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Bombshell Look!! A Modern Twist w/o Corsets!! Plus: Must Have of J Crew Necklaces!!

I love feminine look!!

Even though you think my style is more toward the fashion forward, and edgy side, I am actually like looking sexy in my ensemble!! The soft, dewy feminine of sexiness, not the cool sexy sexiness!! :)

So here, the bombshell look which always associates w/ corset, sexy frillies, high heels and couple essential accessories makes every woman utterly feminine and sexy!!

I dug out my Chanel mesh booties today and one of my mommy friends is so amazed by its delicacy.  Too Beautiful~ is the only two words she can describe them!!! :) Then I found another look of me in the same booties but didn't post it a while back!!

  • Bombshell look 1.

You know, whenever I wore these Chanel mesh booties, I feel I am so of a real woman!! :)

I wore Chanel pearl necklace 09, Chanel mesh booties 09 s/s and Chanel metallic silver reissue 227 08!  

Oh, I don't remember when is the last time I wore so many Chanels!! haha...

The purple belt sleeves makes me feel extra feminine! (maybe you can't really see them. :P)

  • Bombshell look 2.

An understated look of this shirt w/ pencil skirt!! 

  • Bombshell look 3.

We girls went out shopping since there are so many stores have ff events.  Even I don't think I need anything anymore, I still want to make sure I didn't miss a good buy/find that I'd regret later!!! :P

I bought a pair of extra panther button cuffs for my Anne Fountain shirt couple days ago. 

 I should stop smiling like this.... oh, my wrinkles. 

We girls, Pei, Yu and I met at J Crew for our first stop.  We all bought the same necklace just because it is pretty, then I picked up and best of all it is ON SALE!! (I bought it way back but I am glad I caught it on sale now. :)  

The one w/ black onyx stones. $98 -> $49.99!!
Now I just need to keep an eye on the bottom multiple strings one...if it would go on sale anytime soon. 

I love the rose gold tone on both necklaces and I have the perfect way of paring them together!!! 

So when single chain is so outdated, two necklaces not just update an old black dress but also the whole look of me!! yay!!

Back to my ODJ!

This is Yu!! Zara tweed jacket - priceless - just because it looks like Chanel!! :P 

Oh, I think I tied the bow way high...oh, I am suffocated!!!! 


1. Top:
  • Anne Fountain pointed shirt w/ detachable bow
  • Juicy Contour gray vest w/ golden chain
  • Vintage find: Talbots tweed jacket (need to alter the waist)
2. Bottom: Tsesay high waist pants
3. Accessory:
Chanel 08 s/s mesh booties w/ two bows
Hermes Gris T 35 cm Birkin

Did I tell you that I am Yu's daughter's role MODEL...literally!! haha...  Oh, little girls are so much fun!!

After a busy day, DHs always have the same expectation from a stay-home-mom: A home-cooking meal after work!! 
I boiled broccoli w/ sesame dressing and pan fried rice noodles w/ shrimps for kids. Stir fired string beans for all of us (non-spicy) and sweet n' spicy shrimp made w/ plum sauce for DH and I!!!

Good nite, girls. 
Don't forget to learn new dishes once a while!! 


dos3n said…
yes, your chanel mesh booties are just too beautiful! i bet it makes you feel pretty just to have it on. where did you get that shirt? with the cuff links? that is so interesting looking. I love how your daughter is hiding behind the birkin, so cute! love your outfits, every single one of them, including the one from last entry. Oh, you and your friends are hot mamas!
little fish said…
i really love your chanel boots !! they are so so beautiful ! you lucky gal !!!

as always, you look great!
Those Chanel shoes are soooo cute!
Ahhh, your Chanel mesh booties are divine! Love your reissue as well. I'm actually really glad the sales haven't started here yet... I think I couldn't stop myself from the temptation ;-) The Anne Fontaine shirt is very chic as well. As always, I'm loving your ODJ! Have a wonderful weekend with your family :)
susanh98 said…
Oh I love those Chanel booties!! :) So classic and timeless. You're very lucky to have them.
Can you share your recipe of the shrimp? Looks so yummy!!! Would love it if you could share some recipes sometimes. I'm always wondering last minute what I'm going to make for dinner for the family! hahaha.
Some inspirations would be handy. Hope you have a fun weekend with your family!
Betsy C. said…
Rachel - I'm probably in the minority here but I'm getting excited about your Valentino bow slingbacks instead of the Chanel booties! :D It's great you're breaking out your metallic reissue cuz we haven't seen that in a while.

I have to admire that you actually cook more than 3 dishes for dinner with 3 kids to juggle. I try to keep at three dishes and that's it b/c anymore than that, my kitchen would overflow. LOL.

So I checked out the Sunnyvale Stratford this morning but was not that impressed. I'm hoping to chat w/you soon regarding other campuses.

