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29 January, 2009

If Diamond is Woman's best friend, what's next??

If diamond is woman's best friend, what's the second place thing would be? Yes, guess it!!

It is simple, the answer is MIRROR!!

Today, our mirror is the largest mirror I found in Crate n' Barrel store. Its height is 90" tall. I know it is perfect for our family room and perfect for ME. Who would not want to see a full disclosure of his or her ensemble in the mirror before heading out everyday!! Everyone wants to look fabulous in their own standard. Right???

As in Fung Sui, we don't like corner as it has a sharp angle. This huge mirror is a perfect object on the perfect spot!!

Here is me w/ my Outfit Du Jour.

1. TOP:
  • Fornarina black wool w/ layered sleeves sweater
  • Chanel 08 f/w red/gray tweed jacket
2. Bottom: Agnes' b black skinny pants
3. Shoes: Betsy Johnson black w/ gold heel n' buckled heels
4. Bag: Chanel 08/09 cruise collection distressed white reissue 227

It is such a nice weather in south California

I am almost done decorating our family room. Don't forgot to smile to yourself in the mirror everyday as you will be prettier day by day!!!


Betsy said...

Perfect new mirror to get a better view of your gorgeous ensembles. Isn't the weather glorious in the Bay Area today? The tweed jacket is classic and works so well with a simple black top and pants. Btw, how do you walk in those heels when you are towing your little one around? I tried doing heels all day yesterday and I know I was screaming for my flats by mid-day. :P Such is the life of a lazy mommy like me.

Anyway, let's hope weather keeps staying nice so we can all keep dressing up with Chanel and other pretty things in our closets.

Betsy (shoogrrl)

carina said...

Hi Rachel, just wanna stop by to say "hi"...luv your new blog site. You look fabulous again with your Chanel jacket. I still haven't wear mine yet. Hopefully, one day I'll get to model it for you. The new mirror in your family room looks beautiful and perfect for you to view your daily outfits.

Btw, Gong Xi Fa Chai & Xin Nián Kuài lè!!!

Carina (luvzoeyi)

La Vanguardia said...

Ooooh!!!! That Chanel jacket is FABULOUS!!!!

ARIOSO said...

Great blogsite, Rachel. Great choice for a mirror, too. You have such nice weather there compared to the cold Midwest.


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