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31 March, 2013

Cannes and Monte Carlo, score big!!

We are now in Paris and I have tried to upload my pictures on Photobuket unsuccessfully the past couple of days thus the delay.  Today I decided to upload through Blogger itself. 

I have never bought these many Hermes in a very short period of time. Some of them are purchased per friend's request and rest are my loot. There are so many stories behind those treasure hunt but I can only share on FB.  Some photos of Hermes' bags are taken under SA's permission but even that I don't think it is appropriate to post them outrageously in public. 

This is what I can tel'ya about my haul. I bought myself a Suffre Kelly wallet, a small gold leather cards holder, a surprisingly reward of Bleu de Galice Kelly 35 CM. It is my lucky trip and SA's mercy that I now have a Kelly in my Hermes' collection. Both Suffre and Bleu de Calice are new colors of this year and they are just beyond gorgeous in my eyes. Ecstatic is the word I can describe my mood!!!!

I found this at Marseille...the very last one wrapped with plastic..fresh and adorable. (Per friend's request!) 

This comes in 3 sizes and 3 colors of red/blue/orange and now they all sold out!! 

They are my newest guilty indulgence~

Have your guilty indulgence on the weekend. 
xoxo Rachel 

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