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13 December, 2009

Winter Wardrobe Essential -> Leather Jacket + In Season Boots!!

Do you have the experience that you would pair certain bag w/ certain pair of shoes? You must do!! Most people like to pair the same color spectrum bag w/ the same color/or color spectrum shoes which is a very conservative look even thought it is not so fun at all!! But at least you can never go wrong w/ your look pairing that way!!!

Me, I tend to pair certain jacket w/ certain shoes or to be specific, I like to pair certain LOOK w/ certain shoes!!! They are not necessarily the same color and I tend to avoid wearing the same color of bag w/ the same color of shoes!  I don't know why, maybe it is because I never think of what color of bags or shoes I have already when I buy them so I can hardly find same color bag w/ shoes in my wardrobe!!! :)

Here is my ODJ and I pair my Helmut Lang leather jacket w/ Joie over the knee high boots again! Meanwhile, after being bored w/ my hair style, I decided not comb it at all and just use Shu Uemera hair gel to give my hair a little volume. 

I use Lara Mercier gold n' black eye pencil for lower eyeliner to do a little smoky eyes. For my top eye lid, I use a brand bought from Target, a little brown n' a little beige smudge them together!!

We have a birthday party in SF city at 10 Am and I never get up at 8:00 AM on Saturdays until today!!!! lol


I am sure you saw all these pieces already, and I must say that Zara floral top w/ ruffle in front is a true beauty as it never stop surprising me w/ its so feminine and flirty look!! 

I twisted 2 of J Crew Tiered crystal libretto necklaces of clear glass n' onyx w/ rose-gold together for a voluminous look on me. 

The Birthday party is at Randall Museum in SF city. They have Magic Show for kids today. 

I will leave the details of inside the museum for moms/kids to explore in the future!

Everyone is anticipating the show to begin!!!!

Abby and today's birthday boy!!

Those are all the kids at my friend, Renee's son's birthday party!!

These two houses are too cute, I love the vibrant colors!!

After the party, we took kids to SF zoo!!


I can't get over w/ the most beautiful snake I have ever seen!! Those blue, brown, black strips looks like someone painted on her. 

I forgot what's this but what's so special about this reptile is her tough is BLUE and that's where she got her name by!!! lol

My favorite creatures, OWL!!

Hope you had tons of fun this weekend!!


lovelifelikefashion said...

R! i love the make up on you! u are looking so fab as usual! Sorry i been too busy that i havnet had time to visit you these days. I love all the new shoes you got!! So pretty~ and i think i have the same zara shirt! Anyway happy holiday and hope u still remember me.

Julia said...

i watched last episode of Melrose Place last night, and saw katie Cassidy in a pair of over-the-knee boots with a stunning black mini dress.

her boots were snuggly fit.

that bag truly fits your style!

litlstrawberry said...

hi, Cutie: how would I forget you!! Busy is great thing and which also mean you get to reward yourself w/ BIG Christmas gift for all the hard work you have put into for work, life...etc. :)

You know what, everytime I wore that Zara shirt, there would be someone asking me where do I get that blouse. :) That's one of the best versatile blouse in my closet!!!

OH, Merry Christmas to you!

litlstrawberry said...

Hi, Julia:
Katie Cassidy is a bebe and I like her face feature very much. I didn't see a photo of her wearing mini dress but I am sure she looks stunning in it.

You know, for this knee length skirt, I wouldn't do a snuggle fit knee high boots, and I want the look to be relaxed since the pencil skirt tend to be "too feminine" and somewhat too formal. However, my last post when I wore mini black dress, I'd wish my boots is more snuggled fit than the way it looks from the pic.

Oh, I LOVE that A. Wang bag very much. I put all off my Chanel aside for this Christmas, ho ho ho!!!

Merry Christmas to you, girl!!!

Jenny said...

Gah, amazing post! I absolutely loved your boots!
The owl makes me so happy - I absolutely love owls and these ones are too cute!!
Also, your children are so adorable!!!!!

susanh98 said...

i like your leather jacket very much! the whole outfit is so chic. what an interesting idea to do a kid's birthday party at a museum. I bet all kids will have so much fun and that cake..yum!
That snake has very pretty colors indeed. i love the zoo! :)
If you come to SD let me know so I can think of places to send you. :P

litlstrawberry said...

Hi, Jenny:
You like owls too?!! You know, they are not CUTE birds but somehow their calming spirit caught my heart too. :)

Thanks for your sweet words to my kids.

litlstrawberry said...

hi, Susan:

I think birthday party at museum, some a great idea since we parents probably won't prepare much to entertain them. :) I like most museum, or children's discovery provide the birthday party and they normally think of activities for kids. :) But I think I am done w/ little Bday party for my kids... next year, I probably will only celebrate w/ couple friends in their age instead of holding a party!! :) Sure I appreciate my friend, Renee's effort of arrange such a great party. now I know one more place to hanging out w/ kids on the weekend!!! :)

lilmissb said...

Your skill with makeup is wonderful. Love the combo you've done, subtle but sexy chic.

That snake is GORGEOUS! Reminds me of a Missoni scarf for some reason!

Julia, the Thanksgiving Girl said...

The second pic of you with the kids is too precious!! Totally makes me wanna squeeze your littles one, aww

prashant said...

Cassidy in a pair of over-the-knee boots with a stunning black mini dress.
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