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The Past .......... Fashion Fade, Style Stayed!!

Hope everyone had a wonderful holidays!! And received whatever in your wish-list!!! :)

This year, I eliminate all the hassle doing cooking, hosting a party and just have a dinner w/ a small family of our own on Christmas' eve for once. Therefore, other than couple visits of friends, couple hot pot dinners w/ two lovely family, and a big get-back-together dinner w/ long-time-no-see friends, we family has been busy celebrating ourselves, literally.

Speaking of Christmas gift, I am still waiting for MINE to come. I don't know if I should have it now or save it for big in the future. And you know, if you want to save for something big or more meaningful, sometimes, you know how rational you could be!!! ^O^

Here are couple looks of me during holidays. They are not exactly HOLIDAY LOOKs but I know I'd carry those styles of me forever!

I always add a shrug over sleeveless dress to keep me warm.

I was wondering how many people would separate spring/summer clothes from fall/winter apparel. Maybe only those made by "WOOL".  

Most of us probably hang/store all the clothes in ONE closet other than a separated one. Of course, we divide all the clothes but probably not necessarily categorize them in a fashion of summer or winter clothes. Well, at least, I don't!!

1. Top:
Linda loudermilk organic organza dress 
Lerario Beatriz washed wool vest
2. Bottoom:
black wool leggings w/ buttons (bought at Paris)
3. Accessory:
Fellon brass cross/crystals necklace
Alexander Wang Coco duffel leather bag in Gray
4. Shoes: Matiko gray suede cut-out sandal heels

That's not it, a wool vest would update so-much-of-a-summer dress look to a proper winter ensemble.

As usual, after Christmas, I would go out and hunt for cute ornaments for next year!!! Now I think I have collected at last 140 ornaments and most of them are silver, golden, metallic green, and metallic purple. 

I really like my friend's, Yu, Christmas tree as well.  It is decorated in adorable animals in knitting, or plastic or polyester material.  (Oh, definitely a kids friendly Christmas tree.)  

Couple more of my friends got a Christmas trees for themselves from floor sample sale. Geez, they are brilliant, I mean, how many people would think of getting a great deal by buying floor sample tree after Christmas!! ^O^

I think I might be able to hold a Christmas tree contests next year!!! :) 

We bought those balloons off the street at SFcity. 
Ilona insisted the artist making her a red dog...then I realized she likes Clifford, the big red dog cartoon!! :)


Abby got herself the giant pink lotus!!!

I wasn't in a mood of playing style so I simply put on everything seems to work. 

1. Top: 
Orange boss mustard turtleneck
Kate Spade black cropped jacket
2. Bottom:
Max&Co. tweed shorts
3. Accessory:
brown wool tights w/ red links
Chanel pearls w/ rhinestones
4. Shoes: Miu Miu gemstones cracked metallic silver flat

I didn't score anything big after Christmas. Besides, when we arrive in SF city on 26th, it was already 2 PM. My friend, Yu, laughed at me saying that I probably would "pick up some left-over" if I am lucky!! haha... indeed!!! "Left-over"!! 

Finally, it is today's outfit! I am not in a mood of shopping anymore...than my other friend, Isabel, teased me again, she said: "I see, you are saving for spring/summer now."  :P 

Yes, Haute-girl, Christmas still is kids' favorite!!!!

My friend, Sally, came to my house to hang out and she took couple photos for me. 
Finally I had the time and mood to update my blog!! :)

My ODJ. 

 Don't we just luuuurve a dress w/ pockets!!

1. Top:
millau (It is safe to say this dress is an inspiration.) nude dress w/ pockets
Plastic Island boyfriend blazer
2. Bottom: polyester leggings
3. Accessory: 
H&M floral scarf
Cartier lucky clover charm on bracelet
Faberge enamel cross necklace
4. Shoes: Christian Louboutin simple pump in nude

Nowadays there are lots of nice tailored clothes made by non-designers (we girls call it A-list copycat). :P

I was searching for a nude dress and then I came across this one in union st. at SF city. I forgot the name of the stores but they sure have so many inspired look of street chic stuff and from A. Wang!!  I definitely should go back and check it out!! :)

What's your new year's resolution?!!!!


