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11 March, 2010

Drapes for All Body Figures!!!

I found couple pic. of people wearing draped dresses and thought it is fun to see all of them altogether!


Cause' our body figures are totally different but we all rock in those draped dress/jersey dresses!! ^O^

Too bad, it didn't show what kind of heels that Beyoncee wore. But I am sure more LADY like.

This is a very trendy look last year w/ A. Wang combat boots. 

Yu's Herve' Lerger for Max Azria beige/nude draped w/ knot dress and A. Wang booties. 

Moi!! Outfit Du Jour

1. Top:
  • Pete roses pink tank underneath $29
  • Pete gray draped boat neck jersey dress $39 (I got it larger size n' sew couple spots to make the drapes more flattered on me.)
  • cotton blend quarter sleeves red coat
2. Accessory:
  • Hobo International snake skin print clutch
  • my DIY necklace
3. Shoes: Valentino patent taupe bow sling back platform heels

I clip that cameo onto the J Crew rose gold colored chain make my own necklace! (Thanks to Isabel who bought that cameo brooch for me at flea market.)

Hum... maybe I will look edgier w/ a pair of cool boots next time!!! 

I got all of those pieces recently to refurbish a spot at my house...Oh, except for the chef's 3-D painting which I got it 5 years ago!! 

This is the side of this print which requires two prints for each 3-D painting to be made of.

"The chef is always right!" ^O^
Don't you just hate your BF or DH or anybody to add other spices into your dishes which you think it tastes divine already?!!!hahah..... 
Have some fun cooking on the weekends!! xoxo Rachel


Michael St. James said...

I love draped dresses! They're so figure flattering. Your gray one is beautiful! My mom hates it when I add seasoning to her cooking, but I love pepper and garlic and she's so heavy-handed when it comes to salt.

Julia, the Thanksgiving Girl said...

The Chef is Always Right painting is in 3D??

Anyways, I love the dress in the second pictures you posted... As for Beyince, I hope the shoes hse wore weren't golden lol That would be too much of a good thing to my liking! Love your terracottish red coat and its ruffle detail! Looks great with gray :)

litlstrawberry said...

haha.. Mike: I totally understand how your mom feels...but I guess adding some condiments is fine for a little more salt or pepper...or chili but not another dominate flavor to the DH likes to add a strong aroma of "deep fried scallion" to every dishes and I hate that.... I always told him that why do I need to season when you add your own flavor to every dishes..haha.hahahaha...
Oh, I think I am a heavy taste person too!! :)

litlstrawberry said...

Hi, Julia: yes, that chef painting is 3D but the peg is not belong to the same painting...I just bought the peg the day before n' thought they are meant to be each other..haha..

I am sure Beyoncee didn't wear gold heels for that outfit..haha..yes, otherwise that will be too much of mono-colored outfit!!

You know, I can never spell that color right.."terracotta" but the minute I wrote it, i think you got it so right!!!! :)

litlstrawberry said...

hah...Julia: I hope you see that 3-d painting pic. I uploaded!! :)


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