could be redundant!! I must bear what I had promised today!! Oh, that doesn't include SHOEs or BAGs!!! hehehe...

My acting class finally finished last Saturday. I think I am going to the one which is close by San Jose to continue the
journey of my inner-self-exploring!!!

Ok, back to my ODJ.

I think the whole silhouette is so satiable just by looking at them hanging on the rack. I am especially happy about the outlook of pairing 2 necklaces together!! I feel that I really exhausted the usages of those baubles to the max!!

I put together an ensemble for DH for today and we shopped for a polo shirt for him at Ted Baker in Santana Row. While we were shopping, kids have our 2 Iphones to entertain themselves. :)

I wish they are this focus when studying. hha...

This cute carrier caught my eyes in Ted Baker's store.

This necklace is from Anthropologie which I think is best suit for thinner clothes.

BR ivory plastic necklace has more depth which I think is great for thicker clothes and even all year round;
Anthro. necklace looks almost like it's attached on my top (it is a skirt but I wore as a tube top).

I like the black wrists part which looks like I had cuffs on.


1. Top:
  • asymmetrical cut floral skirt w/ lace trim (wore as tube top)
  • Lucca Contour black n' taupe two toned long cardigan
  • et Vous rabbit fur vest
2. Bottom: gray/slate leggings
3. Shoes: Manolo Blahnik brow studs boots
4. Accessory:
  • Anthro. necklace
  • BR necklace
  • Faberge' LTD enamel cross necklace w/ ruby n' Swarovisky
  • Hermes Gris T. 35 cm Birkin

If my upper body's clothes is busy enough, I'd like to balance it w/ either bare legs or just leggings at bottom.

My mom gave me this asymmetrical cut skirt 2 years ago which I wore it ONCE when I was pregnant w/ Abby. :) I am happy that it is no longer just a skirt and somehow I adore its intricate patterns a lot.

Abby wore rusty rose blouse from Jacadi (I think they ran out of business in bay area!!!!), Stella McCartney for GAP kids pink tutu skirt, neon pink tights and sneakers. :)

Oh, I must say if you girls don't own any fur coat yet, maybe it is time to indulge yourself one. It doesn't have to be real fur as long as you like it!!! :)

Have a wonderful evening!!


Angela said…
i love the gray tights! And your daughter is so cute in her tutu skirt!
I really like your fur vest. It fits you perfectly. But what I really love is your Birkin!<3
LilKristy said…
Hi Rachel,

how are you doing?? I love your outfit!!! :) Abby is so cute in her tut skirt and sneaker.. ehhehe you know how to dress up your kids. :)

I went to the mall with my sister today and i bought the YSL lipstick like yours and my sister bought the pink one.. I really like the nude makeup... hehheehe

OOO Rachel, I really like llona's leopard flat in the first picture. Ive been looking for one like that for my niece. Please let me know where you bought the flat. hehe Thank you..
litlstrawberry said…
hi, Angela:

Thanks. I probably already have a rainbow colors of tights but I need to look for a different shades of GREEN...more like moss green. Maybe I should check out Target tomorrow. :)

You know, Abby lets me dress her up but not w/ the little one, Ilona. We already struggle in the morning w/ Ilona's strong mind of what she wants to wear. You know, she only likes her owl orange shirt and she almost wear it every time after I washed it...sometimes her outfit is really boring but she is so happy about just wearing that owl shirt...well.....
litlstrawberry said…
Hi, Roxanne:

I know, after certain age :P Birkin will UPGRADE our look... imagine Victoria Beckham only carries Prada or Miu Miu or whatever bags, she won't look that POSH at all. hehe...Sad,... I am in that age now. :) hhaa..
litlstrawberry said…
OH, Kristy:

Thank you, dear. Abby loves all sorts of pink and I know I don't want to risk it to get her an green apple shade of tutu even it is so cute/adorable color as well.

I am glad you like the nude make up and I think it really is easy and pretty looking for everyone!! Oh, the leopard flat is from GAP. On sale for awhile already so the sizes are really hard to find. You might need to look from different stores for a certain size.
Claudia said…
Hi Rachel,

You are looking great in that outfit and I can't stop admiring your hair cut, love it. And you Birkin bag is TDF. aww Abby looks so adorable in her tut skirt and pink tights.

