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The Transformation and the Givenchy!!

Ok, first of all, I don't know if this Givenchy New Deep V tote is actually being shipped to me or not!!!

WHY not?

The sales on is going crazy. They have entire handbags 25% off sale today and they can't speed up the process to update their stockist!!! So let's just keep my finger crossed!

I posted a petroleum (gray, green, slate) colored version way back in Feb. The pic. was taken from Barney's store but I can't beat this deal and the studs!! After Alexander W. Rocco studs bag, I seem love a gladiator style a whole new another way.....the studs!! ha~

Do you guys remember this ZARA striped blazer from last year? I love the blazer but I gave it a new look now!!

The old look #1 styled w/ Elisabeth and James tuxedo vest!

The old look #2 styled w/ tee n' jeans.

My ODJ. 

1. Top:
  • Wilfred pale violet racer back tank
  • Michael Angel digital print tank
  • For Joseph slate/gray leather vest
2. Bottom:
y-3 gray leggings w/ 3 signature stripes at calves
4. Accessory:
  • Y-3 black hat 
  • Hermes white Collier De Chien
  • Chanel Rodeo drive large tote (didn't show)
5. Shoes:
Lawrence Decade white peep toe booties w/ contrasting black sheered ribbon tie

Ta da~~~ the new transformation of this Zara blazer!
I kept the invisible shoulder pat inside this blazer to give it a little extra boldness look!

I think the Givenchy Deep V tote would be perfect w/ this ensemble!!! ^O^

Hope you have a good Friday!!!
xoxo Rachel


Hi R! Nice transformation for your Zara striped blazer!

Hope you get your Givenchy tote...hehe! I agree that the price is unbeatable! Wish you all the luck. Recently, I just got myself a Givenchy "Pandora" shoulder/messenger bag in the military/olive green color with the wrinkled vintage leather. Love it to death!! Givenchy rocks!!! :D

Have a nice weekend!


P.S. BTW, just saw your Hawaii photos....nice bikini shots! Glad you had fun! That's a "must-visit" place for our family in the future! :D I just found out Mason loves sand and sea water so much! Hehehhehe! Beach boy! LOL!
litlstrawberry said… seems I have a lot "silent" readers these days.

Oh, Mia: you should alter your blazer make it a vest and I know you like a style of vest!!

I checked out the G bag and it is a very understated bag. Simple and practical. The color of olive green should yummy. :) I know, if I receive my new G V bag, I will love it to piece too!! haha...

oh, thanks. I wish I had a sexier bathing suit picture...heheheeheh... We bought a property in Maui but it is only like a partial ownership of time sharing so you can also visit whatever their partnership resort all over the world. (DH thinks we are tricked to buy it for that trip...:P) Therefore, I guess we will be visiting Maui every year if we didn't manage to go somewhere else. Hopefully we can visit Italy this summer w/ our new time-sharing points and stay at Excelsior, Rome.

Ah, you know, it is so expensive to travel w/ 5....why do I have so many kids.. :P .

You have a great weekend too!!!!
LS said…
I really hope that you get the Givenchy tote, it looks soooooo cool!
Also, love the way you've played around with your Zara blazer!

haha and regarding your comment about having silent readers - I am guilty as charged, I have been reading every one of your posts although sometimes I'd be rushing out of the door and still trying to finish read your posts because they are so entertaining,I don't want to leave home having read only have of them, then when I get home, sometimes I just forget to go back and comment.
Betsy C. said…
R - how is the PS1 order coming along? i was reading on pf that lots of people are getting their orders canceled. :( anyway, my search is still on but i think i'd love to see it in person and try it out first. you must model your new bag when you get it.

what a great way to change up your Zara blazer! i wonder how many other fashionistas have been able to imagine up different ways to wear their pieces from seasons past.

i had no idea you guys bought a time share! well, it definitely makes you plan for family vacations every year. maui is not a bad place to start, right?

when did you cut your hair? for some reason, i thought you were going to try to grow it out.
litlstrawberry said…
Ha, Betsy: like I said I already transfer my love to Givenchy. Isabel said that I changed too fast!! :)
I guess they also control how many bags a personcan buy at a time!!!!
Yah,Maui is so expensive therefore dh keeps saying we are being tricked just because we want to get $100 credit toward resort spending--------$$
Well, like you said, it's good start!
litlstrawberry said…
Ls, don't worry, I drop your charges!!! Ho ho ...
Betsy C. said…
Oh gawd, I don't know why I have such short-term memory sometimes... first I forgot how much soy sauce you said to put, and then now I forgot you told me about changing your order. D'OH!

