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Christmas Tree For Every Christmas!!

We put up our Christmas tree last Friday and that just reminds me to get an ornament which has the year of "2009" engraved on it.  We bought this Christmas tree from Pottery Barn in 2006 and there was one year "2007" missing that we didn't celebrate Christmas in USA.

This Christmas tree serves not just a holiday representation in our house, it is also a journal for us family since we would add ornaments on it every single year. Last year, I had a special gift prepared for my guests who can guess right or have the closest number of how many ornaments on our Christmas tree!!! You know, it is so fun that every household would come up different numbers, adults and kids and they might fight for the number of who would guess it closer!! hah.... I did that on purpose since I kinda of want my guests to pay attention on our Christmas tree which we really put effort on decorating it!! So if you ever be my guests on Christmas, please do comment on it and we'd be very happy!! :)

I have been busy since my parents are visiting from Taiwan. They spend so much time playing w/ their grandchildren and I am happy that my kids can still speak Mandarin very fluently w/ them.


Love the asymmetrical cut of the leather jacket!!

1. Top: 
  • Black mini dress from Shanghai which my mom bought it.  
  • Helmut Lang black motorcycle leather jacket
2. Bottom: Chanel 09' two layers/two tones hosiery

3. Accessory:
  • J Crew rose-gold necklace w/ onyx
  • J Crew rose-gold fringe necklace (yah~~ I found it on sale for $19.99 for which I can do price adjustment. )
  • RUGBY belt
  • Alexander Wang Coco Duffel bag in Gray w/ silver HW 09' f/w
4. Shoes: Joie over the knee high boots 

I had to pair that two necklaces whenever I wear this dress!!

This is the whole look of Chanel hosiery!!

Still love that Alexander Wang bag very much.....and carry it everyday every since I bought it!! :)

Oh, my Proenza Shouler heels came and gotta think of an outfit to go w/ them!! :)

Hope you girls have a happy holiday plan!!


shockboogie said…
I love your tree! The color scheme is great. Very elegant and classy unlike most trees I see here in the US that look so tacky.

Isn't it wonderful to have your parents visit you? My parents live only an hour and a half away but I love it when they come to visit us.

I really like your outfit too. Very rock n' roll!

Wishing you and your family a great holiday! It's December!!!:)
FG said…
Your tree is incredibly gorgeous! So is your bag! I love A. Wang bags but it seems to be IMPOSSIBLE to find them here, or they cost almost the same as Balenciaga (which is crazy,considering he makes his bags in China: is that true,by the way?)!
Anyway,you look BEAUUUUTIFUL, as always! Cant wait to see your new shoes :)
Angela said…
that's a gorgeous tree! and of course you're looking chic as usual.
Hi R! Love your tree. Nice decorations! I was saying to Julia, I really envy you gals coz you have big houses in USA to accommodate a big Xmas tree, but in HK, the apartments are just so small even though they cost more than a house in the US. :D

You like to dress in black these days? Hehehehehe....! But black is so chic no matter what and never goes out of style. Very simple chic outfit. What's the difference of your Helmut Lang leather jacket vs. your Vince leather jacket BTW? I feel they are the same style? Or is it just I'm blind? LOL! They are both very nice.

Anyway, I can't wait to see your Proenza Schouler pumps. What size did you get BTW? And is the leather very stiff coz it's patent? want to buy a pair...still thinking if pumps or boots version. I've never tried on any Proenza Schouler shoes, so not sure about the sizing. I think I will be 1 or half size larger than you. Hehehehehe! You are bad influence on me! Just when I should be in "shopping hibernation mode" now....hmmmm!!!

Have a nice week ahead!

litlstrawberry said…
Thanks, Rax.

Our Christmas is mix of gold and silver....w/ green n' red here and there...but not much!! You know the ornaments are really expensive since most of them are like $9 - $16 each..... >< but it is fun to collection those every year so the Christmas tree always look a little special every year!!! :)

Oh, you are lucky that your parents live so close to you. I wish my mom would want to move here so I have nanny anytime whenever I want to have a pedicure or medicure..haha
litlstrawberry said…
Hi, FG: congrats on your new Givenchy booties... this holiday you will get a lot of compliments by wearing that boots!! :)

Hum....I know Helmut lang made in China... but forgot to check A. Wang. You know, most USA brand names are made in China, unless it is European brand. Oh, you know what, I checked my bag and it doesn't say where does it made BY...only says special crafted using full-grain leather blah....... WELL, even it is made by China, I have to say this bag is definitely have the best craftsman from China then!!! I just LOVE the leather grain and almost like croc. print!! hah...
Thank you, sweetie. Oh, yep, new heels.... they are again, work of ART!!
litlstrawberry said…
Hey, Angela:

You look great in teal color and that's one of my fav. color too. I guess bold color actually looks great on everyone!! :) I am so happy to see your post about Oscar de la Renta as those bold colors are so fun and I love wearing bold colors!!

