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29 April, 2010

My Gals' Style, layered, striped,....... all trec chic!!

Today, we all gathered at Cathy's place to cook my signature dish... Beef Noodle Soup. After done cooking, we waited at least 4 hours for the beef to be tendered enough to melt in our mouth......... WHY does it take so long????

Normally, it takes only 1 1/2 hour to 2 hr. but since the pot we used in Cathy's place is not a very good one, we snacked our way to be full during the whole lunch time!!! haha........ So, if you ask me about is it worth to invest a good cooking POT, I'd say, SURE!!! It saves your time and money....the GAS!! :)

Anyway, I am still trying to upload the video to FB but it seems taking forever!! If you want to know my recipe for beef noodle soup, you probably have to go to FB then.

However, nothing is more fun than seeing my gals' creative outfits, right!!! Here we go!

ME, arrival style!!!!

I am pretty good at wearing heels and standing w/ one foot. hah~

1. Top:
some crochet tank dress w/ trim
Rubbish taupe cardigan
some wool taupe vest
2. Bottom: 
PH8 pink draped skirt
4. Accessory:
Cashmere blend knitting scarf
mustard beret
Chanel 08' Rodeo Drive large tote
5. Shoes:
YSL taupe iridescent tribute platform heels
Uni-Color from head to toe!!!

It has been about 2 weeks...the Chanel tattoo is fading away slowly!

Grr...I wish there is no plug blocking my pretty legs.... :P 

This is Yu. 
Whenever she is in a hurry and had not enough time to think what to pair w/ the SHOES, she wears her Camper sneakers! ^O^
On her: TSE pink ruffle sweater, SR pour HM wool jumpsuit, SR pour HM stripes socks, Camper sneakers, Chanel pink tote.

Styled w/ Sam Edelman peep toe lace-up boots later on!!

Yet another fun way....we all love the extra fun bright neon yellow on this one!! (Pour La Victoire patent peeptoe w/ tassel platform)

Then Cathy!!
If you are looking for a head to toe (almost) striped outfit, she found them for you!! ^O^

on her: Aqau striped mini skirt dress, Aqau striped drape cardi., Marc Jacob belt, some black cardi, Stuart Weitzman black platform heels.

The striped mini dress also comes w/ a mini skirt too!! They make you looking slender...oh, ...maybe skinny!! :) 

Hope you had lots of fun here!!
Have a good day!

xoxo Rachel


janettaylor said...

I love the 1st look!

dos3n said...

i need to learn how to tenderize beef, maybe i am not using the right parts of the cow. geez, you moms are like putting on a fashion show! it's like SATC mom style!

susanh98 said...

wow you moms all look FAB i can't imagine you all dressed like that and cooking :) that's fantastic.
so you did a video of the recipe? So what is your FB acct name so I can add you?

litlstrawberry said...

Thanks, Janet!! That's ME!!! ^O^

litlstrawberry said...

Hey, Catherine:
when you mean tenderize your beef, you cooking longer if it is a stew, or you can add a pinch of baking soda to marinade it for 10 mins before stirring fry it.

litlstrawberry said...

Ha, Susan: we don't wear shoes at home... so we all bare foot or wear slippers at Cathy's place yesterday.

if you go to my FB icon from my blog at right hand side, it will direct you. However, the FB uploading sucks, I have been managing to upload 5 sections of recording since yesterday...still working on it. So far, you can see the ingredients and part of the cutting and blanching..... ><

Julia said...

i like the enthusiasm you guys have and try to dress up no matter what you do.

i like my friends, but they seem very low key. it makes me feel down sometimes. i like perky, bubbly person in my life. :) Like you!

julia's fashion diary:

qian said...

you are a great cooker. I want to try cooking beef noodle soup. where did you buy the cooking pot? or do you still have the brand name of it? It seems awesome saving a lot of time. Thanks.

qian said...

You are a great cooker. i want it a try. where did you buy the cooking pot? or do you still have the brand name of it? It seems awesome saving a lot of time. Thanks.

Betsy C. said...

I can see why Cathy loves leggings because she has beautiful legs. Please tell her I'm really *not* a weird stalker or anything... :)


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