In any case, did you get Amy the tailor to alter that blazer for you? Or did you change it on your own?
Hi R!! Yes yes! The Givenchy Pandora is very understated. But the form of the bag is so special....boxy when not carried, but when carried, hugging the body so nicely. Oh yes, the olive green is very nice color indeed esp. with the vintage wrinkled leather. When I go to Paris in June, I will surely drop by Givenchy and take a look at their collection. I think in terms of bags, their designs really surprise me in a good way. (Haha....I think I am flapped out by Chanel these days, and just wandering to other brands like Givenchy, Hermes, Lanvin and YSL...)

Sorry I haven't dropped by your blog for a while as it's so busy here at home with one of my maids having her vacation in the Philippines since early April. She's the one who does the cooking at home. So, my MIL is here at home everyday to do the cooking until my maid comes back next week...LOL! No "freedom" for me these days. I will have more time to comment when my maid is back here.

Gosh, I haven't even updated my blog for ages! I have so many things to share....have to find time to update it before I leave for Paris.

Oh about your property in Maui, I know what you're talking about. My parents have bought sth like that too in order to enjoy vacation spots all over the world on a share basis. They said have to book in advance and then can enjoy a week's stay "for free" (of course they are paying the annual fee already so it's not really "free" per se...LOL!) I think the company is from Singapore. Well, it's a good business idea, but for me, I think I prefer just booking our flight and hotel/resort on the spot..hehe!

For the Zara blazer, I think I will just wear it as is for the time being. But will surely alter it to a vest like yours when I feel it needs a face lift. LOL! I bought too many knit vests, leather vests, lace vests and tailored vests already so I think I need more blazers than vests. But I'm so into vests coz they are really great layering piece.

BTW, one question, I'm totally awed by your new Lilith polka dot sheer dress (another brand I need to take a look in Paris coz I love the styles these so much). May I know how much is it in the US and also what size are you wearing? I might want to buy one for myself...hehehee! But need to know how the fit goes so I think if you're a french size 0 for the dress, I might be a size 2. I have a similar polka dot sheer top but it's a short version. So, your long version is very nice indeed.

Anyway, nice catching up with everything. I think I've missed too many things already! LOL!

Enjoy your weekend!

litlstrawberry said…
hah.. Mia: you sure are a good writer and you can write a critics about everything I guess. :)

fist of all, I have to say, in your case, you don't need time-sharing at all. I found it is a lot cheaper to travel w/ 3 and plan it by ourselves...but not w/ 5 people. The fare and the hotel room is a big issue for my family as we like stay at suit but don't like paying big $$$$$, i'd like to fly business or first class if possible. That makes the whole trip expensive, so I think time-sharing is the best solution for us. As far as the booking is concerned, I don't know how hassle it will be for hotels, we will see this summer if or not can we find a hotel in Rome. ^O^

The lilith brand costs about a range between $60 to $800 and that polka dot is $479 ...quite expensive imo. Maybe it will be a lot cheaper in France but w/ the converted rate, i wouldn't say it will be a lot though.

Have fun in your Paris trip.
Hi R! Haha! Thanks for your compliments on my writing! I love writing a lot. In fact, when I was in school, I had a lot of pen pals all over the world. I miss writing and receiving letters, and also choosing those very nice stationary like letter papers/envelopes. It's getting less now due to the internet/email. :(

Anyway, thanks for sharing the details on the tickets/accommodation. Indeed, with your travelling style with 5 people, it's best to get the share-basis accommodation. So, you're going to Rome "The Eternal City of Love" for summer? That's great! It can be really hot there. I miss that place so much coz we took our wedding pictures there with 2 Italaian photographers and a crew of 8 people. Italians are so friendly and funny...hehe! If you're going to Rome, you have to go to a place called "Trastavere". It's where the local italians go for good time to eat and drink...:D Another part of the city but so Italian. Also, try to take trains to go to other places like Florence and Milan too. Last time we visited Rome, Florence Venice and Milan in the same trip taking trains instead of airplane just to "feel" the entire expedition. :D

Thanks for the price range of Lilith. I think it is a lot more expensive in the US then. With the current low exchange rate of Euro and also the tax refund, I think Paris will be a better place to buy..hehe! Anyway, may I ask how the sizing runs on your polka dot dress? Is it quite loose fit and do you need to size up/down?

Thanks again and have a nice weekend!

litlstrawberry said…
Hi, Mia:
I don't think you need to size up for that polka dot dress... even I am slender over all than you, you are still petite compared the height and weight w/ me. I would say size s is still your best fit. I find their size M goes so BIG..... Well, but it is better to try it before purchase.

Let me know what do you get in Pairs on LIlith brand cause' I am curious how much differences in the styles wise@@. Thanks very much.
susanh98 said…
Hey R! Forgot to mention that I love what you did to your blazer!!! I think I love it even more now.

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