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03 December, 2009

Can't Have Enough of Alexander Wang -- The Skirt n' Coco Duffel Bag!!

My parents came yesterday evening...and yes, my mom did bring over the Chanel classic jumbo I bought for her!!! My heart palpitated so fast after seeing her carrying that THEN-Mine-NOW-HERs bag!! lol  I really love the classic look of Chanel!!!

Well, I know you must think that I could either trade or borrow that classic jumbo from her, but I just don't know how to ASK!! So I think I will wait till next spring and see if boutique, NM or SAKs would order Chanel matte black reissue 226 w/ gold hardware!!!!!!Wish me luck then!!

Anyway, here is the look of me today!!! I must say it is hard to resist loving Alexander Wang Coco Duffel bag and obviously HE is getting so popular this season. A girl ran to me when we were crossing an intersection in SF city today just because she wants to know where did I get the Coco Duffel bag!!!! lol

I am glad I had a fur vest on... it gets so chilly in SF city!

I am only holding a pair of Alexander Wang's combat black heels... satisfied!!! :)

I had so much fun today as my dad can take pic. for me anytime and anywhere....not like DH!!! :P

My Outfit Du Jour!!

1. Top:
  • a gray tank w/ pocket which I forgot the brand which is also not important... :P
  • Mcginn cropped jacket w/ come w/ it vest 
  • et vous fur vest
2 Bottom: Alexander Wang. black string skirt
3. Accessory: 
  • Fallon brass cross, crystal necklace
  • Flying Lizard Design gold-plated necklace
  • Sparkle glass tassel necklace (gift from my Dad)
  •  Alexander Wang Coco Duffel bag in gray w/ silver studs
4. Shoes: Givenchy wedge boots w/ chains

Wouldn't you know it, this baby caught my eye and my "purse"!! haha.. They are just marvelous!!!

Proenza Schouler platform cap toe pump w/ wooden heels!

They are a work of art!!

I don't know why they had to make the shoe run such small of the size these days.... I had to order half size smaller from another Barney's New York!!

I will see you around!!!!



Bon Chic Bon Genre said...

Wow...nice shoes!! I was actually eyeing the booties version.....but these pumps look yummy. Maybe I should add it to my shoe wishlist...LOL! But the patent leather...seems too firm/sturdy?

BTW, I'm really curious...the picture with your shoes high up in the air, did you/your dad take the photo with you wearing your short skirt then lifting your legs up there? Hahahahah....just can't imagine how you do it.....LOL! Sorry...I'm too analytical.....hahahha!

Anyway, nice skirt. have to get the reissue 226. It's the ultimate classic bag of Chanel....even better than classic caviar jumbo in black. Heard there will be a price increase either December or Jan timeframe...hurry hurry!


Bon Chic Bon Genre said...

Oh I deleted my previous post coz I had some spelling error...haha...perfectionist me. :P

Anyway, I was saying....I saw your reply to Julia that you want to make a whole album of you in "nearly nude" in the future!! Wow....I bow to your courage!! Heads down. Go for it! It will be a great memory. But remember to do it before the age of 35 (I remember you're a lot younger than me right?)...don't wait too long. Early 30s I think is the golden age/years of women. :D Seize the day!


Michael St. James said...

Love the Alexander Wang skirt!

Julia 'So Thankful' said...

Love your dress and congrats on another Wang's purchase!! I loooove those heels!!!

dos3n said...

you were in the city today? i was there too! at barneys and i tried on the same shoes! i also tried on the ysl heels you bought, they are actually pretty comfy but the skinny heel makes me really nervous, like what if i step on the cracks on the sidewalk? i love the pose with the mannequin, did you put the boot on the head? another beautiful outfit today!

Purse Addict said...

i give my mom my purses too!! LOL, i think i've passed on about 5 of my purses to her and we did a even trade for another :P

litlstrawberry said...

Hi, mia:
the booties is very nice too ...but I think it is too "hard" of a look to pair w/ an outfit....and I think heels w/ that kind of "sharp design" would be a better option! Besides, you know how many boots I already purchased this year.... no more boots!! :)

You know that pic. of my legs raising up that high is taken by myself.... of course I was sitting on the sofa and just raise my legs.... I have very strong abdominal and even Yu is so impressed when we were in LA and she saw the way I do push-ups and sit-ups. hahahaha... Anyway, now you reminds me to think if there are any other people around...hum... I assume not in front of ME!!! :P I think the pencil skirt is long enough to cover my butt even I lift my legs that high!! ^^

Well, I guess either way I will pay extra for that size of 226 anyway, it is already $2895 and $3195 for 227. I will wait till next February.

grrr... then I guess I have to hurry up before I am turning into 35 is only couple years from now!! Geez...

litlstrawberry said...

