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13 June, 2011

May I Propound you.....?!

Now I have this very first piece from Etoile Isabel Marant. I love how intricate the ruffle's cutting, layering and how versatile it could be for me to dress up and down. Thanks for its linen-blend silhouette and rusty off-white color!! Officially, I am into this brand.......well, maybe I am late exploring her collection, but this one actually comes in a perfect timing. I will pack it with me and wear it in Taipei.

Let me propound the sizing of this blouse as I saw couple dresses left on sale on Net-a-porter and they are HUGE. Size 0 and 1 would be the best bet for normal figure, as my blouse is size 0.



My Outfit Du Jour

1. Top: 
Etoile Isabel Marant linen blended one-shoulder blouse
Max Co. cream leather jacket
2. Bottom:
Mandarin & General washed silk pants 
3. Accessory:
J Crew studded belt
Elisabeth Cole dagger necklace
silver hoop earrings
Chanel 08' limited edition metallic silver timeless clutch 

4. Shoes: 
Sergio Rossi red heels


I love lots of textures layered through the blouse and my leather jacket and they are perfectly matched in colors too. 


I should start packing as we are leaving for Taipei on Sunday!
Where's your summer get-away?
xoxo Rachel


Julia, the Thanksgiving Girl said...

Love the blouse and how it looks so good paired with this blazer too! have a great trip :) I'm off to Paris soon! That's the only summer get away for me for now.

litlstrawberry said...

wow, Julia, that's the bESt of BESt getaway for summer!! Not only the people but also the vibe in the whole city..... ah, I wish I'd be there. ^^

Have a fun trip you too, dear!!!



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