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24 June, 2011

Live, Love, "EAT"!!

Let the day begins with a informative tour!!
No, in Taipei, I don't wear HEELS that much compares to living in USA. 
It is just I walk too much that I don't want to ruin my precious heels. ^O^

Yesterday, every place we visited is delicate for children. They are the hope in the future after all. 

1st Stop!!

2nd Stop!!
National Taiwan Science Educational Center

3rd Stop!!
We made reservation at "味留.壽司.割烹【美味日本料理】“ Japanese restaurant in July as they are fully BOOKed for tonight's dinner already! 
台北市士東路336號 電話:02-2836-8595 

4th Stop!!
Saffron Fine Indian Cuisine:  The best fine Indian cuisine in Taipei!! 
{pic. credited to}


I love the spanish chicken the best... you really can taste the full aroma and texture from the dish. 

We totally wiped out after 9 PM.  But considering this is the 4th day after we arrived in Taipei, I think we are doing pretty awesome adjusting ourselves!! So does my hubby and 2 daughters in Indonesia!! ^^

Try some new restaurants!!!
xoxo Rachel 

1 comment:

Julia, the Thanksgiving Girl said...

You look great with no heels on too - you still make the outfit work, even for the night!


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