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28 March, 2010

Weekend Family Fun Time n' I Rock w/ Chanel Tattoo!!

It is very unusual for all of us family wearing sneakers at the same time. Today is an coincidence. 

Daffodil is almost finishing its blossom, right now is the time for tulips...and then Roses in the summer! (I don't know what's the name of this flower I took... :P)



Top: Y-3 white shirt, Splendid quarter sleeves stripes shirt
Bottom: Mango tweed pants
Accessory: Diesel white mesh suspenser
Balenciaga violet part-time 08'
Converse black n' pink ankle sneakers

So, another wardrobe essential is a nice white shirt. Any kind, ruffle, no collar, short sleeves or long sleeves or sleeveless..... get all of them!! ^O^ I think they count into ONE category within 10 wardrobe essentials. ha~

Let's onto Chanel tattoo!!

I have to make sure the pearl bracelet goes all around my arm. So there are 6 patterns I used here. 
Now you know how strong my arm is .... :P. (A bird (w/ that CC logo), single pearl, a long pearl string, two two-pearl strings, CC logo charm. )


Those Chanel tattoo are too precious, I had compliments from men and then a girl asks me where did I purchased. It seems they sold out those tattoos!!

I think I have to give a proper thank-you lunch to Irene for sharing her tattoo w/ me ~~~

Off we went to Santana Row today!!

You know, the last minute shop in farmer's market is not too bad....except you think they don't have anything fresh left for you. However, the chance is they might want to sell you the left-over produce before the market closing and offer you a good deal. 
I bought 6 baskets of strawberry for $8. I think it is a pretty awesome deal. ^O^ 

Have a good Monday.... oh, couldn't wait for spring break comes.
We are flying to Maui, any suggestion? I know we could at least take kids to watch a whale up closer if we are lucky!!!!
xoxo Rachel



MadsaboutU said...

Hi Rachel! Your tattoo looks so pretty. And i love this casual outfit of yours! I have been to Maui and we went on a road trip to Hana to see the 100 falls/pools, went to the Big beach, Macadamia nut plantation...take your kids for jet skiing to see the dolphins up close for sure! You'll love it there, have fun on your trip!:P

litlstrawberry said...

Ah, thanks mad. :) I will take note of your suggestion. It sounds fun already... and I am really excited.
Have a good Monday!!

Julia, the Thanksgiving Girl said...

Ohh I love the look with the tattoo! I'm really not a fan of fake tattoos, but I like how yours turned out, very elegant and cute! Love the Wang bag and booties, and what a sweet skirt!

Michael St. James said...

1. Aren't the cherry blossoms so beautiful? I have one right in front of my house. 2. Your daughter is so cute with her little pink purse! 3. The Chanel tattoo's sold out online in minutes. It looks so good on you!

Abigail said...

Hey Rachel, I just found your blog from browsing Wardrobereview's links. You are super cute and have an adorable family. Love the tattoo! So fun.

litlstrawberry said...

Thanks, Abby. I am glad you had fun reading my blog.

litlstrawberry said...

Thanks, Mike. Wow, so that Chanel tattoo is really that popular..I wonder if most teenager bought them other than my mommy friends. haha...

litlstrawberry said...

Hey, Julia:
Congrats to your 6 months milestone of thank-you project!!! :)
I don't like tattoo much neither... only because this one is sooooo elegant and delicate design. I wonder if any artist can make tattoo that intricate and neat. (Then I might consider doing it ..haha..)

THanks, dear. I figured that I never wear that busy HM skirt as a center piece w/o laying much other stuff..haha...

le fabuleux amelie said...

I will recommend Luau show (the best Luau show is in Maui)- it's pretty good for family with children. Don't forget to make reservation as soon as possible :)

litlstrawberry said...

le fabuleux amelie : wow, thanks for sharing. I gotta look it up what's that Luau show about!!
Hopefully I can still get tickets. '... oh, we are staying at west Maui, don't know where the show is!!!

janettaylor said...

Perfect tattoo! :)

le fabuleux amelie said...

Here are some information about Luau - Old Lahaina Luau is the most authentic and famous one - hope this helps :)


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