Thanks, Mike!

BTW, I love violet/blue bags on your blog...that's my color.

litlstrawberry said...

hey, thanks-giving girl: today I am thankful that my parents are here and because of them, I am here in USA!!!

Thank you for your inspiration!!

litlstrawberry said...

wow..Catherine: maybe next time you should call/email me if you plan to go to SF city.

I was there w/ my whole crew..oh, my parents.

So you mean you tried the P.S cap toe heels? or A. Wang ? My mom said that washed acid white boots like I am going to a WAR...and it looked extra huge on my all black outfit yesterday... not very flattering!! I don't know if black is on sale but the acid white is.... not buying it though. Yu loves the look and I think she is very into that designer too!!!

Humm..did you get anything? I really love my YSL and Givenchy boots and I have been wore them the past couple month since I bought them. I guess BLACK is always easy to pair. I am waiting for that P.S. heels to come next week.

Thanks for your kind blandishments!! The A. Wang skirt also give my BUTT a great curve too. :P

FashionFirst said...

Oh, I love that outfit. I must admit, after someone showed me your blog, I'm completely obsessed! I love your style and uniqueness! Keep the awesome posts coming!


litlstrawberry said...

hey, Jenny:

I think I am in a phase of buying more shoes than bags too....and almost get carried away from Chanel!!! This season there are so many goodies that I can't just land my eyes on only Chanel...... oh, the buying will never end!!!! mom has been carrying that Classic jumbo to the city yesterday and to the lunch today.. I so want to pet the bag!! :P Well, I can only take pic. of my mom and that bag as much as possible when they are visiting here..

OH, how nice you and your mom can trade bags...maybe I should start doing that w/ my mom. ^O^

litlstrawberry said...

hi, Julia:
Thanks for your kind blandishments! I checked your blog and followed it. I sure hope that I will be helpful for you in the future when you post any of your style and get inspired w/ each other. :) You are young and style would come its way to you eventually! You must keep it up too!! :)

FashionFirst said...

Thanks so much for the advice. Haha, I'm sucking in my tummy right now. Hmm... it makes me feel like I'm a size 2. Anyway, I'm bribing myself with some Louboutins. I would do anything for a new pair, so hopefully I can lose some weight for them:)

The pictures with your kids are absolutely adorable! You remind me of Victoria Beckham: all fashionista with two or three kids on her arms.

BTW, giving your mom the Chanel was such a nice thing to do! I gave my sister one of my Coach bags, which costs not even a tiny fraction of a Chanel, and now when I see her wearing it, I'm like, "MINE!" Haha.


Carmen said...

Amazing schoes <3

Julia 'So Thankful' said...

Aw, Rachel, you're very very welcome :)

The Haute-Shopper said...

Great shoes! And don't buy those sturdy A. Wang booties unless they're on sale! Even here they're already on sale and it's not even sale season yet in Europe! Adore that string dress by the way...

Hope you have a great weekend!

litlstrawberry said...

hey, haute girl:

I love your advice since that A. Wang's shoes never really win my eyes were lying on Burbury's version not the combat one...too much for shoes for A. wang and it would really be a waste of money if not bought on dirt cheap sale price...say $200?...hah... (oh, my friend, Yu probably would beat me up for saying that...haha..)
THanks. I adore that string skirt very much too...give me curve and feeling sexy in it!!!

You too. have a great weekend.

dos3n said...

i tried on the PS heels you bought. nope, didnt buy anything yesterday, had to rush back to work. guess that's good since i am eyeing the silver fox vest by Pologeoris at Neimans. trying to not splurge too much this year. yes, trying very hard...

litlstrawberry said...

Thanks, Carmen.

Hope you have a great weekend!

litlstrawberry said...

Oh, Catherine: yah, it is great that you are saving for something you really like. THe Pologeorgis is so lux and I know they even make for home fur...... aw..must be so comfortable!! :)

Liz W said...

Rachel, thank you so much for these pics! I think I want the Coco bag for Christmas from hubby! You look gorgeous, as always!

litlstrawberry said...

hi, Liz:
Oh, I am glad you know what to get for Christmas gift. :) Oh, did you check back my LA trip post...they have total 3 w/ brass studs, black w/ silver studs and gray w/ silver studs...(mine).

And good luck to you of finding it!!!

susanh98 said...

Your pics and poses are so fun :) You would be a great model!!! Love your outfit!!!

litlstrawberry said...

ah ha... I am very much flattered, Susan!! :)

So how is your holidays so far? I mean are you preparing something special for this Christmas...?


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