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23 December, 2009

Shopping w/ Proenza Schouler Platform Cap Toe Pump and 3 kids!!


Nah ~, 
you probably think that would be pain in the a** when go shopping w/ 3 young kids and wearing HIGH HEELS like MY Proenza Schouler pump!!

In fact, for me, it is a very special bounding time w/ my kids during holidays!! 

I like to brain-wash them by telling that they need to be extremely behaved when they are only w/ me, o.w. MOI would be exhausted and couldn't be able to cook for dad for dinner!!!! I told them that they don't want to see Dad gets really starving and be mad at us!! :P

Most of the time my kids would understand and really follow my rules! :) Besides, these days, I can always use Santa to watch my back. hahahah..... They sure don't want Santa get MAD!! :P

Ilona still acts like a baby every time I held her!!!

A nice sunny day shopping w/ kids!!

Thanks Niel for taking pic. for us. 
You know, this dress is shapeless but somehow just because of its relaxed cutting, it always add a touch of feminine to the look.


1. Top:
  • RUGBY black turtleneck w/ should patches on sale for $49.99
  • TSE coral wrap dress
2. Bottom: Dolce Vita cotton denim leggings 
3. Accessory:
  • Lanvin leopard happy sac 08'
  • black onyx ring 
  • Designer friend, Elfi Altendor: Africa white turquoise w/ silver beads necklace 
Shoes:  09' fall runway Proenza Schouler platform cap toe pump w/ wooden heels

I am never interested in denim leggings...until I saw this pair. 

This pair is more like a denim pants on me (maybe I should get size xs? instead?!) and w/ that 2 cuts around knee, I had to get it right away.  Besides, I bought them on for only $48!! ^O^

 Just another fun thing to add in my wardrobe w/o the guilt!!

What's your best score or your best buy of this year??!!!



Julia, the Thanksgiving Girl said...

I totally thought those were jeans until I read it was leggings! Great find, Rachel, I think they look great on you - the size seems just right. Totally looks like some very sophisticated pair of jeans with a touch of playfullness with those cuts, love it :)

little fish said...

wow sexy legs !!! i love your previous post's outfit too!, the grey color is always so IN and trendy.

I really admire you that you can wear the pump and walk with your 3 kids !!!Did i say i love your pump? those are amazing!!

FashionFirstForever said...

The pain is worth that hot look, haha. I wear heels sometime shopping, too, but I must commend you... I don't have three small children with you! I think that's amazing. The Proenza Schouler pumps are gorgeous!!!

I had no idea your "jeans" were actually leggings!!! They're the best denim leggings ever.

Happy holidays!!!:)


Purse Addict said...


Mother of Style said...

Oh, I love those leggings, too!

My best deal this year was probably a pair of prada wedges I found at the Rack for $200.

Merry Christmas to you and your family :)

Betsy C. said...

Rachel - Happy Holidays! I'm finally home but I'm totally beat b/c of jet lag. I just wanted to stop by and wish you and your family a wonderful holiday. You are amazing for being able to take all three of your kids shopping, w/pumps no less. So did you end up buying anything?

I'm impressed with how well you have worked Elfi's necklace into your wardrobe. Who knew it can be so versatile?! :D



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