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Body Conciousness!! And....My Very Different Look of Orange BOSS Mustard Color Ruched Turtleneck!!

After Power yoga day, I would love to give my skin a rest and only apply sunblock.  These days I had a crush on Demi Moore "AGAIN"...oh, she has always been my idol! I love the natural glow of her skin and the mature sexy, lean body, especially she seems always has the graceful poise in every pic. 

The cover of W magazine featuring Demi Moore and Anja Rubik wearing the Balmain dress.
[credited to]

Let's not argue if the photo of her has been airbrushed, but sure she still keeps a killer body even 46 years old. 

This is the LOOK of me in swimming suit lying on the concrete floor in 16ºC!!... it was freezing cold and i have no facial expression!

I wish someone can airbrush my photo, oh,  you know where could be emphasized more!! ... ha ha..

Back to my ODJ. 
I must love this Orange Boss mustard turtleneck so much that I can find lots of looks of me in it!!! Same pieces but different bags, tights, accessories, I love shopping in my closet and maximize the wear of all my fav. pieces!!

Tomorrow I will carry my Alexander Wang Coco duffel bag to SF city but hopefully it won't be too chill as I can only think of a tank pairing w/ a cropped blazer look w/ that bag right now!! :P

Why do I want to get Chanel black 226 reissue so bad these days??? This is WHY!!!
I gave my mom Chanel classic jumbo as a gift last year and I miss it so much!

I just realized that I like to pair yellow n' green i wore the same color combi. to my Power Yoga class this morning!!! lol
It is a cliche color combination but well, it works!!
w/ Lanvin leopard print happy sac 08'

One of my fav. look of myself. This was taken right after our Pairs trip last Nov. w/ Chanel 227 dark silver reissue 08'

I love that baby blue tights w/ Chanel matte white reissue 227 09'

My ODJ!!

1. Top:
  • Orange Boss mustard ruched turtleneck
  • Max&Co. lavender floral puffy sleeves blouse
  • Ted Baker deep round neck vest
  • Orange Boss brown leather blazer
2. Bottom:
Orange Boss brown suede mini skirt

3. Accessory: 
  • Simmering Gold/yellow tights w/ pin strips(from Anthropologies.)
  • Balenciaga violet part-time 08'
4. Shoes: Chloe brown short boots

It is great that I have photos for most of my ensembles; Therefore, I always come up something NEW w/ fun recycle-shopping in my closet!!


Great picture of you in the swimming suit, no airbrushing nesseccary at all!
litlstrawberry said…
Oh, thanks, Julia, you are so sweet...oh, wait, is that one of your thanks-giving talk of this year!!! :P
Anonymous said…
I agree, no airburshing needed for your swim suit pic. you sure you had 3 kids? we wend to san diego, didn't get any good food there :(
Betsy C. said…
what a hawt, hawt, hawt looking picture of you in a bikini! i wonder how many moms of three out there are brave enough to take one like that, not for others but even for themselves. :)

i agree that mustard turtleneck has served you very well over the past few seasons. i've been surprised over and over how well it works with your skin tone. btw, so you're in the market for 226 reissue?! so does that mean your mom won't be loaning that black jumbo back to you anymore?

btw, thanks for the link to that lace trim shirt. i have to admit i still like your shirt's design slightly better. thanks anyway~
Julia said…
oh my..
when i saw the picture of Demi M in that Balmain dress, i was thinking you gonna post a mod pic of something similar - i certainly got more than i hoped to see. lol.

but it is a good picture, very worth posting in public.
Claudia said…
WoW! R, you look great in your swim suit picture. I agree with dos3n are you sure you had 3 kids? My new year resolution need to do power yoga.

I love all your outfits as always. The mustard color suits you very well :)
I agree as well; you look amazing, no airbrushing needed at all!

