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14 March, 2010

What A DAY For Both Adults n' Kids!!

Yesterday, the weather is surprisingly nice so we took kids to California Academy of Sciences in SF city.

We leave home around 10:30AM n' arrived back home at 10:30PM....3 of them all past out after a full day packed activities!! ^O^ 

Side Note: Niel loves Hot Cheetos so we had to rush to Target to get it for him. DH loves Jumbo Pearl Milk tea, we drove off to get it. Me...since everyone is not considering to sacrifice their cravings, I decided to buy my favorite custard bum too!! ..... This was almost a whole hour task before we actually hit the road!! :P

We met Irene's family at Academy Cafe' which is inside of the museum. 

Why? Cafe? 

We love the food served there, they are delicious too. Yes, it is an important factor that we love to go to California Academy of Sciences. ^O^

My ODJ of Saturday. 

1. Top:
  • Scallop lace bodysuit from Benetton 
  • URBN (urban outfitter) black tube bra
  • Gray deep V neck n' quarter sleeves sweater

2. Bottom: Huston skinny black jeans

3. Accessory: 
  • Max&Co. brown belt
  • Crystal silver necklace
  • Hermes Gris T. Birkin
4. Shoes:
Christian Louboutin beige simple pump

 Oh, I forgot to mention: the 3rd must-have thing is a nice brown/beige/came coat... like my alpaca MJ coat the other day I wore to Filoli Garden. 

Then the 4th wardrobe essential is a warmth gray sweater....any cut, as long as you think it flatters your body figure.  ;)

Irene's son....Ethan!

Ilona's riding a turtle...
I know, her hair is blocking her sight....I want her to have a long bang....n' i forgot to clip her hair. 
I love the ruffle/peplum detail at back of this RUGBY herringbone jacket. That little detail would accentuate your waist even more.

If not a big coat, I would also recommend a blazer or military inspired brown coat (just the cut, not the metal buttons...) to fulfill the 3rd must-have as your wardrobe staple. 

That's Irene's 2 months old son n' her 09' Chanel black beads bracelet w/ dangled logo CC bracelet

SEE..that is Cheetos...for Abby n' Ilona....n' Ethan. Niel loves HOT ones only!! 

At 4:30 PM, we took kids to do pottery painting at Terra Mia in Castro St. ...No, we only drive through the homosexual district ..... then there are lots of cute stores past there. ^O^

I am not sure is there are two couples are getting married...but look at that golden/pinkish coat n' stacked white boots..... 
How fashionable!!  I want to ask him where did he get those!!! ^O^

They all wear wigs somehow!! 

Here we are!

I need to do all the make sure every piece is worth the money..haha... 

Ilona's painting a penguin in a very black color.... I later transform it ..... we will see after we picked them up then!!! :) 

We finished pot painting around 6:30 PM n' had Korea BBQ at Brothers Restaurant at Geary st.

They have pretty good portion for each order so you don't need to order A LOT.... to be satisfied!!

Today (Sunday), I did Power Yoga in the morning(almost late since  day time saving begins).... then I realized that I need a lot of rest until I see you on MONDAY!!

Happy St. Patric Day!!
xoxo Rachel


susanh98 said...

So classic love this look! I'm amazed that you can wear the CL's for that many hours. They must be comfy. I have a nude patent pigalle in 85 so the heel is not killer but it is so pointy and the toe box is so short that I don't think I can last in those shoes for more than 2-3 hours tops. But I just love the color sooo much. Maybe I should consider the simple pumps.
Anyway love your Birkin...sigh...when will i be able to afford one :P

janettaylor said...

Stunning top!

litlstrawberry said...

nop, Susan, it was a bit painful after that many hours..but gladly I still can manage walking in it. Anyway, simple pump is nice but def. not meant for walking 12 hrs. hah.... maybe 4 hr. at most...

You should save up for your Birkin..or at least let you DH knows that ... could be one of your anniversary memory. :P

litlstrawberry said...

THanks, Janet.

Betsy C. said...

First off, I love Brother's restaurant! But everytime we go, we come out smelling like BBQ. LOL.

Count me in as one of the fans of your CL nude pumps. Btw, I hope you got the email that I sent yesterday. :D

Ginger Roxy said...

I love your outfit!!!! Great photos!
I'm loving that necklace where did you find it?????!



litlstrawberry said...

Thanks so much Betsy. I got it n' I think I am a bit behind of planning all that..gotta do it tonight. Also, I think we can either spend 4 days in Maui alone or a whole week trip including big Island...I am so afraid that we are going to be bored to death in big Island......:P
Yes, I didn't carry my Birkin into the restaurant and we took off all the clothes right after we got home......yucky. :P

litlstrawberry said...

Hi, ginger girl: thank you so much for such a compliment. The necklace is a gift and I know the style is pretty simple that almost most accessories boutique would carry something like that. Good luck and hope you find something you like!! :)

LS said...

I love how chic this outfit is! It's very simply, but still stylish. Also, Ilona's dress/skirt looks so cute!

L.T. said...

I painted too a few weeks ago haha, felt like a kid. I also did a penguin, but a different version. I'm still waiting for it to be finished. =)


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