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23 March, 2013

Everyday Hermes, everyday I look fly!!!

I wear my Hermes accessory everyday as I travel through France.  Not that I have a lot to share but you know my fashion motto: "As long as you live, be stylish." So, yes, I look fly!! 

This time I didn't carry huge and heavy jacket as I assume the weather won't be so brutal. And I was right. We experience the best weather we can imagine here in Southern France during this time of the year. We thought there is going to be rain for couple days but the weather treats us sure nicely that we will be able to walk around town as well as rent a car to visit cities near-by the next day. Wouldn't it be a shame if you go through your travel pictures and think you should have worn something more stylish? lol... 

 photo IMG_2656_zpsb3a20d7d.jpg

 photo HermesScarf2013_zps0eb3b19f.jpg
J Crew red/black striped long sleeves tee, Theory black t-shirt, Max Mara S' quilted jacket, Hermes 2013 doll scarf, Hermes jypsiere 35cm, beaded black add-on collar, Hermes bangle, navy suede wedge, Philippe Ferrandis black/yellow cocktail ring 

Be Fly!
xoxo Rachel 

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