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23 April, 2010

Gingham + Lace, PLUS, FUN Make-up!

PS. I'd love to share my beef noodle soup recipe to you all but I have to warn you .... I eyeball the measurement of every condiment and adjust them to the perfect taste according to my tongue. ^O^ Maybe I should ask Betsy (our fellow reader/friend here)to come over someday and hold the iphone to shot me in the air. haha... 

Today, I did a make-up... I apply eyeshadow underneath the starting point of eyebrow and around the corner of nose too.

Left to right: Giorgio Armani pale blush, Bobbi brown taupe eyeshadow, Make up for ever purple.

My inspiration look comes from Barney's catalog.


pic. source Barney's catalog.

w/o flash.

w/ flash.


The Victoria style necklace is gifted from Cathy, who made for my birthday last year. 
I couldn't think of any other necklace would go so well w/ this lace blouse!!! ^^


This tights has interesting texture. 


My ODJ. 

1. Top: 
  • lilith gingham cover-up 
  • Lei lace blouse (Anthropologie)
  • HM black cardi. w/ rushing shoulder details
2. Accessory:
  • Textured tights (Anthropologie)
  • Two layered pearl necklace
  • Chanel beige medium/large classic 09' (didn't show in the picture)
3. Shoes:
Chanel 08' runway satin pink tulle camellia heels

The ivory lace top compliments my underneath purple gingham shirt very well. 

I twisted this Lilith gingham cover-up to a knot in the front and wrap around my waist as a dress.

Can you imagine the look of me shading off the tights and lace blouse for summer time!! ^O^

A friendly face of my friend, Isabel!!

She lives in Southern California and as today is the 1st day of SAKs ff event, she generously shared her luxe shopping look w/ us!!  ^O^

Thanks, sis!!
On Isabel: same fur vest that she got for me too, ^O^, gray jeans, Chole 09' black boots (mine is taupe), Chanel black reissue, Hermes black CDC!!!

Aren't we look alike w/ sunglasses on!!? ^^
xoxo Rachel

what?  Almost weekend again~ oh, I love weekends!!!


Abigail said...

Lots of pretty textures! I love it. I wish you a wonderful weekend! I like the tights with shorts sleeves. Sometimes I just save tights just for the winter and need to remember to wear them other times! I understand about there not really being a "recipe" for your soup, I am the same way when I make pho <-- see, I can make delicious Asian soup as well!

Betsy C. said...

mwahahaha... are you sure you'd want me to come and to videotape you? cuz I'm afraid I'll eat it all up before any of your readers get to see how you make it. anyway, i still want your general guidance as to how to make a good beef noodle soup anyway. my DH will forever be your #1 fan. lol.

isabel looks gorgeous with her fur vest, chloe boots, and reissue... her hair has gotten so long since i last saw her ODJ. u two definitely look alike.

isabel said...

Hi Rachel,

I love your tights!! Anthropologies carries many cute tights. I also like your makeup, very runway-esque. And yes, I definitely need your beef noodle recipe. Please thank Betsy for me for her kind words on my outfit.

LS said...

can I just say how absolutely delicious that bowl of beef noddle soup look?!
I'm glad you had fun in Hawaii, I loved your outfits in Maui too and hope your kids had fun too! They sure look like they did :).
I always enjoy looking at your outfit posts because you always manage to merge together several different trends into one outfit, and it works!
The lace top really softens up the edge that the gingham gives off, so there's like a bit of both. Oh and the bows on your shoes are just too cute!

litlstrawberry said...

Wow, Abby, that's great. I didn't know how to make pho yet... hum, maybe you can share your recipe. :)

I think tights are for all season and they come from so many different kind of fabrics now. You should give it a try in spring...

litlstrawberry said...

hha... Betsy, yes, I will share my recipe sometime next week if not video-taped but sure the ingredients I put inside for the soup base. However, there are some Chinese herbs and I don't even know what's the English name for them. ... gotta check it out first.

litlstrawberry said...

Hey, sis: thank you. Hope Betsy, me and you get to have a lunch date in the near future soon!! :)

litlstrawberry said...

hi, LS:

how are you doing? Thanks for your kind compliments. I sure am trying to make current trends work together if possible!! :)

How about you? Did you try some pretty lace piece yet?

dos3n said...

that lace top is so chanel! oh, i know how you felt at wholefoods, i did the same with their organic beef, i didnt check the price per pound and after they wrapped it up it was close to like $40 too and was too embrassed to say "uh, can i get less?" where did you get that chanel top? at one of your vintage shops?

Julia, the Thanksgiving Girl said...

This lace tee is just amazing, the best lace tee I've seeen so far for sure!

Rachel, btw, is there any chance you are on Cjictopia? lol After seeing my recent pics with my doggie, someone suggested I joined their 'The Chic and the Fuzzy' contest, and so I ended up joining... And so if you're on there, let's be friends? :)

litlstrawberry said...

hi, Catherine:

Thanks,... the lace top is really cute and inexpensive...$69.

Oh, you mean the Chanel black n' white vest? I bought it at Discovery store in Los Altos. I really love to go for a treasure hunt at second hand store. But again, you probably have to visit there couple times to train those eagle eyes of yours to find something really cool!! :)

litlstrawberry said...


I never heard of that site but sure there are tons of sites like that...for fashion, for fun and I just joined them. You looked really chic in that pic. w/ your fuzzy dog and I do hope you win a big prize!!! :)

Anh said...

I love your style and I love that you keep it up even with 3 young ones around!!! Please keep blogging! =) xoxo

Anh @


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