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27 January, 2009

Fashion Inspired by everything everyday!!

Yesterday, after we had lunch, we went to Borders book store. I, no doubt, browse through some fashion magazines while kids are reading their story books. Just amazed how fashion goes around and comes around after couple years. Therefore, I played w/ my Marc Jacob dress from the past season and figured a way to pull it off better w/ a up-to-date look.

Here Outfit du Jour is the inspiration I got. I wore my Marc Jacob dress as a high waist tulip skirt w/ its 2 strings which suppose to go around my torso as
a haltered style dress. I hooked two ends together after wrapping them around my waist.

I felt like an old fashioned lady from the past century who wrapped cloth around the waist just so she can have a small waist!!!
PhotobucketHere are the details of my ODJ!!

1. TOP:

  • Hugo Boss plum colored turtleneck w/ tulip style shoulders
  • Gucci black tank top
  • Ted Baker white baby-doll style & extra high collar coat
2. Bottom: Marc Jacobs dress w/ feather decor.
3. black leggings
4. Shoes: Costum National navy/grayish oxford booties
5. Accessories:
  • Designer friend, Eifl's white & pink mother of pearls necklace
  • Vintage pearl necklace w/ very interesting way of wearing
6. Chanel 08 pre-fall Navy striped reissue 227

I love to carry this Chanel navy striped reissue 227 as a clutch since it is structured & not too soft as my Gray jumbo classic.

I had this Ted Baker extra large collar baby-doll coat to warm me up.


Kids loves cakes and puffs...don't we adults!!!

I should attach the original look of this Marc Jacobs dress some day!!


justine loke said...

HI Litlstrawberry,
I am your ardent fan from the TpF and would like to just encourage you by telling you how much u have inspired us.

Your kids are so cute and adorable and I always wonder how you manage to balance being a fashionable mum ,a devoted wife and keeping your big house spotless!

You must have a magic wand?!

Bagalogist ( justine from Malaysia)

litlstrawberry said...

Hi, Justine:
Thank you. I am so happy that your are my first commenter!!! I see that you already have your own blog...and I am just a beginner!! Well, sure it is fun here!!

You know, if you love yourself and life just as much as you love being looking good, I am sure you can take good care of everything!! Just keep it up, that's all!!



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