BTW, looks like you and your family had a fabulous time in LA! Welcome back :) bikini photo! You're such a daring mom! Did your DH know you're posting the picture in public? :P He's ok with it? Some DH will just freak out...hehehehe! Anyway, love your gold/yellow pin stripe hosiery very much. You rock it very well with your total look! Bravo!

susanh98 said…
Wow Rachel you look HOT...just looking at your picture in the bathing suit makes me want to go hit the gym right now. hahaha.
I really like your Chloe boots they pair very well with many outfits!
So are you getting the 226 soon? Do you like size 226 or 227 better? I'm trying to get the red or blue roi in lambskin but we'll see if it can be located.
litlstrawberry said…
ya ya ya ya ya ...... Catherine: exactly, I can't agree more....oh, geez, that's the only impression I had for SD (other than the sea world... great spot for kids but lousy place for food....) I was pregnant of Niel and all I can think of having is rice noodle soup..but the whole trip my friend and I can have is only fast food since neither of us want Mexico. oh....geez...I totally understand!! haha.......
Oh, we should ask SUSANh98, she lives in SD and she is from Taiwan...maybe whatever she recommends we'd like too!!!!!

Right?! Susan???!!!
litlstrawberry said…
Hi, Betsy:
Thanks. :)
Yes, the turtle neck is my fav. piece in my wardrobe since it total works w/ everything I had. I guess that's the tip of buying something into our existing wardrobe!!!

Oh, my mom, they just arrived yesterday and she did carry jumbo here. MY, I think maybe I can borrow hers couple days while they are here for 2 weeks. Oh, I don't think she'd want to trade w/ me ....... so I still want to get 226 matte back in the future if possible. :)

I know you probably don't like the slouchy tee that much since it needs a little attitude to wear it....other wise it would be really slouchy look!! :) So, keep looking then!!!
litlstrawberry said…
hha... Julia:

I wish I'd post something similar which means I either have the body or the dress...hha....

Oh, yap, I wish to take a whole album of nearly nude of me in the future...oh, that won't be post in public then. I think bathing suit is really nothing and my friend, yu's' whole family saw me in bathing suit this trip too. hee...
litlstrawberry said…
Thanks, Claudia.

Oh, you know, I actually gain 3 or 4 lb. after starting my work-out ...the more mass of muscles and the better appetite I assume. Now I love TRX which gives me definition faster than Yoga alone. :) You should try!!
litlstrawberry said…
hey, double E girl:
how are you1!?

I would assume my bathing suit is pure and "athlete" feel ... but somehow the ankle can't really show the muscle definition well. :P

Ya, Yu and i are talking about another family trip since we really had a great time in LA.
litlstrawberry said…
hey, Mia:
Thanks. You know, I also post pic. on FB so DH must be aware of that. BEsides, he reads my blog yesterday night for a skimming bit, I don't know if he also saw the following pic. of ME after he comments on Demi Moore pic. hah.....either way, he must know!!
litlstrawberry said…
hey, Susan:
Thank you, dear.
I don't know when will I actually get 226 since it was sold out or won't be ordered until next spring......

I have tried red w/ silver medium flap but I am really not a RED bag girl the way I see myself ... so pass it!!! Good luck of your hunting for your dream bag ..... BY Christmas!!! :)
susanh98 said…
oh i didn't know the matte black 226 is already sold out. i can see why you want it. it's such a classic beauty.
by the way there are really good places to eat here in SD :) It just really depends where you go. There's really good asian food here from vietnamese, chinese, korean to japanese. Good stuff and really good steak houses and all sorts of food. I especially like it when it is Restaurant week over here. Because you get good deals. There is even a Nobu here at the Hard Rock Cafe Hotel. They participated last year for the restaurant week and was an excellent deal. If you come next time let me know and I'll be happy to give you suggestions :)
litlstrawberry said…
ho ho.. totally, Susan: I really needed your pointer as only LOCAL would suggest the best... Yu took us to couple restaurants which is really like...... grr..... (not the taste but the price is shocking...) hah....

Anyway, thanks, I think we definitely will take kids to sea world, lego land next year.
lilbou64 said…
you look so good!! it's like a magazine cover! love all the outfits also! btw, I added you on FB! (Vivian K.) =)
litlstrawberry said…
ha...ah, no wonder I was wondering who is that cute girl...vivian...:)

Thanks, dear. :)

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