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02 April, 2010

Spring Shoes, Flat is the Trend? How about YSL tribute?

I thought I should give this designer some advertising. On Monday, I wore this WASHED WOOL VEST from Lerario Beatriz, I am surprised to receive her compliment about my blog through email. 

I looked up her email address and found a boutique carries her collection but the website doesn't seem to work... only by appointment!!

I am so used to wearing heels that sometimes my feet hurt more when I wear flat. However, Yu keeps emphasizing to me that flat is the TREND. I will see FLAT everywhere this year!! 

Oh, well, I still see heels all over and I see what I want to see!! heehe....... 

Anyway, I never fell in love w/ YSL tribute platform sandals until I saw this new style in iridescent, pebbled taupe/brown color. 


Love the new style of that iridescent leather finish! 

This is original smooth leather... in nude here. (I know, it looks a bit brownish..) 
$895 grrr...........

Do you own one pair already?? ^O^ My gal friends think it is pretty "stupid" to buy a full priced piece these days!! Well, I agree!! :P 

Yes, I wear heels running errands pretty much everyday. And you know what, it is my kids following me around when I walking in my heels, cause' I don't chase them at all!! hahahahahah~~~



1. Top:
  • J Crew turtle neck
  • Michaels Cashmere 
  • MF13. quilt cropped jacket
2. Bottom: BCBG leather mini skirt
3. Accessory:
  • Marc Jacobs LTD MIKA color-block taupe tote
  • Brass gold roses pattered leggings
4. Shoes: Marni 08' runway peep-toe platform

We won't be going to Hawaii until 4/11. S
So you still will see me around~~~ before then!! :) 

Tomorrow is a FUR day for me!!
Keep the temperature DOWN please!!! ^O^
xoxo Rachel



Julia, the Thanksgiving Girl said...

Ohh what unusually cool leggings you're wearing! Very interesting color and gold-ish tint! And I love love love LOVE adore love love love (se,, love them a lot lol) YSL tribute platform both shoes and sandals!! Really hoping to get myself a pair some time in the near future. Your are beautiful I love the leather finish too! I think I'd like to have the sandals in lack leather though, they have such chic ones! I also love their leopard print version :)

litlstrawberry said...

hah... Julia, I know. Yu told me about the leopard version but I don't think I ever saw it IRL. She told me that we have those "cop-cat" version from Marshalls but her husband asked her to return it.... I guess neither the quality nor the look of the "copy-cat" is acceptable!! haha..

Ah, I am sure it will look super sexy on you too. You mean you want to get a black leather or black patent. They had black patent last season and yu got it on sale!! Hooray for her.... now is my turn!! heee....

LS said...

I love the first pair of YSL tributes! I think the pebbled stone texture adds a little something something to them :).

Also, I found it funny and cool how you said since you wear heels, you don't chase your kids, they follow you. I guess that's good for both sides! You get to wear heels and they are good kids who listen! :)

litlstrawberry said...

hehe.. LS: you know, wearing high heels force you walk calmly and graceful... (even I am not, I still have to pretend that I am elegant..heheh..) I guess from time to time, my kids understand that I can't walk to fast or held them in my arm in high heels. Ilona now always said ... mom, you wear high heels today so you can't held me in your arm... :) So sweet....but of course, sometimes I still do if I can!!!

LS said...

I'm sure you are graceful, you always look so put together and elegant in your pictures, and always with a spunk of fun!
Awwww that's so sweet of your kids! Especially Ilona! When I was younger, my mom used to carry me a lot and wore high heels too...but then that hurt her back and she ended in the hospital for a while and so she hasn't been wearing super high heels ever since and of course, I didn't dare to ask her to cawrry me again.

litlstrawberry said...

huh? Ls: that was back when??? And you are advanced that you know you probably shouldn't ask your mom to carry you anymore..poor you. But again, we all sometimes forced to grow up faster and that sometimes is not a bad thing at all!!!!!


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