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Wardrobe Recycling, Beauty Tips of Wrapping legs, The Best Way of Having Straight Hair w/o Perm.....A Bit of Everything!!!

Which one should I talk about first??

Hum...I know, say Bye Bye to turnip-like calves w/ easy hosiery wrapping!!!
(ps. I like strong legs w/ muscles and they are sexy too. However, personally I prefer thin and no big chunk of muscle on calves so they look even longer when wearing high heels.)

My mom told me this wrapping trick
cause' she thinks my legs are not as straight as SHE WANTED. You know, moms always do that....critics....about their daughters about everything!!!lol And I do it religiously not just for straightening my legs but for preventing edema, fatigue and DVT ever since I was in high school.:P

It is really helpful when you have a long standing or walking day and best help relieving the pressure when you fly over 4 or 6 hours w/ the plane.

First, you find the cheapest tights you can buy. They normally have the best stretchable threshold, not the medical grade.

Now you have one for each calf.

  • You only wrap the calf part to relax the muscle.
  • Wrap counter-clockwise for right leg, and clockwise for left leg to push the muscle back instead of showing a big chuck at sides when looking in front!!
  • Not so tight, just enough to feel it and tuck in the remaining.
  • Go to sleep w/ them!!!!

DH gets used to this funny look of my legs every night!! (oh, too dark to see them, actually!! :P)

Make sure you won't tighten it too hard, a little mark shown in the morning is fine but you shouldn't see a red mark at all.

Try it and have sexier legs day by day!!!

Friends asked if I did a straightening perm of my hair. The answer is NO!! (My hair is very very wavy.)
Here is how I do it w/ some help of great tools.

Flat ironing,
round wood comb, and the best tool for straightening hair ---- flat brush. (And it's made by wild-big's hair). NOTE: No plastic or metal brush for heat ironing.

When you do the flat ironing, the heat is also doing some damage to the hair so I think the flat brush can help cooling it down and straightening hair even more at the same time.

My theory is to use the flat brush n' remaining heat on hair to straighten them once more!! This way, I don't have to iron through my hair so many times to BURN it flat!!

Does it make sense to you?!! ^0^

Viola~~ The wood round comb is for my bang and again the remaining heat is doing double duty so I don't have to use hair-dryer!!

Every thing is recycled from my wardrobe except the Erin pocket tee bought in Sept. (If sunglasses doesn't count.)

I can't resist buying this brass leiber sunglasses w/ rhinestones for $168 when original price is $860.


1. Top:
  • Bible black mini dress w/ stud button at sides
  • Erin Kleinberg beaded pocket tee

2. Accessory:
  • Houndstooth scarf
  • Judith Leiber brass aviator sunglasses w/ crystals
  • Balenciaga part time in violet 08
  • BR brass studs thin belt

3. Shoes: Joie OTK boots

Last Sunday at Los Gatoes!

When I say I am doing wardrobe recycle for my ODJ is one look somewhat I'd call: Fashion-confused!lol Although I think I still look quite confident in the pic. the whole ensemble is just too much of everything!! hahahaa.... Oh, let's have some fun of this look, shall we!!! :P

I was trying to make the "fur" collar work which Cathy gave it to me last year.
I don't know what was I thinking but they sure look nice when hanging on the rack!! :P Maybe I can take off couple accessories and it will look fine w/ the fur collar again!!

You know what, I promise I won't laugh at the pic. of the worst outfit about celebrity when reading gossip magazine in the future!!! They are just doing experiment!!! ha ha~~

This band has a
hilarious post!!
"You can Over-Tip the Band, just Don't Tip the Band Over"!!!

Yay, you made through here!!!
Hope you had some fun, laugh and get some beauty tips already!!


Angela said…
Ohh yay! I'm gonna wrap my calves tonight. I have pretty muscular ones for my height. I really love your balenciaga bag and the tights you are wearing in the last outfit.
isabel said…
Hi Rachel,

I can't believe you got such a good deal on your sunglasses!! Where did you get them? I need to be more diligent about wrapping my calves, I started doing it a while back, but stopped because it was too hot during summer.
Betsy C. said…
Rachel - Thanks for sharing your ankle wrapping regime! It's not surprising to find out that it's your mom who shared the secret. Moms always want best for their daughters when it comes to beauty. :D I'm going to try out this method and see how it works on my daikon calves. LOL.