Rachel! I am absolutely in love with the first and the last looks! So chic! The nude dress and the floral scarf are just fantastic, and I, obviosuly, love the Louboutins! What a fabulous mommy those kids have!! :) And regarding the winter and the summer warddrobe... Well, you do separate them when you live in a country that has all four seasons - you just ahve to, since the clothes you wear during each season is just too different and most of the pieces of your summer warddrobe absolutely cannot be incorporated into the winter one. You would wear different kind of socks in winter, different scarfs, tights, even gloves... Everything. Even make up! I realize during cold winter days here I don't really wear lipstick or even lip gloss, but rather put on some transparent or natural pink/nude colored lip balm - easier and it protects your lips from all the damage the cold can do!
Hi R! Lovely outfits as always. I like your sheer nude dress very much with your floral H&M scarf. Very soft and feminine. So, what's your big Xmas gift? Is it the coffee machine that you want or sth else? :D new year resolution? Buy less things and shop in my own closet! LOL! Hope I can do that coz actually that's my goal every year but I can't stick with my own shopping ban for more than 2 months. :P What's yours?

BTW Ilona is such a big girl now! Time flies! You know what? Mason, at the age of 2, can now memorize 10 pieces of Chinese poetry (唐詩) in mandarin. I just bought him a book of 唐詩 with CD included where the poetry is sung by children, then voila! He just listen to it every morning, "read" the book and learned everything by himself! Then one day, he's singing the poetry by himself and he knows which poetry is by which poet!! Gosh, I am just too astonished at the ability of kids these days! LOL! Now I'm scared that he's being too "academic" at such a young age....must find some balance for him. What does Ilona like to do?

Happy new year to you and your family!

The outfits are gorgeous! I love the last two outfits the best. And the sheer, nude dress is beautiful! I can't tell you how much I love nude things, like your Christian Louboutin shoes and dress. The last outfit really blew me away. It is a truly beautiful creation.
My New Year's resolution is to lose weight, haha. (My best friend is getting married this summer and I'm her maid of honor... there is a lot of pressure to succeed.)

Happy New Years:)

Savvy Gal said…
i love to see what other gals are wearing. i do separate clothes into SS and FW via storage and closet. it's the only way i can have everything displayed for the season. hope you have a wonderful new year. looking forward to your blog in 2010. XO SG
litlstrawberry said…
So I guess there is only one indication of my closet..... I still don't have enough clothes then!!! haha..... Seriously, I share a walk-in closet w/ DH and he still owns HALF of our tiny walk-in closet...Hum... I said my new year's resolution will be organizing our closet and remodel it from current shabby look. haha...

Oh, Mia: I didn't get my coffee machine since I am feeling ill these days and I think I will just wait till I am better to search for THE ONE coffee machine.

Hi, Julia: I see. Yes, I guess in your case, there is no way to display all the clothes in one closet since there are just too many tiny accessories varies from cotton to wool, thin socks to thick wool socks........ hum.... I bet it would be fun but also troublesome to switch clothes in different seasons!! :P

Fashion Julia: Yes, nude is always a flattering color for woman. I think I am going to get some more nude or ivory feminine tops just to fill up my closet!! :) Hum..yes, A-list copycat clothes would do just fine. I just found out that these days there are a lot of clothes made in China or Korea might be actually made in CHINA. They have tailors to do the layout design from designer's collection and make wholesale of those "copycat" clothes...which is not too bad looking/quality but it is just a matter of moral!!!! :P I am against that but you know, it is just a way of doing business!!!
litlstrawberry said…
Hey, mia:
I didn't spend so much time teaching my kids Chinese since Niel goes to after school adn they had a Chinese program. now he writes a lot of Chinese words. As for Heidi, she learns piano, and swimming and I will see if she loves ballet when she is 5. (my mom insists don't let kids learn ballet until they are 5.... only the concern of being too young)

As for Ilona, I am totally let her be. She loves painting but I am not pushing her doing any of that other than some art classes. I don't think I start learning anything until I am at least 4 or 5 and I love all the memory of my childhood. I have friend's son (I talked to you about this kid) who is going to attend the test for talented kids program. He is smart and consider his dad got his PH.D. in Oxford univ. when he was only 26 (A genius family) I am not too surprised at all. However, I do notice that his son was diagnosed early speech delay and he is not a socialist. Therefore, I don't know if it is better just to let kids be kids..... your Mason loves poetry which is really a good thing and just let him do whatever he enjoys. I had a feeling that Ilona doesn't like "study" so much and I had also prepared myself to let her be "artist" one day if she has any talented. Niel still does a lot sports such as tennis, swimming and Piano. He enjoys all of those things and i seldom push him at school work, i always think if kids have their real interests, they could be successful in any area!! :) You know, raising 1 kid is certainly different from the way raising 3 kids.
litlstrawberry said…
ha, Savvy girl: Which means you probably have Lots of clothes to display or you have a tiny closet like mine. hah.. oh, just kidding. I know you probably are a very neat person who just like to store things away when they are not in use. :P

Thanks for your sweet words and I am looking forward to your 2010 blog too.

