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Proenza Schouler Runway 09' Heels + Neon PInk Pencil Skirt = Party Queen!!

My friend, Cathy bought the very same necklace from Fallon as me. However, we didn't tell the differences until today she brought hers over. She bought it from and I bought it at Barneys. It is obviously that hers has bigger cross, clasp, brass cone.....than mine!! I would say I adore mine since it is just more subtle in sizes!! We joked that Cathy has longer torso than I do so she needs something "chunkier" on her frame!! haha...


You can tell that left one has bigger cross than the right one. We are wondering how come they are so different but made by the same company for the SAME THING!!!!

My ODJ!!
1. Top:
  • turtle neck top
  • Splendid top
  • Kay Park Gray blazer w/ shoulder details
2. Bottom: Wesc neon pink pencil skirt
3. Accessory: 
  • Heidi Dew heirloom ring
  • J Crew diamond necklace
  • some necklace from my Dad
  • Steven Madden for Steve belt
  • Gray/charcoal tights
4. Shoes: Proenza Schouler platform cap toe heels 09'
5. Bag: Alexander Wang 09' gray Coco Duffel bag in leather

Thanks to my friend, Cathy, who has been so supportive to me in everything, my post, my outfit, and help feeding my kids when I am doing my posts!! haha.. 

Cathy gave me this Neon Pink skirt which couldn't fit her."NOW-she is at my house and we are going to take kids and my parents for a window shopping in a minute" .... oh, just in time so I instantly took off my Hudson jeans and wear IT instead!! lol

I am so happy that I work everything in Gray from my wardrobe!!

I am a mannequin again. 

Love the side look of the Proenza Shouler heels!!!

Aww... both of us are amzed that the skirt works, ....I mean the whole outfit came out unexpected fun!!! :)
What do you think, girls??!!!  :)

Gotta GO n' have a great evening!!!!!! 


shockboogie said…
Those Proenza Shouler heels are TDF!!! I love the neone pink skirt too! It looks great with those grey tights.
litlstrawberry said…
Thank you, Rax.

I got that Gray tights from HUE month ago and haven't got a chance to wear it.... today is THE DAY!!! I am glad it works great w/ neon pink, otherwise I would pair black tights instead!! :)
susanh98 said…
fun outfit the skirt is very hip and the shoes oh my....everything did work out great! :) i'm loving the look of tights lately too. i think grey worked out great so it matches your bag too! black may have been to strong.
your tree is lovely very nice.
can't wait for xmas!!!
litlstrawberry said…
Hi, Susan:
how is the weather in SD? Here is so cold and we can see the thin snow laying on top of our roof....~~~~~~~~~

hee, thanks, I like the neon pink skirt against the Gray outfit too. I think I have collected rainbow color of tights and how about you? Every color works w/ particular outfit and it is just so much fun seeing the drawer filled up w/ colored tights!! Well, at least those tights are something we can collect as many as we'd like. :) Cheap!! haha..
little fish said…
wow i love your PS heels and also the striking neone pink skirt!!! You are really good at matching the color and they blend so well.

I need your help please hehe

I have a function to attend, and the dress code is venetian red and gold.
How do I wear? a red dress with a pair of gold sandals? or a gold dress with red shoes? I hope i didnt trouble you with my question.
Hi R! I like the color palette of your ensemble. What a fun outfit. This is something I do too....shocking pink + gray + black + white. :D

And, you like to pose as a mannequin these days too? :P You did great! how do you feel about the PS pumps after walking in them out of the house? Painful? Comfy? Will your feet slide to the front coz of the height and stiff heels? I replied to your previous post. The boots version is no longer available in my I ordered the pumps version. So, I'll see if they will work out for me. :P

Enjoy your day.


Hi little r you doing? Just saw your above....I prefer red dress and gold sandals. You can also wear gold earrings...:D

litlstrawberry said…
hi, little fish: thanks so much for your praise on my outfit. :> Also thanks for seeking my advice, I am much honored!!