I sent you an email last night and I hope you got it. I had a few questions about schools, that's all.

The fur collar seems slightly overwhelming for your frame. JMHO.
Betsy C. said…
Just another thought, perhaps the fur collar will work better over a long coat instead... I really like it though since it looks so luxurious.
Hi Rachel!

I received your gift in the mail the other day. Thank you so much! I think the shade is perfect on me. I havent had the chance to use it correctly with all my other makeup because I've been so sick the past few days and havent really left the house or done anything around the house:( But i just wanted to thank you again for it :)



litlstrawberry said…
Hi, Angela: you def. should try but I don't see your big muscle. I have muscle on my calves but it won't show unless I put pressures on or do it on purpose. I think everyone got muscles on calves but look differently in some aesthetic point of view. :)
litlstrawberry said…
hoho..Isabel: that's why you should SOMETIMES go on or any of those web site to check it out. :)
hah.. yes, I wrapped it when go to sleep and on the plan. :P
litlstrawberry said…
Hey, Betsy: are too funny!!! Yes, my mom is notorious for picking up on my LOOKS in my family!! :P But hey, you should do that when you fly back to Taiwan this Nov. cause it really helps to ease the uncomfortable on legs in the cabin.

Oh, right, I got that but totally forget about it. I think I should just call you ... know what, I think I should do that...try it on a COAT instead. :)
litlstrawberry said…
Hi, Roxanne: Sure, you are very welcome. I hope you are feeling better soon. I have a bit sore throat but I am staying STRONG...cause' it is too luxury for us to get SICK!!!!

You take good care of yourself!!!!!
this is the reason why i love reading your blog! i love the way how you are so daring and so open. Btw i want to see the after picture of how you retwick the outfit
Julia said…
yup, that outfit with fur, leopard pencil skirt, and a couple of H accessories is a overkill. but somehow, to me, it looked pulled-off on you!!
Claudia said…
You are hilarious R! lol the ankle wrapping tip sounds interesting. I'd like to try than. My calves are more on the skinny side, would that still work? haha
I do straight my hair too. Thank you for sharing your tips. I would like to know where to get the round wood comb and flat brush? I'm also thinking to replace my CHI flat iron for a GHD. How is yours? Once again thnk you!!
litlstrawberry said…
hey, Cutie:
hum... maybe I will if I got a better idea for that fur look. :)
litlstrawberry said…
ho ho ho, Julia: Thanks, dear. You know me.... I think that look just FINE on a runway show but maybe like you said it is overkill look w/ too much of a "icon"...that "H" stuff. :P

Anyway, I need the experimental thing for clothes so I would do better next time. ><
litlstrawberry said…
Hi, Claudia:

haha... sure, I don't think that wrapping trick would really THIN out legs but more "straighten" it and "correct" a bit too over developed muscle on calves. Best of all, it just soothe the soreness of legs. So why not?

Oh, I think Target has the wooden teeth comb but I don't know where to find that boar bristle flat brush...maybe i will check it out on line and get back to you in the future. :)

As far as that flat ironing is concerned, I am not an expert at all. Just because bed head is a brand I know...:P but works great for me. Besides, I always use Ojon frizz/moist serum before I do the flat ironing to protect my hair. I don't know if it really works but sure makes me feel I did "something"!!! :>
Jenny said…
Ahhh you have such amazing fun taste in clothes! I love the fur collar in your last look, and the purple Balenciaga biker bag is too wonderful!
Plus, your hair is perfection.
dos3n said…
lol, i can't believe you need to wrap your calves! you got such nice legs already. But thanks for the tip. i like your "confused" outfit, maybe if you change the stocking and remove the cuff that would look perfect. Great deal on the sunglasses! where did you get them?
litlstrawberry said…
Hi, Jenny:

How sweet of you dropping by here!!

Thanks. :)
litlstrawberry said…
Hi, Catherine:

yah, you are right, maybe I should be barefoot wearing that bow heels and take off my Hermes CDC for a REAL way look!! :)

I got the sunglasses on You should check it out for amazing stuff w/ crazy deal. I always feel I am being rubbed buying in the department for high fashion stuff!!!!
La Rubia said…
I really like your lipstick color!
Purse Addict said…
thanks for posting the leg wrapping trick!!

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