Happy New Year, BTW.
Purse Addict said…
fashionable and always!!!

heres to even more CLs, Hermes, and Chanels in 2010 :)
Anonymous said…
I was wondering where you have disappeared to!? It is nice to spend the holidays with just the family. I love all 3 outfits, all very casual and chic looking. Funny you said you are not in the mood for shopping anymore. Really? are you coming down with something? But it's weird, this is the first Christmas that I didn't feel the rush to look for deals. I think when I read your blog it helps me look at my closet again and figure out what different ways I can wear the same things. I learned from you that accessories makes a big difference and don't hurt my budget too much. Have a happy new year!
Julia said…
after xmas sale is hit or miss. i thought i scored some good deals, but it turned out i had to return half of them...

i am looing into spring fashion already. it feels nice to see new stuff.

i like your cropped jacket with shorts outfit a lot!
Julia said…
after xmas sale is hit or miss. i thought i scored some good deals, but it turned out i had to return the half of the things i got.

i like your cropped jacket with short outfit a lot.

happy new year!
litlstrawberry said…
Ah ha..thanks, Jenny. here is to you too,... more CL, more python CL or Chanel... and wish you a happy BIRKIN year too!!! :P
litlstrawberry said…
Oh, Catherine: I left comments back on FB and said that you didn't lose the comment, I change the setting. I had to filter some comments since there is a nuts out there...ha ahahahaha....
litlstrawberry said…
Hey, Julia: So what do you mean you have to return half of your purchase? Isn't the sales good enough or just the style/size doesn't fit you? You know, there is couple designers I am following this year such as A. Wang, Alexander McQueen and since I do purchased couple of A. Wang stuff, I felt that rest of clothes are only "accessories" to me. Moderate is enough to do the mix-n'-match so I didnt' even bother to shop early or shop at all. However, I still am looking for a big knitting sweater if I am out in the mall....but it seems all left is cardigan, sweater shirt...some feather frock...hum..... :)

How are you doing to spend your New year's eve then?
Happy New Year to you and your family! Love all your holiday looks. I don't keep a seperate Winter or Summer wardrobe either. The only thing I rarely wear are items that are too thick or thin for the season, but other than that, I love to layer so I tend to use most of my clothes. The kids with their balloons are too cute! I only got some small items during the sales in Hong Kong, but the big ones start in Paris next week, so we'll see ;-)
Hi R! Hope you feel better soon! I guess it's the "after effect" of Christmas...I tend to get sick too after holidays. Get well soon!

Oh, thanks for sharing with me about the stuff that your 3 kids do. Sounds very good that Ilona loves to paint! That's a good way to be creative. BTW, may I ask who is Heidi? Is she Abby? She has 2 names? (Sorry I'm a bit confused here...LOL!). For me, I'm the kind of mom who just let my kid explore what he wants (whether it's sports, math, language, music, arts etc...), coz that's the only way to know which interests him the most. And then get a balance out of the things he likes. You know sometimes, it's so "scary" to live in this place where the moms are all too "academic" about everything (I don't usually talk to these moms ...LOL!!!). I think it's key that the kids should be happy and let them be kids when they ought to. No need to pressure them about anything, right? That's why I like western education very much coz kids are more creative and love to learn in that kind of "liberate" atmosphere. :D

Anyway, I don't believe your closet is small at all! But it's always great to do some continuous "upgrade project" of closets...hehehehe! (I think I need that too! :P)

Have a nice weekend!

litlstrawberry said…
Ah.... Haute-girl: now I am envy you...the sales here is not so enchanting at all!! Most of stuff if we really love, we bought it beforehand...then we wait for sales for second love. (or that's just me ?:P) Oh, do tell us what do you score!!!
By the way, see if you can find a big knitting Chole sweater of beige!! I am looking for one and found a substitute in the store (not on sale cause' it is pre-spring thing I guess.)

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