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08 June, 2011


Yeah, I wish I have paranormal power that I can bend the spoons with my mind or perform clairvoyance, won't that be awesome!! lol Well, with the aid from Expression College's students and their amazing animated technology, I am sure I can do just about anything in the Tony Lindsay's Music Video "Fun in the sun"!!! ^O^ We have done most footage shooting on Monday and now I can't wait to see they finish all the post production for this MV.


The instructor behind the scene, Chris (right), who is thoughtful enough to place a mat behind the treadmill just in case we fell off it while we pretend walking and dreaming the non-existing-yet-animation going on around us.  ^^

After going through my ODJ photos, I am also amazed how much I like pleats, doesn't matter it is on the blouse, dress, skirt or pants, I love them all. A paranormal coincidence? Or it is just because I have too much memory in my student life that I couldn't forget. Hum....... lol.... 

ASOS Fuchsia maxi pleated skirt

Black pleated long skrit

H & M Pleated bustier

Pleated two-tier dress

Vera Wang lavender label wide pleated skirt

Suzuki Takayuki organic pleated pants

NOW it's DIY time!!
Original bird bangle look with a tiny bead! {Lotta Djossou from Paris}

The bead falls off and I replaced it with an unloved cross pendant myself.
Now I love the whole look even more!!

Last, onto cooking!
Two pots, 1 meal, .... maybe 3-day-dinner! Beef curry and chicken with Shitaky mushroom soup. Yum...yum....yum.....

Easy, cheesy, dinner ready!!
xoxo Rachel


Savvy Gal said...

Love that fuchsia skirt. and I love le creuset pots. great for stewing. : ) x0

litlstrawberry said...

Thanks, Savvy girl. Yes, the pots are awesome for stewing and I should cook w/ it more since theyren't cheap!! Lol... Oh, not only that, the kitchen just look so much alive and fun w/ those colorful pots, isn't it!!! :)


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