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11 March, 2010

Quirky Classic ~

I don't think I had a picture of this Marc Jacobs alpaca wool coat unbuttoned look and reveal what's underneath before. Oh, of course w/ my clothes one..... ^O^   I always thought it is such a classic piece and demands a more sophisticated look. Even when I use a stud belt cinching over it, I still look very uptight or "overly sophisticated"  in the picture when I looked back at my post.....Quirky Classic Chanel Jacket.

As you guessed, I put together another outfit w/ this Marc Jacobs coat again. Oh, a beige/camel/...... wool coat is another wardrobe staple. (I have a cute reader who emailed me about "what's my 10 ideal wardrobe staple"...and I am still trying hard to jog down to 10 if possible. :P)  

No, we didn't tired them out by shopping up n' down, high n' is just their nap time, that's all!!!! ^O^

I was waiting for Cathy to get ready..... and had some fun taking pic. of myself.... We are off to Filoli Garden today!!

My ODJ. 

1. Top: 
  • Max & Co. black cropped dress
  • Kain label slate tank
  • H&M shoulder patches cardigan
  • Marc Jacob alpaca coat w/ boat necklace shoulder details
2. Accessory:
  • golden roses lace tights (yah, thanks to Cathy who gave me this beautiful tights.)
  • Hobo International embossed snake skin clutch (hooray~ a total steal look for $74 on sale!!!!
  • Africa white turquoise necklace w/ silver beads form designer friend, Elfi. 
3. Shoes: CL studs booties 08'

It is quirky because I had a very unstructured outfit inside a classic coat!!

Got Rabbit?

The weather is too nice and Cathy had to strike a pose too~!!

So far, I nailed down 2 must-have things in the wardrobe...
1. A black cropped skirt/dress, the skirt can be used as poncho if you dare..... the cropped dress is the best candidate to layer for a quirky look for more fun.
2. Beige/camel/anything neutral color wool coat!!!
I hope they make sense to you!! ^O^

There I found an old picture of my friend, Pei n' her son. I love the way Pei did the layers, not to mention the perfect pair of off-white boots she paired w/. The colors are all so soft n' compliment to each other. The ensemble looks so flattered on her at that day!!
The boots is from Diesel. 

 We loved the flower patterns n' ruffle details on her shirt (Zara) and also the perfect pair of white frame sunglasses to complete the look from head to toe!!!

MOMs, stop focusing on your children alone, get up and get dressed..... I mean a real dress-up for yourself!!! ^O^

See you tomorrow. xoxo Rachel


Julia, the Thanksgiving Girl said...

That's a great timeless classic yet trendy coat, Rachel! A great piece to have in your wardrobe for sure. Your kids look like tehy're exhausted int his picture! lol Such funny sleeping poses! Cute colorful phone case too :))

Bon Chic Bon Genre said...

Hi R! Nice ensemble. Very you. Is that H&M black cardigan the one from Sonia Rykiel cross-over? Very nice indeed. BTW, did you really wear that to the park??!!

I love the colors and floral pattern on Pei too. :D

Oh, one of your pictures..the one where you stretch out your hand and put it on the tree trunk with your head down? It looks like you're not feeling well and need to throw up. It's not like that right? Sorry....but that thought strikes me when I see that photo. Hope it's not what I thought.

Have a great week ahead!


Schnappy said...

Hi! so cute photos! And your shoes are wonderful! :)

Irina said...

love the coat! it's great on its own and look just perfect on you

janettaylor said...

Pretty pretty coat by Marc Jacobs.

By the way - Thanks for your support comments on my previous post.♥♥♥

susanh98 said...

you look so classic and chic! love the coat.

litlstrawberry said...

Our kids past out around 2 or 3 PM in the afternoon and that's normally their nap time too.
These days I decided not to stay home to wait for Ilona to take her nap since I think she is pretty well adapted herself w/ our schedule. (We go to a lot of places during the weekends and she can sleep up to 2 hours in the car too.) Oh, we just love that much!! They are angels when they are asleep. haha..

litlstrawberry said...

ha..Mia: no, I wasn't feeling ill at all. I thought Cathy is going to take photos of my tights but instead she took a whole....that's why that pic. looks kinda ODD....

The cardigan is not from SR otherwise I would have mentioned. Like I said, I only got a pink dress n' the striped tights...totally not into a MOCK SR collection!! They are just for fun, and one or two pieces is enough!!!! :P

litlstrawberry said...

Oh, Mia:
no, that's not a PARK neither (Fililo Garden) is an old Mansion.

They kept it so well and needs ticket to get in. They replant seasonal flowers and lots of tourists visiting there too. They have events for adults, kids (egg hunt and Halloween..). We probably don't have mansion in Asia for people to just do visiting...haha....

litlstrawberry said...

Thank you, Schnappy. And your jewelry are all so adorable, especially those vibrant colors.

Hi, Irina: thank you. I am glad I bought that MJ coat in 08' and luckily to find it n' altered it for its on sale w/ size 8 or 10.

litlstrawberry said...

hey, Susan: thank you.

Are you going somewhere this Spring break.... we are definitely going back to Taiwan but I have not decided the date since we are all waiting for airlines promotion!!!! For spring break, I am still hesitating whether we should take kids to HAWAII or not!! hum.... so pricey...I mean all these trips!!!

MadsaboutU said...

lol, the kids sleeping was a good one. I take pics of my DD like that too, i think it's adorable.

Now that i see the skirt aka poncho I kinda like it a skirt...and that coat is TDF.

I hope you are having a great day!:)

litlstrawberry said...

hhaa.. MadU: that skirt is actually another piece of dress...also cropped, that's all. They are not the same piece.

oh, yes, we all love kids especially when they are asleep!! :P


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