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22 April, 2010

Hungry~~? Be My Guest!!!

Girls, please don't be shy to leave whatever comment in previous post to enter giveaway. They are all awesome gifts!! ^O^

Today, I went to WholeFoodsMarket for grocery shopping. I bought a KING salmon and the price is ..... just like a Royal family would spend on. It is $29.99/lb and the piece I bought is $41.06!! Geez~  

*sigh* It is too embarrassing for me to say "I don't want it anymore."   

This was a pretty funny picture..... I'd hope the wind wasn't so strong!! :)

Anyway, as I said, food is something you can't be cheap!! Only if you Eat healthy and you will be healthy!! :) 

Then I spend my afternoon cooking my signature dish...beef noodle soup(牛肉麵)!!! Super yummy! ^O^


This is my supper after done Power yoga and TRX this evening!!
I'd treat you a bowl if you are around!! :) 



This Chanel 02' vest is my recent Vintage find! ^O^


1. Top: 
  • white shirt
  • black tuxedo vest
  • Chanel 02' Vintage camellia/polka dot vest
  • white cropped jacket
2. Bottom: 
  • black shorts
  • black sheer n' ruching style leggings
3. Accessory:
  • Chanel 09' pearl necklace
  • Chanel 09' beige medium/large caviar
  • Chanel 09' mesh w/ satin bow heels



Those little polka dots at back is too cute!! :)


It has been a while I had CHANEL from almost head to toe!!! :P




Everyone is loving fun socks these days, and I am lovin' MINE!! ^O^

Have a good Day!!
I am wearing LACE tomorrow..... ^^ xoxo Rachel


Michael St. James said...

I love the fact that you go grocery shopping in such fabulous clothing, even on a blustery day!

Abigail said...

AH, Rach! I am on my way to your house for some soup! :) Looks delicious. Hey, it's hard to go wrong with head to toe Chanel, right? Love the shoes! <3

Julia, the Thanksgiving Girl said...

Hehe, now I know where I'd have my noodle soup when I am in SF area!! Ok, kidding, only if you invite me, I don't do house crashing I promise haha

Anyways, I love the full Chanel on ensemble! The first picture is indeed funny but somehow it prsents your Chanel bag in a very pretty light!

litlstrawberry said...

haha...Mike, I know, on this gusty day, I probably am the only one would not feel troublesome at all and still dress myself up ! :P *silly*..

However, the compliment I received yesterday from a cashier in WholeFoodMarket is -- "Ah~ You always dress up w/ so cute clothes!!" That made my day!! ^O^

litlstrawberry said...

Hey, Abby, I don't mind you girls bust my house at all...I think my friend, Cathy, did that "all the time". Almost a phone call and says..."I am coming over!!"... now I am used to her intrude anyhow!! :)

yes, I guess Chanel is really something that would highlight a woman's pretty!!

Thanks, I know, no one would resist that pretty pair of mesh booties!!

litlstrawberry said...

Yes, Julia, if you ever visit SF, please do let me know. I can make it ahead of the time. However, I normally make it spicy.... :P if you don't eat that spicy, I can adjust the condiment a little.

Thank you for your sweet compliment. I think I do want to stock up some pretty Chanel RTW...for the years to come!! ^O^

Rose said...

You look so beautiful in your Chanel shoes and necklace. You must have gotten lots of looks at Whole Foods. Your beef noodle soup looks wonderful. Can you please share the recipe for us to try?

Betsy C. said...

You *Must* share the recipe for the beef noodle soup. My husband would really appreciate it if you teach me how to make a good spicy beef noodle soup. :D

I think you look absolutely elegant to go shopping at Whole Foods with that Chanel ensemble. It's been crazy weather, but you make the best of it. Kudos!

susanh98 said...

wow i'm drooling over here after i see your bowl of noodle soup. Yes can you please share your recipe pretty please? I always think it must be too complicated to make so I get it in the restaurant. hahaha.
I forgot you had those beatiful chanel booties!!! Everytime i see it my heart skips a beat!
You are one lucky lady!

MadsaboutU said...

Oh wow, what a crazy windy day! The first picture, I did not recognize you at first, until I saw the Chanel ensemble, ahhh. You look freaking sexy grocery shopping!:)

I love fun socks too!


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