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24 March, 2013

Dress to fit in TIME- Balmain in Theatre Antique!

Today is the 3rd day we are in Southern France, and we visited Nimes, Avignon, Orange and Vaison-la-Romaine which has huge influence from Ancient Rome. The driving in southern France is not difficult and there are a lot traffic circles/roundabout with clear signs that even you miss a turn or a sign, you will be able to circle back to the right route. There is no exits off the highway, no ramps and barely traffic. We made through city from city just fine!! 

Starbucks is omnipresent even in southern France and I am grateful for it. Now I almost completely quit drinking coffee but occasionally when there is not so accessible with a simple cup of green tea latte, I'd take espresso instead. Besides, I need that energy shot to get me started as there is a stadium to conquer. lol... 

 photo 8ae52a9e-592e-4e49-852c-a41a1174006f_zps4867e3c9.jpg
Isabel Marant sweater, Balmain vest, leggings, Missoni for Converse with custom hand embellished studs/cubics by Joey Found (, Hermes horn necklace, Venessa Bruno linen/sequins tote (a fashion souvenir from Marseille) 

 photo IMG_4644_zps3cc93cd8.jpg
Theatre' Antique 
(Official link: ) 

 photo IMG_2771_zps9f184ed4.jpg
Gladiator travel back in time to Theatre' Vintage, Orange, France. ha~

 photo IMG_2873_zps5339e9db.jpg
Sur Le Pont d'Avignon

 photo IMG_2841_zps07c55205.jpg
Palais des Papes - Avignon 

Travel fast, eat large, live current!
xoxo Rachel 

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