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05 March, 2010


I gave this (vintage) quilted cropped jacket a face-lift couple weeks ago n' finally I got it back...

The result?!!

100% satisfied!!

My tailor understands exactly what I wanted to do for this Millard Fillmore MF-13 jacket. And she did a superb job!! 
(review: Millard Fillmore is United State 13th president aka. the Father of Contemporary sports wear, remember?!!)

Here is the look before~~
Cute jacket but seem not tailored enough to fit me...

After done the transformation!!

The puffy princess sleeves perfectly show the softness of guilt in my opinion n' more cropped length gives this jacket a trendier look!!

 This quilted jacket is a high quality embodiment of true natural classic!!

This is my today's inspiration -- Marc Jacob color block taupe Mika bag from 08'!!

There are camel, navy, military green, purple, orange, gray and yellow(gold bracelets) on me.... a rainbow color!!! ^O^


  • Accessory:
Hermes orange lacquer/horn necklace
Chanel 08' gray flat mary-jane w/ charms design

Have a great weekend!!! xoxo Rachel


Julia, the Thanksgiving Girl said...

Wow, I love how the jacket looks now!! What a fabulous transformation! It looks liek it can be worn with practically anything too, and it's of such a trendy color! Have a great weekend too, Rachel!

Julia said...

that was really good alternation work by your tailor!!

i am impressed.

have a great weekend with family,

DesignCatalog said...

i agree, the tailoring looks great! can you share who your tailor is? thanks :)

litlstrawberry said...

Thanks girls, I will let me tailor know that you all liked her work. I know she already so proud of herself...haha...

Oh, DesignCatalog, sure. My tailor is Amy and she is a Taiwanese. If you live in Bay area, I can email you her number.

Bon Chic Bon Genre said...

Hi R, I like your facelift. Perfect fit and cut. :D


Schnappy said...

oh, beautiful photos, bag is wonderful! And your baby, too!:)

Michelle said...

Your tailor is awesome! I love your revived jacket now!

Savvy Gal said...

She did such a great job. : )

susanh98 said...

Nice transformation!!!! it looks amazing. You have such an eye for things and see their true potential ;)

Lots-A-Smiles Photography said...

Love that MJ bag! So colorful! Like those teal leggings too! You've inspired me to start wearing colorful tights! thank you!

litlstrawberry said...

Lots-A-Smiles Photography: thank you. I love your bb's' cute photos a lot, she is so adorable!!!


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