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11 June, 2013

A Neutral Summer Outfit!

There are a lot of works needed to be done prior us moving in to the new house in Los Altos Hills. The kitchen countertop, the backsplash, the stairs, the hardwood floor, the custom wardrobe, and the guest powder room...etc.  The kitchen and the powder room is like our business card, they give the first impression to our guests who come in our house, so the looks and functionality are so important IMHO. 

My dear friend, Elfi, is currently working on this remodeling project with me.  Thank GOD that she is so resourceful that I will be able to trust her completely to do some purchases as well as to supervise the progress in our house. I will be at Santa Barbara for 2 weeks for Yoga teacher training and hopefully while I am done, my house is also ready to be moved in. 

As you can imagine there is stress whenever there is a house project. The schedule, the orders and the works, all progress needed to be coordinated well. Since Day 1 we bought the house in Los Altos Hills, hubby and I wake up at 6 to 7 every morning thinking of the possible ways to upgrade our house even more.  This time around, I found I didn't inject as much bright color in my house as I did in my previous house, whereas, I paint most walls in gray in our new house.  But since GREEN is always my favorite color, I picked green Krion as my kitchen island and I cannot wait to see the final look of it.   

Speaking of gray, I am fond of neutral color these days. I found myself wearing black and neutral more often. Maybe I was trying to stay calm and be on top of everything is going on in my new house. ha~ 

 photo IMG_3918_zpsb4bc0f8a.jpg

 photo IMG_3905_zpsa4a0f885.jpg
Helmut Lang suede tank, Suzuki Takayuki cropped vest, Vera Wang Lavender two tone pleated skirt, Elfi Altendorfer custom necklace, Hermes Bleu de Galice kelly 35cm, Valentino studded cream sling back 

Stay Calm and Carry on. 
xoxo Rachel 

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