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02 April, 2010

The Fur Vest and My Friend.

My friend, Isabel, enables me to get this FOX FUR vest from SAKs.  As a matter of fact, all 3 friends of us bought this fur vest because of Isabel. It is a good deal for $395 down from original $795!!

I love this fox fur vest for its grayish and brownish color. Plus, the leather trim along the zipper as I am not a big fan of zipper closure on any coat except for leather jacket. 

This outfit is based on my style but accessorized by Isabel...haha...yes, she insists that I should put on my Hermes Kelly riding boots and carry my Gris T. Birkin for a ultimate luxurious look!!! ^O^

I really am not going any place fancy today except for a tight schedule dedicated for my children.  Therefore, a look of "highly maintained" instead of looking as a "high-maintenance" Pairs Hilton is what I want to achieve!! :P 




Hum... I should adjust that fur collar first....

My ODJ. 

1. Top:
  • Derek Lam cashmere tank
  • Christian Dior silk cami (Vintage)
  • Fox fur vest (I forgot the brand name.... :P)
2. Bottom: Ralph Lauren cargo pants
3. Accessory:
"S" & "R" monogram charm necklace
Hermes Gris T. Birkin 35cm
4. Shoes: Hermes black Kelly riding boots 

Zip up the vest for a furry collar~~ 


Vintage Christian Dior embroidery cami. (originally bought from Paris boutique)

Tomorrow is a tutu day for me.... 
Ah~ Please give me a warm and sunny day!!! ^O^

xoxo Rachel


Julia, the Thanksgiving Girl said...

Beautiful color palette! The fur vest looks very sophisticated and I like this chic look! Awesome first picture too - somehow you look soooooo ladylike even when weraing those boots! Have a great weekend :)

LS said...

That's such a chic outfit! From the fur vest to the Hermes riding boots to the Birkin!
The embroidery on the vintage Dior cami is also exquisite. It's funny but it's difficult to find such amazing embroidery in modern clothing anymore.

Betsy C. said...

Rachel - what a classic and ultimate luxury look! You even have the I-belong-in-Upper-Eastside-Manhattan-look! :D

I'm excited for you that you are all set for Hawaii! I have a feeling that wherever you go, you can make it really exciting and fun-packed for you and S, and for the kids.

Isabel gives fab suggestions on good deals and great values. I miss her ODJs too. Maybe you can have her "guest star" in your blog more often.

Have a great weekend!

litlstrawberry said...

hehe... Betsy: I know, I should have asked Isabel send her ODJ over and then I can post it. Ok, maybe I will ask her then. :)
And thank you so much for your high compliments and I do wish I can visit NYC very soon in the future...... w/ my gal friends ONLY!! haha..

Oh, gotta thank you a million that lending me that Hawaii tour book. I am reading it b..but I have to accelerate the speed more and I think I might want to reserve the whale watching since I am afraid the spring break's crowd.

litlstrawberry said...

Yes, LS, the craftmanship these days seems very stiff... everything is now can be done by computer too. I love every stitch of that Dior cami.:)

litlstrawberry said...

Oh, ha, Julia: thanks, dear. DOes that mean that I have a look of grace?!! :)

You have a good weekend too.

isabel said...

Hi Rachel,

I am so glad the vest worked out for you!! Your ensemble looks very lux and chic.... Maybe I need a pair of hermes boots too?

litlstrawberry said...

hehe...Isabel, you and Fiona both need a pair of Kelly riding boots
that's for sure!! :)

janettaylor said...

I really love Dior cami. Etsy is your place where you find amazing vintage Dior camis. :-)

Cristina said...

Ah, the beautiful Birkin.....!!
It would be perfect with every outfit in the world, heheh!
I love your bags collection Rachel.
And I agree with Julia, the color palette is great.
Happy Easter to everyone ^_^

litlstrawberry said...

Hi, Janet: thanks. I love etsy site but never even try neither Ebay nor etsy to buy anything yet.

I still love to see and feel everything first if I could. :)

litlstrawberry said...

Ah, thanks, Cristina. As my friend points out that I love "warm" and earth tone of colors. Assuming I do wear mostly those warmth color palette from my wardrobe.

Yes, a Birkin goes wonder for every outfit...even a tank and t-shirt and jeans!! Instant glamor!! But I really don't carry Birkin that much since it is heavy and only once a while to satisfy my inner vain haha....

You have a good Sunday evening too!!!

Betsy C. said...

Rachel - I'm sure you will make Hawaii fun whatever you guys decide to do. I know whale-watching isn't the only thing for kids, I've heard great things about dolphin watching and snorkeling tours as well. In fact, if there is a tour company that offers a kid-friendly snorkel day trip, I would recommend taking the kids because they make it so easy for everyone to enjoy. Even Sophie got a chance to put on a life vest and get on the view board. She still talks about the turtles and fish she saw on the Big Island.

Let me know if you need any other info, I'll be happy to help. :D

Julia, the Thanksgiving Girl said...

Rachel, actually it's true about coffee! When you have a cup of good grounded coffee (none of that instant stuff) it subsides your appetite. Just like ciggarets, which I don't recommend though haha So yeah, it can be helpful if you have some unwanted sweet cravings or something :) I actually have a cup of coffee and a little dark chocolate as one of my snacks almost every day!

And it's funny how those Russian tea cakes sound nothing like you'd find in a traditional Russian cuizine! So funny :))

MadsaboutU said...

You look so posh like in this outfit, loving the boots to death. aaah.

Abigail said...

Isabel had some good ideas here. And I love the fox fur! I love fur and can't stand the fake stuff. I'm pretty sure I really need some riding boots...


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