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03 March, 2010

Lace DOWN!!

I guess minimalist will never be describing me.  Friends are so curious about how does my DH react whenever I seem to be over-dressed EVERYDAY!!

"Hum... I only told him once "Dress myself up is like appreciating a piece of art for the eye and for the soul." DH probably is used to the way I dress everyday by now.  Besides, I never overly exposed in public, so he won't mind (I think)!! lol.

So here we go ... my self-styling process!!
Valentine RED cotton top w/ asymmetrical lace trim at bottom hem, Some black pencil skirt w/ wide lace trim at bottom hem as well. 

Y-3 Cropped sheer cover-up w/ crinkled look .....

Missing the volume......

There I wear another layer of SKIRT!!! ha~~ The tutu skirt comes in handy. (Betsy Johnson:Crinoline Skirt)

Crystal ball earrings (a gift from Irene)
Crystal silver necklace
Chanel 08' Hawaii LTD metallic silver clutch, Nickolas Kirkwood teal peep toe heels

My complete outfit of the day!!

Looks like I am ready for Salsa.... lol

Hope you got some ideas to DRESS YOURSELF UP UP UP even on a regular day!!! 

Wish you all looking good everyday~~
xoxo Rachel


janettaylor said...

So so soooo pretty!

By the way - I am moving my blog. (, but I have a big problem with DNS of and now the blog update is not working. I want let me know this. Please don't forget to visit this blog, because I have a new post for every day.

susanh98 said...

Hey R;
This post is so fun! I really enjoy your tutu! Is that from current season or past? It looks soft too not scratchy. And where did you get that necklace! pretty ;)
I do like your hair this way is very stylish!!!

Julia, the Thanksgiving Girl said...

Both looks are chic! But I guess I prefer what I see in the first picture because I really like pencil skirts and the outfit looks so sleek!

MadsaboutU said...

I love that lace mini cardigan!:)


Oh I LOVE your tutu. You make something that looks so girly into something so edgy.

little fish said...

You look very beautiful, i love your skirt!

litlstrawberry said...

Hi, Susan:
Thanks, I have link to its website for the skirt. However, it show sold out on line...I bought it two weeks ago in the store. They come in 3, black full volume, black half volume (not so full diameter) n' pink tutu. YOu can check it out in the store.

Thanks you for liking me in short hair... hum... I still want to have a wig..haha..

litlstrawberry said...

hi, there, The thanksgiving girl, I wonder what are you thank for today..(gotta check it out later)!!!

Yes, I would say in a normal day, that simple top n' bottom would suffice. Like I said, I never can be a minimalist as life is simple for me and I like to find something "fancy" everyday. haha...... (Other than the complex of dealing w/ family issues....hehe...)

litlstrawberry said...

hi, Jennifer:

Thank you, being edgy seems to be a big thing to show that we do know "dress-up" these days... I guess that's the trend n' you must show us what's the trend for interior design on your blog too!!!! :)

litlstrawberry said...

So, MadaboutU, just to take sure that you know that cardigan is crinkled not lace...haha..
Thank you, dear!!

MadsaboutU said...

I just noticed that now! lol

I think I confused it from seeing the lace peeking out from the bottom of the skirt...anyhow, i love the crinkled mini cardigan! hahaha


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