Both you and Yu look really great shopping. Your daughters have style too!
litlstrawberry said…
yes, I do....catherine. The mesh booties are so beautiful that even DH won't say a word for $1000..cause' it really worth it.

hah..little girls are so adorable, and I think I have a big influence on my older daughter...she would dress herself up w/ accessories now. Not Ilona just yet...she is still so stubborn of picking her ugly stuff to wear. haha..
litlstrawberry said…
hey, fish:

Thanks!! I can't believe I found that Chanel booties after season..oh, well, I wish it was on sale though!! haha...
litlstrawberry said…
Thanks, Mike!!!! :) I guess if there were something both man and woman would agree upon then that something is really "something" then. Right?!!
litlstrawberry said…
hey, world shopper:

yes, I think Paris' sale season is in January..or so!! And I know it is really big of a sale instead of here....20% or 30%... off and still a big price on tag. :(

You have a great weekend too.
litlstrawberry said…
Hi, Susan: sure, I too pic. of all the sauces I put in w/ the shrimp dishes. I will post it later on. It rather simple, but you just have to kind light fry them in advance!! The sauce is all it matters to make the shrimp taste yum!!!! :)
litlstrawberry said…
hi, Betsy:
ha..Thanks, I like that Val. bow heels...and you know, because I have bunion on both toes (too much dance, yoga, and heels) sometimes I use toe spacer to separate big toes w/ rest to adjust the way they might be squeezed inside too pointed heels. :P
That cross design is perfect to hide the toe spacer too. haha..

Oh, which sunnyvale branch you went. Heidi goes to Washington park and we love the teachers there. you know, sometimes we have good impression because of the teachers not the campus!!! I am talking about ME!! We kind of agree upon that Heidi will go straight to Straford's kindergarten next year!!! You can call me anytime even on the weekends!!!

I know, it is hard to cook 3 dishes but yesterday, I start cooking around 4 and finished it at 5 PM. I just kinda of in a MOOD of cooking!!! :) Well, That broccoli is only being broiled and kids loves that way better, crisp and fresh!!

I changed all their swimming classes to Thursday evening at 6 PM. That way we will have more time during other weekday at night instead of driving each of them from Tue. Wed. to Thursday. Oh, I think the Russian teacher has new session for 4 or 5 years old kids and you can think about it. I have a friend asking me how do we like the teacher and the lesson two weeks ago!!!
lilbou64 said…
love those booties!! May I ask how tall you are?? you look incredibly tall in all the pix!!
Also, I wanted to ask you, if you can share the brands of all the health supplements that you are taking!! and how long have you been taking them!!
Thank you so much ^^
litlstrawberry said…
hi, bou: I am just above the average, 171.5 cm (like 5' 7" 1/2). IT must be the ankle of shooting makes me look very tall too. :) is funny that you are interested in the brands w/ supplements I am taking. You know, I think I will take pic. of them in the future. So you will see it clear. However, I don't think the brands really matter that much, sometimes it is just personal preference. :) As for how long I have been taking them...hum... I get pretty serious about taking supplement when I was 20 or 22 years old....(before that, the basic ones are multiple Vitamin, grapes seeds and gingo Bioloba). I think flax seed and Q10 are discovered later on to be essential to our brain, heart and skin!!

Oh, I don't know if it is magic that my in-laws told me Q10 really works. My father-in-laws used to have "blotches", you know when people get old, they have those brown spots... but after he starts taking Q10, his skin gets better and those brown spots on his hands are GONE!! well.... I guess it is good to know it really works on humans!! haha.. JK!!
Julia said…
love your chanel booties, but i agree your jacket needs a alternation.

where is your chanel jacket? i like the way it fits you.. i tried a size40 (size 38 sold out) when it went on sale last year, but it did not fit me very well. i liked a black jacket in my size they had there, but i was told it was reserved for someone else...puff

let's see how my luck is like this year.
litlstrawberry said…
Good morning, Julia. How is your Sat. morning? I am looking for a piano for Niel, and Abby (Isabel found couple on craglists for me.) and I think it is time for them to play real piano.

Yes, I just sent that blue/gray/white tweed jacket to looks like a bear fur on me. hahahahaha.. :P Oh, just about the same time i thought about my Chanel jacket, I think I am going to wear it soon. :) The weather is getting pretty chilly here now. :)

Can't you just alter size 40 last year?? Or it is just overall too big on you. Anyway, good luck to your hunting of Chanel I am looking for black matte distressed lambskin/calfskin reissue 226. It sold out this size and they will have more next spring...I don't know if I want that long or I could just get 227 which Isabel strongly disagree. The reason: I had too many 227 and 226 is really adorable for both day and night!!!!
Julia said…
Hi R., good morning to you too!

OMG, you are up for a new chanel 226 now. Isabel was right, a 226 is a great choice and it goes from day to night. i almost got one...

anyway, regarding the chanel jacket you got last year... sa suggested to take it to alternation, more than a couple of places needed surgeries... i didn't like the idea. most important thing is, the color didn't really flatter my complexion for some reason. i prefer a black or black -ish jacket by Chanel. dark color goes long way...
Savvy Gal said…
i got a couple of chanel-ish looking jackets a while ago. love all your outfits. cute birkin. : ) xoxo
litlstrawberry said…
hi, Julia: I see.
I know gray, black and red are timeless color no matter how the style evolves over time. :)
litlstrawberry said…
hha..Savvy: yes, it is def. great of saving a lot w/ a look-alike look!! :)

I have a REAL Chanel tweed, so I am up to something that's NOT Chanel look at all but still have great design and casual chic to it!!

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