Thanks for the post.
litlstrawberry said…
Hi, Mia: yes, I know the housing is crazy in HK and it is just ridiculous too. :(

The Christmas tree is such a holiday symbol here and I know almost every of my friend would eventually get ONE for kids!! It is really like a tradition here in USA. I probably won't pay too much attention on setting up one if I live in Taipei!! The dirt laid on the tree after a month would probably upset me a lot!! haha.....

Oh, yes, black outfit.. it is easy and it seems I am extra busy this holidays. I do't have much time pairing my clothes and black just come in handy and keep my look chic n' bold!!

The P. Shoulder heels is not stiff when stepping in. I have not wore them outside the house yet ... .so I don't know if they will bite into my feet.. hah.. I will tell you later. As for the size, I am normal 38.5 but this is "stiff" heel, I bought 39.5 instead. I would assume you can get the same size as you got for CL heels. I like trying bold stuff but CL heels seems not much of evolving in terms of the design but only colors and exotic skin to me these past couple season. So, I guess I saved there but still need to find substitution for it!! heh..... To be honest w/ you, I think the booties style might suit you better as you are very petite and the heels might just be overwhelming of a look on you!!! :P
What a GORGEOUS tree!!!

And I absolutely love what you're wearing, from head to toe!! Beautiful!

Wish I could speak Mandarin, I guess if I ever were in your house for Xmas I would not only compliment your Xmas tree, but get your kids to teach me some Mandarin too and probably entertain them and all the guests with my awful pronunciation lol
litlstrawberry said…
hhahahahaah.... Thanks-giving girl:
I am sure you would be a great entertainer..:) Oh, what kind of language do you speak other than English?
Haha R! When I read your comment that you think "I'm petite"....I am thinking you mean my height or my weight!??'re the 1st one to say I'm petite so I'm flattered! LOL!! I'm quite "gigantic" actually in terms of weight.....hahahhahaha! You made my morning! Oh I'm 161cm so normal height..but abnormal weight! hahahahhaha! (See how much I laughed??!)

OK thanks for your advice on the PS pumps. My heart is actually leaning more towards the boots version too. The only thing why I have refrained from taking the plunge for the boots is due to the very slim soft leather shaft which looks kind of hugging to the ankles & above. That's what holding me back as my legs are not slim and I don't like anything too hugging. But I like the design. That's what holding me back. Too bad, I just checked but my size is all sold out now for the boots. :( So, I ordered the pumps instead in size 40.5. Let's see if it works for me. If not, I'll just return or sell it. I have a feeling that it will look good with not-too-fitted slacks.

As for CL, I too find that the designs are "flat" these days. Oh well, I did order another 2 pairs of CLs with a very different design from my collection. I think that's it for CL for now. My next target is a pair of YSL Tribute T-strap platform Sandals and let's see what other designs come along the way from other designers. I like quirky styles...LOL!

And you are so true about real estate market now in HK!! Can you imagine a 1,000 sq feet apartment costs around US$1.5M now?!!! How crazy can that be?!! Plain madness!

I did set up a very small 4ft Xmas tree though. I want Mason to be involved in decorating the Xmas tree and learn about Xmas. He likes putting on the ornaments! (Of course, at the young age of 2, he also loves pulling everything out and then putting back all over again!!! LOL!!)

BTW, just curious, do you speak Mandarin with your DH and kids at home? Or English? I only speak Mandarin and English with Mason (and plus Cantonese & Mandarin with DH). Sometimes, the problem with living out of your country is forgetting the mother language. But Chinese (esp. Mandarin) these days is really important. So, do encourage your kids to speak more mandarin as it will good for them in the future.

OK..I"m being chatty this morning. Too much coffee. LOL!

Have a nice evening over there!

lilmissb said…
Loving the leather jacket (I need one of those or the Balenciaga ones) and the OTK boots. It's summer in Australia but I can't stop thinking about OTK boots!!!
Rachel, I only speak two - English and Russian!
litlstrawberry said…
hi, Panda girl:
I would say kick out the desire of acquiring Bal. leather jacket. I have tried one in South Coast Plaza in LA and .. hum.... it is a good looking of jacket but for that price tag, I would expect an AWE on me..but it didn't. :P you know, someday you might be tired of the shoulder buckle....(hope you know what i am talking about.) do travel, so you never know when are you going to need a oTK get ONE. :)
litlstrawberry said…
Ah, of course, Julia, that's good enough. :) My son and daughter's piano teacher is a Russian. You know you people/country have quite a prestige reputation for Ballet n' piano. :)
Ha, yes, we do! And wow, that's awesome that your kids are learining the piano! I used to do ballet for about 5 years when I was a kid, but I never liekd it so when I got old enough to tell mom I didn't want to go no more I quit it lol
kaylee said…
omg..what a high fashion mom! beautiful inside out^^

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