Oh, when you ask me about wearing a pair of gold sandals w/ red dress... it is hard for me to pic. and I must assume the dress is various red w/ some details (bow, ruffles, laces...)otherwise, I think the look is so "overwhelmed" and feels like the function you attend must be as big as a red carpet event!!!

How about something cheerful and fun? In my eyes, you are also petite, I would say little GOLD dress would be stunning on you. Then you can wear your gold/brass/rose gold..bangle and pair some nice HEELS...I don't personally prefer sandal look since it sometimes play down of an elegant look. (of course, proper pedicure and a nice quality of gold/nude sandal would be great.)

Just some ideas and since the color scheme is so strong, keep everything simple and I'd say the bangle is a MUST piece to work it into your ensemble this time!!!!!! "It is GOLD, isn't it?" OH, you know what, if you want to keep your look intact, maybe a red clutch or little purse would do too. :)

OH, I do hope you have time to take pic. of you and let us know how'd you wear them!!! :) --- anxious ---
v said…
This outfit is GORGEOUS. I love your Proenza shoes =)
FashionFirst said…
I LOVE those shoes. They're absolutely beautiful and modern!I like how the heel goes straight down instead of cuving inwards. I've been meaning to find shoes like those for a while
The the juicy colored skirt looks really cute with the striped shirt!
lilmissb said…
Wow! Love the outfit!! Those Proenza heels are awesome. I've been dying for some of their booties. Also love your gray long jacket.
little fish said…
ohhh darling you are genius !!!

I love your ideas and thank you so much for your fashion tips ...I am very glad that i know where to look for advice if i need help, and you are here.

okay, i will try to figure out something ...;p

and Hello Mia, gold earrings sounds good too heheheh
susanh98 said…
Hi Rachel it's so cold here in SD. I'm sure it's colder in your neck of the woods. But fun to finally be able to wear more "winter" clothes. hahaha.
hmmm i haven't gotten too many colorful tights although i think i really should. hehe. i have basic blacks and grey. I bought a fishnet in brown ;) i want to wear it with my brown/cognac high boots. SA called she located a red lambskin m/l for me. i'm so excited but i don't know if i should wait and get the blue roi instead....sigh....decisions decisions. I don't have any red nor that electric blue in any of my handbags but I do have a navy caviar in jumbo and that's blue hahaha so maybe i should stick to red. sigh...
so what is in your wishlist for christmas?
litlstrawberry said…
Thanks, Miss Taiwan!! :)
litlstrawberry said…
Hi, Julia:

thanks for stopping by here and thanks for your sweet compliments!

You know, I totally understand what do you mean by the "curved" heels since I don't really get the look neither..haha.. this P. Shouler heels do have a bit curved heel since they kinda CARVED the heels but I think the WHITE line plays the trick and that's why you would focus on the inner heels instead of little curved at the back of the heels!!! Aw..that's why I said that pair of P. Shouler heels are a work of ART!! :)
litlstrawberry said…
Hi, Miss Panda (lilmissb):
Oh, hope you don't mind I call you that way, which would be easy for me to remember you. :)

Thank you, dear. Those "accessories-quirky blazer n' Proenza Shouler heels" are what makes me look DIFFERENT. :P
litlstrawberry said…
You are very welcome and please do post pic. of what do you come up w/!!!

Oh, please remind me w/ a link of that little "creation" look of you.

Thank you, in advance!! :)
litlstrawberry said…
Hi, Susan:

So cognac fishnet I mean, I have black and nude fishnet, but never seen brown ones. Hum.. it will be so sexy on you w/ same color boots....hah.....

Well, I think I want a RING (not greedy at all, I only want some ring for both our 7 yrs. anniversary and this Christmas to remember by.)