Have a great Sunday =)
litlstrawberry said…
hi, Claudia:
Thank you. :) Although I like my hair short as well, I start missing the look/feel of being long hair these day...*sigh* must be the brittle air now. :)

How are you? You know, I never get to try egg yolk thing on my hair once, maybe I should...get gross w/ it. haha...

The same to you!!
Claudia said…
i just got my hair cut and highlights yesterday. I almost cut shorter but my hairdresser noticed I was not quite convinced and suggested to get a trim as usual and see how that goes. I'd like to try next time, she said to wait to do it after winter.

I'm doing good, enoying the weekend (well except that i've been cleaning my house). weather here is very nice, not too hot not too cold, just perfect.

Let me know how goes your experince with egg yolk if you try it on your hair. Maybe try to mix it with beer haha (hmm..can be more or less gross???)lol
Liz W said…
You are the cutest! Love your outfit. :)
Purse Addict said…
Lookin fabulous as always :)

The other day, the local news station did a piece on "faux" fur that was actually from real animals...

Your kids are so cute! I love the leopard flats and the pink leggings with the sneakers!! LOL
Love your look R! My kind of thing...haha...busy top and simple bottom. Too bad Hong Kong is not that cold still..somewhat between summer and winter. You are very right about fur. It is a MUST-HAVE in everyone's wardrobe. Adding it on just makes every outfit so chic! You've inspired me to remember and count how many fur coats/vests I have and don't buy anymore. Haha...I have 6 in total of every length. So, I'll make sure to incorporate them into my "shop in my own closet" challenge. I actually bought a rabbit fur vest in Paris when I was there in September. I bought it in Printemps. It looks like your Et Vous, except I chose a different colorway. I guess we're all ready for winter! Hope it will come soon.

Oh, Abby can be a kid model...hehe. She has the attitude. And Ilona, haha, I think she's slightly older than Mason, but they are quite the same about clothes/shoes. Mason wants to choose his own shoes and won't let us choose for him. I guess kids this age are the same? Stubborn. LOL!

Hope you had a nice weekend!


P.S. I think you need a pair of teal/turquoise and olive green leggings/tights. :D
litlstrawberry said…
Hum... Jenny: That doesn't surprised me since people do get paranoid when there are human-right protesters. )

:) Kids' clothes sometimes can be super cute and it is almost unbelievable intricate!!
litlstrawberry said…
Hi, Mia:
Yes, Ilona is getting very difficult to be convinced of everything, the food, the dress, even the TV programs...etc. that she has her own mind set!!!! I thin Mason is going through the same phase then!! :)

Oh, you know what, I asked DH to find a pair of GREEN hosiery for me in Target this afternoon when I have to stay home waiting for kids' napping. Guess what, no luck...I think I better check it out tomorrow myself then. Guys is not so reliable in such things. :P

You are going to be FUR queen I guess. :) Yes, I think I am doing the same thing -- shopping in my clothes for the rest of this season. :) Have fun in your wardrobe!!!!
litlstrawberry said…
Hey, Claudia: I have not figure out when I can do that messy thing on my hair. I need DH to be around just in case. :P
Does the smell really soak in the hair??? I sure don't want to go out w/ that SCENT. hee...
These days the weather here is not so bad at all either but we do need to wear coat/jacket. I guess the winter isn't here yet!!!!
Bella said…
I need one vest like that! Where is it from? Cause the ones I tried on made me look like a little fur strange animal....
litlstrawberry said…
This is for you. Few days ago I did a post about the fur vest.
Hope it helps.
Hi R!! I love the gray tight on you, the fur coat and the accesories are just very you!! and little I in the tu tu skirt is just way too cute! and i love that B color on you!!
litlstrawberry said…
Thanks, Cutie. I want a tutu skirt too but it would be ridiculous..... maybe next year's Halloween. haha..
u know i actually wore one the other day. i looked like a kid wanna
litlstrawberry said…
You know, Cutie: for your age, a tutu skirt would be fine and actually still cute look. For us, I think a fringe/feather is a better option if we really want to have that "volume" look. :)

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