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Quirky Classic Of Chane Tweed Jacket n' Marc Jacobs Simple Classic Coatl!!

It has been extremely cold these days, and I had wore the warmest coat already.  Other than the fur vest which is not the warmest piece since it is the VEST, my Marc Jacob alpaca wool boat-neck coat in beige and Chanel 08 f/w tweed jacket in red/gray are the coziest outwear in my closet!! 

This season I bought the quirkiest look of heels/boots from Givenchy, YSL and Proenza Schouler, so far, I think I work them well w/ my old wardrobe. :)  Let's see then!

Marc Jacob Alpaca wool coat - a classic look, n' a classic color!!

I visited my friend, Cathy, today. 
She took those photos for me. 

From head to toe: I have the most studs on me. :)


1. Top: tart long white tee w/ pocket (inside)
2. Coat: Marc Jacob
3. Bottom: Hudson jeans
4. Accessory:
  • H&M floral scarf
  • Heidi Daus heirloom ring 
  • BCBG taupe belt w/ brass studs
  • A. Wang gray Coco Duffel bag in Gray 
5. Shoes: Christian Louboutin studs heels 

Cathy is checking out my studs belt at the background. haha.. She said she didn't wear fancy clothes and she looks like a house-cleaning lady there. hahahahah.... I had to laugh....

Chanel tweed jacket -- A wardrobe essential. 

I combined my DIY stranded necklace n' designer friend, Elfi's Africa white turquoise necklace!! 

Those looks are probably not favored by most people but I just want to play w/ those two heels I got. :P

Quirky look pieces:
  • striped turtleneck
  • Chanel tweed jacket
  • TSE fucshia heram pants
  • gold striped tights
  • Banana Republic gold n' vintage silver studs belts 
  • 09' Proenza Schouler heels
  • 09' YSL heels

Isn't the look fun!!

I always like to try something new, fun and bold .....

Have a great weekend!!


LS said…
I love your outfit and all the shoes in this post! From the studded Louboutin to the Proenza Schouler to the YSL, I absolutely adore them!
and of course your studded belt is to die for as well.
I love the way you play around with your necklaces all the time, you always to manage to give them such a fresh look!
FG said…
Wow, that coat is AMAZING! I really really love it! It looks so luxurious and warm :)
I was looking for something similar, but didnt find :(
If not that Chanel vest is marvellous and you pair it perfectly with those harem pants! Love the whole look, feels like Christmas!
litlstrawberry said…
For LS:
Thank, sweetheart. I always think recycling is for everything....literally, clothing, jewelry, fashion, wardrobe, garbage, high-tech knowledge...hahaha... :P

For FG:
Hi, bagLOver: Thanks. The coat was bought last year in Barney's during sale. It was down from $4000 something to $1500 around. I thought it is a great deal/investment!!! :)

Oh, I hope you do find a camel/beige color of big coat as it is so classic and can wear it belted as a BIG dress. haha....

Hope you do get that pair of lace-up boots you want!! I like the casual look of it too!!
Oh wow, I'm so in love with this coat! What perfect color too!
Jenny said…
I'm so in love with your red outfit! The color really looks amazing on you, and this is so chic!!!
FashionFirst said…
Oh, the tweed Chanel jacket is to die for! You rocked those Christian Louboutin booties in the first outfit and the belt just ties it all together. Beautiful!!!

Hi R! You're the queen of studs! LOL! We are twins on those studs Louboutin Astraqueen. I still am learning how to walk in them...such a pain! But they are beautiful and "fierce"!

Haha...I still haven't found my perfect wool coat. (Your MJ is indeed a steal!) Maybe next year again I can find one in Paris. Not in a hurry...:P

That picture of you and Cathy as background is hilarious! But how come you're looking at the camera like that? Looks like a scene from a play..hehe!

I love your quirky look of Chanel tweed jacket with the harem pants! (Although the color of the pix seems a bit "yellowish" coz of lighting maybe? The fuchsia showed up as reddish in color on my monitor...hmmm...) Actually, tweed jackets nowadays aren't that formal anymore and you can just play with it in lots of ways! I'm really amazed at how the Tokyo street fashion plays with the tweed jacket! It's so much fun to look at them!

Oh..thanks for your reply on the PS heels. Looks like you haven't used them out of the house yet...hehehe! Never mind, maybe I can try it out when I receive mine from the UK. But if you can walk with CL Astraqueen studs booties, I think you will be fine with these PS heels. :D

Hope you enjoyed your weekend!

susanh98 said…
oh wow loving all your looks here! Especially that MJ coat. I love coats. You are rocking all those looks. I like how you pair everything so perfectly with shoes and accessories.
litlstrawberry said…
Thanks-giving girl, we just went to the zoo today and I get to pet one grass-hopper. :) however, I couldn't tell the difference between a grasshopper and a cricket until the staff told me that I am petting grasshopper... oh, it was fun!
litlstrawberry said…
Thanks, Jenny. The harem pants is supposed to be a fuchsia color.... not really a red one but well, red + fuchsia work together anyway. :)
litlstrawberry said…
Thanks, Julia - who is on a diet and keep up the hard work until reaches her goal weight. :)
litlstrawberry said…
Hi, Mia: yes, I think it should be million ways of wearing a classic look, even for tweed jacket!! :)

OH, the heels...yes, I don't have an occasion for the heels and I don't want to look like a fool walking in those shoes in SF city. hahah..

You know, it is not that comfortable boots for me either of that CL studs booties. However, I do keep a toe separate between my big toe and second toe when wearing them. Just to make sure my toes are not squeezed/deformed by wearing that too "narrow" and "high" heels!!! Even though, it can only last me 2 hours or 3 hours top and I had to switch to other shoes. :) We wear pretty clothes/shoes even it means we have to suffer!! hahahahahahaha....

Good luck of your P.S. heels. :)
litlstrawberry said…
hey, Susan:
I definitely will ask your pointers about where to eat when we travel down to SD. :)

Thanks, girl, for your compliments. I really enjoy paring accessories cause' we can only OWN that many of clothes and I almost clean my closet every season, therefore, accessorizing is so important to jazz up an OLD look!! :) Besides, it is much more fun when you do accessories!!! :)
lilmissb said…
Loving the look! You manage to pull off the CL Astraqueen like I never could!!
Petting a grasshopper? :)) hehe I can't always tell the difference either!

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