You know, I was talking to my friend, Isabel, about how the weather would also determine our decision-making. Like right now, it is cold, holiday-mood, we'd pick something dark, rich or even "holiday-spirit" kind of stuff/color... In your case, why do you want to pick RED, cause' you don't have RED bag or cause' you think it is great for holidays?!!! hha..... I hope you know I am trying to help here. hahahaha.

Ok. Sweetie, let me know what color DO you GET at the end!!!!!
litlstrawberry said…
Hi, Mia:
Finally I have some answers for you but to be honest, I haven't wear that Proenza Schouler heels OUT yet. I changed to H. Lang jacket n' over the knee high boots since we were doing some window shopping in an would be such a waste/lunatic of me wearing that heels there. ha ha ha~ So, so sorry that I can't answer how do I feel walking in those heels...maybe in the future!!! Oh, do hope I get to wear THEM somewhere NICE soon!!!

So, back to my two leather jackets! I think they are quite different in terms of style. The style is always different w/ details. My Vince leather jacket is extra BIG collar and sit normal on my torso w/ no zippers details whereas the H. Lang jacket is a motorcycle biker style in super cropped length which has asymmetrical cuts sit above my waist w/ so many zippers details.

There are two zippers in the front which lets me to play w/ the look, and the under arm are COTTON instead of leather all over. :) Oh, this is the details I didn't emphasize in the picture at all. :P

So, they are big different. Agree??!! haha...
Marie Tchibi said…
Whoa I loved the accessories and I also love the skirt's color!! So alive!
Jenny said…
I absolutely love the necklace you bought from Barneys!
Also, the shoes you are wearing here are amazing!
LOVE this outfit and LOVE this skirt! Also, totally in love with your trench coat! Great becklaces too, but you're right, they looks so different! :S
Purse Addict said…
Love those Proenza shoes!!!
litlstrawberry said…
Thanks, Jenny. :) Fashion is a crime and we'd say, we all committed.... :P
litlstrawberry said…
hi, Marie:

Thanks for stopping by here. Your blog is very interesting!!!
litlstrawberry said…
Hi, thanks-giving girl:
now I know you are one of the girl who would put efforts on hunting down a pair of shoes you want. Good for you. I find myself never do that..... :P That Chloe heels is really pretty and I love that navy ..and the peep toe, and kinda like a mary-jane too... Great buy!! OH, but maybe you still can wear socks w/ them...especially that's a gorgeous look to pair w/ winter wardrobe too!!! I know I'd try to work it out..haha..
lilmissb said…
LOL! I like Miss Panda :)
susanh98 said…
Yes I think you're right ;) it must be i'm dreaming of that red because of the holidays. hehehe. We'll see.
Oh you know the fishnets I got last year from Nordys they are DKNY really fun and durable.
You know...i've been married to my hubby for 7 years too! You know they call this the 7 year itch. hahaha.
Ring sounds like a really nice gift. I hope you get it :) Is it an anniversary type ring like 3 stones or eternity band?

i had to come to admire your shoes again. hehee.
take care!
litlstrawberry said…
hi, Susan: No wonder...DKNY has very cute design of tights and I almost want to get ONE. However, I think I have a lot of almost the same look of tights in my collection already.

I am extremely busy when my parents stay here as I need to cook.....I mean MORE food!!! That wears out my energy completely. I think tomorrow I am going to post some pic. ...well, it is just same thing that I recycle my clothes w/ new accessories, BUT I do like it.. == I must be self-indulging, haha..!

oh, yah, we will see what you got and what I received... hopefully it is not nothing!! :(
Love the PS heels! Amazing! And the color of the skirt works very well with the grays. I just got a top in a similar color and I'm thinking of going with a gray skirt as well. The detailing on your blazer is fantastic...

And how strange that the two Fallon necklaces would be so different! Maybe they use different suppliers?
I know what you're saying about tryign to work it out, but Russian winter definately don't allow for such dressing :( Even with socks... But those wedges are sooo comfortable even though they have this huge platform and heel!

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