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18 March, 2010

Are You Dizzy?!!

Are you dizzy by looking at me?

Hope NOT!!

I am in a mood of being a busy owl these days... loving owl, thinking about owl and even stay up late like a nocturnal owl!!! ^O^

I went back to Castro st. in SF city to pick up Niel, Heidi and Ilona's pottery pieces. I also did a fun shopping in the neighborhood. I am surprised that there are a lot of cute stores hiding next block of homo-sexual district. (no offense here.)


1. Top:
  • Michael Angel digital print t-shirt dress
  • H&M shoulder details cardigan
2. Bottom: H&M camouflage drapery skirt
3. Accessory:
  • BR ivory beads necklace
  • orange striped cotton belt from my M Mission dress
  • Chanel 09' distressed white reissue 227
4. Shoes:
Lawrence Decade white peep toe lace up...... (Cathy and Pei insist me to change the laces on this I did!!!)

I received couple compliments because of my shoes today!!

I can't help doing all the layers these days.^O^

I let Michael Angel shirt hanging longer than my skirt....

Then we went to Betsy Johnson in Fillmore st. w/ Cathy....she wants to try some leggings AGAIN.....

We found an interesting home decor. vintage store in Castro st. and I bought this cute owl sculpture by c. Jere (signed).

Too bad, the owl had one broken leg... but I still adore them!!!

Aren't they the cuties owls in the whole wide world!!

I found this vintage bird necklace ($125) which is a great alternative to Erickson Beamon's ($640). .... still debating....

I must admit...there is no comparison between them..... this one is too precious!!!

Owl clocks.

Those owl looks like they need the sleep.....^O^!!

Good nite..... or good morning......

See you tomorrow.
xoxo Rachel


Bon Chic Bon Genre said...

Hey "Busy Owl"!! Hehe! I like your's busy but it's stylish. You can totally pull it off so no worries. I like your white peeptoe lace-up booties better with the black shoe lace now. :D

BTW, I am sooooo in awe of all the owls in your pictures! Remember I love owls too??!!!! That clock I love so much! And the decoration pieces! I have to visit that store/place when I am in San Francisco. I'll surely contact you to ask for the addresses of these cute stores! :D

Aha...vintage bird necklace is very nice too! But but but, you "need" that Erickson Beamon one. :D I get lots of compliments wearing's a masterpiece and I can't thank you enough for your enabling! LOL!

Oh thanks again for your advice on the other piece of necklace. :D Yes, I will order that lovely color..hehe!

Have a nice day!


susanh98 said...

Oh Rachel I like the new look of your shoes and goes sooooo perfectly with the white reissue. LOVE :)
very nice and interesting jewelry pieces as well as decorations. the owls are so cute.
thanks for the eye candy.

janettaylor said...

I'm crazy for this skirt! <3

La Dolce Moda said...

great blog!
thanks for following:) def. following you!

all the best,

Julia, the Thanksgiving Girl said...

Ok I can't really explain it, but this outfit just whispers "grotesque" to me, in a good way!! Love all the owl necklaces, and the pearly one you're wearing too

Michelle said...

Oooo, I have the owl tote bag as Ilona! :D I like Owls too, the Jap ones are especially cute! I got a canvas owl toy storage bin from Sprout kids. Check it out!

litlstrawberry said...

Mia: I wish I can get that bird necklace but ... dar* Isabel keeps enabling me buying stuff..we just got a fox vest from SAKs together n' one of her other friends...I guess that bird will remain in my wish list..forever~~ :P

litlstrawberry said...

hah.. Julia, I have to look up that word in the dictionary....but still couldn't get it..however, as long as you said it is in a good way, I guess I will just assume that I understand what do you mean. haha..

hum... do you ever mention that what animal you like the most? I mean like collecting kinda hobby... I know there are couple post of animals but you never say you ever collect anything.... did you?

shockboogie said...

Owls!!! They are so cute!!!


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