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26 March, 2010

Lace + Jeans = GORGEOUS...and Chanel Tattoo!!

This lace tube top certainly is a versatile piece in my wardrobe and I notice I can easily transfer my top to be a bottom or a bottom worn as a top.  

Here is the original look of this Earl Jean lace top. 

The new inspiration of today!!

I was playing w/ this HM lace jacket this morning and when I incidentally paired it w/ my lace tube top, they look like a skirt suit altogether.
Look 1. 

Look 2.


1. Top:
  • Max & Co. jeans baby-doll dress
  • H&M divided lace crop jacket
2. Bottom: 
Earl Jean lace tube top as another layer of skirt
3. Accessory:
  • Max Co. taupe floral belt
  • J Crew pale pink tights
  • Chanel 09' pink camellia earrings w/ tear pearl drop
  • Chanel 09' beige medium/large classic flap 
  • Photobucket
  • HM floral scarf
4. Shoes: 
  • Valentino patent taupe bow platform sling back
  • Max Mara black clog
Who says you can't combine two trends together.... 
Lace + Jeans = Gorgeous!! ^O^

NEXT~ Let's move onto Furniture!!
Circa 1890 Original look Victorian arm chair

Now...w/ new upholstery


It costs me another $600 to keep its charm of those tuft buttons n' re-upholstery! 

LASTLY, Chanel tattoo. 
Right now, there is a full house in my place...Melody, Irene and Kitty's family are here since this afternoon...and a new friend from China who I haven't have time to greet him since I want to do blogging at this moment! ^O^ (kinda' of a bad manner, I admit.) 
However, blogging is my passion too.... can't wait to share it w/ you all. 
Irene gave me this Chanel tattoo and I can't wait to try it out....tomorrow. 


 Which one should I do first?? 

Have a great weekend!!
xoxo Rachel


janettaylor said...

U look so pretty and unique as always! :)

Julia, the Thanksgiving Girl said...

Haha, it took me a while to figure out where was the top in the second look!! Looks soooooo different as a skirt!

Can't wait to see how you wear those tattoos! Don't know which you should try first, I guess you'd choose one when you know what to wear with it ;-)

Bon Chic Bon Genre said...

Hi R! Lovely lace outfit!! I bought so many lace tops/vests too these days...hehe! And a bunch of nude tops as well. I am so into chiffon, nudes, lace, and flowers these days..:P Can't wait to wear them when the weather is warmer here. I guess I'll update my blog again after coming back from our Nanjing trip. Going there for Easter vacation next week for a whole week with the entire family. How's your Hawaii vacation plan going?

Oh that Chanel tatoo pack! I wanna buy too but I think all sold out here! Are you going to stick them to your upper thighs like the models on the runway? Hehehe! You can totally pull it off with a short skirt. :D

Have a nice weekend!


susanh98 said...

Hi R;
What a nice outfit I like the lace look and especially in nude. I have a leather jacket in that color and same style so that gave me some ideas :) thanks for the inspiration!!
i love your beige clair!


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