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19 March, 2010

Life Before Husband!!

I don't know why Cathy look so happy there... almost silly to me!! ^O^

Ha~ Nothing serious w/ that title. It supposes to be
A day of a stay-home mom before her husband comes home! I never like routine, so if my friends ask me what I'd do tomorrow, I never really give them a plan!! Spontaneous is my thing!! ^O^

Stay-home moms' life in America is typically spending w/ friends, and kids (if not at school) during the day until husbands off from their work.

Being a Stay-home mom is not easy as we have to manage almost everything precisely.
Driving between Kids' extra-curricular activities, or classes, meeting w/ friends, staying home for kid's nap or cleaning the house (like I don't have a house cleaning lady comes by regularly), surfing the Internet or watching a movie and of course, doing grocery shopping. In the afternoon, the schedule normally is cooking, feeding, and bathing kids, then ..... if you are a lucky wife, your husband would share some house chores after he got home!!!!!

You see, if a stay-home mom can manage all these things into a morning or a day, that's pretty impressive, aren't we?!! ^O^

But you might say: That just sound "boring", right??!! Actually it is not, at least not for most mommy friends I know.

You know friends are so important, especially friends who are in a marriage and who also then has children. There is a long way to go in a marriage w/ children involved. We encourage each other, give all sorts of advice to each other (even sometimes we don't want any advice, but listening would never hurt, right?!!), share husband n' wife thing together, and gossip about Mother-in-law issue whenever we needed to vent!! Comparing is not really a good thing but certainly is not a bad thing neither!!
:P "True Friends are Forever!"


We moms went back to Filoli Garden on Thursday together and enjoyed the early summer.

I look very on Thursday!

ON me: SR pour H&M pink baby-doll dress, Agnes' b Sport green leggings, Neil Barrett black peasant top, Lanvin calf skin gemstone flat, Anthropologies bought ribbon/pearls necklace, Lilith polka dot cotton bag.

I wrapped another necklace around the roses on my dress....
Melody says that I look like I am ready for a banquet w/ the flower...and I do also look like I am THE bride!! hhaa..

I couldn't remember what Yu n' I were talking about....or quarreling about...but no matter what it is, friends are forever!!! :)

I am pretty sure Cathy had Ecstasy that morning for "that look of ecstasy on her face"!!!!! ^O^

The day w/o make-ups. (Actually, yu and I just finished two hours Yoga and Piyo Dancing in the morning.)

On Yu: Wilfred cropped top, harem pants, splash patterned leggings, Y-3 sneakers, some necklace, and j crew fringe bag.

My new baby .... Alexander Wang suede combat boots 09'


My face is very pale in those pictures, that's because I am kinda lazy doing make-ups. So Pardon me!!

A. Wang boots is only trying out for picture here... I don't like the look, they are the wrong shoes.

I had my Y-3 sneakers on the whole day.


1. Top:
Anne Fontaine white shirt w/ Panther cuff links
Michael Angel digital print tank
2. Bottom: Joseph black wool pants
3. Accessory: Diesel white mesh suspender
4. Shoes: Y-3 sneakers

Have a good weekend and let your skin rest to its real beauty!!

xoxo Rachel


Julia, the Thanksgiving Girl said...

I like the "talking/quarreling" picture - reminds me of Alice in Wonderland!! :)

litlstrawberry said...

hah... Julia, I have not seen that movie while I also heart DH said that it is NOT That good in review...
Well, I am still thinking whether should we take kids to see the movie.

Yes, only one day I couldn't remember what were we talking about on Thur. ... geez, I need gingo biloba for memory loss!! :P

Ah, have a good weekend!!

janettaylor said...

Ooooh! Lucky U. GOrgeous boots!

susanh98 said...

hey R your outfit is so spring love all the colors. I really like that rose on your top. That SR dress is very cute and what a totally different look than last time. Very versatile.
You and your friend Yu look like sisters in that one picture :)

litlstrawberry said...

Hi, Susan:
thanks, dear. You know, the pink rose actually attaches ON the dress and looks like a pin there.

hah... Yu and I got that kind comment a lot..."Do we resemble that much?"


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