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03 June, 2011


Yes, this Proenza Schouler PS1 large Mauve satchel is procured with a good deal of 20% off! It is shipped in a super sonic speed from Italy after I posted its picture couple days ago.

For some reason I love to pair green with white which is the same philosophy I'd pair blue and red together.


Head to toe impromptu again...I didn't notice until Pei pointed out that each color, pink, green, and white is coordinated with each other in my whole wonder they go so well with each other!!
My instinct, it must be!! ^O^
This is the real color of PS1 large mauve!

  • Never miss good eats... Macaroon inside Ferry building.
  • Cathy, Pei and I went to Jewelry trade show in San Mateo today. 
  • Left below: A pic. of Tony Lindsay and me .... hopefully I get to see the final animated production of his MV soon!!
This was the shooting for Tony Lindsay's single album "Fun in the sun" yesterday near Ferry Building.

Today is Heidi's picture day for her dance recital on 6/17!

I even do Chantecaille Emerald eyeshadow and YSL yellow nail polish to match the bag!!

My Outfit Du Jour

1. Top:
Hugo Boss pink shirt 
floral print cropped top {I got this in ROME more than 10 years ago}
(all past season)

2. Bottom:
Marni 09/10 cropped, textured pants

3. Accessory:
Proenza Schouler large Mauve PS1 satchel
Crazy dog beaded necklace (bought at Bettina in SF city)

4. Shoes:
Christian Louboutin Pigalle Plato 120 Patent White


Have you found your pink?
xoxo Rachel


Charles said...

SUCH a droolworthy bag! you lucky thing. I really love that dance photo, it's too adorable! brings back memories when i used to do that stuff :)

Bon Chic Bon Genre said...

OMG! R! I think I bought the same bag as yours! LOL! Mine is from net-a-porter and the official color name of this green is "Feldspar". (So weird that yours is called "mauve"??! Seriously? LOL) It's like a chameleon in medium sage green which is sometimes having yellow/olive tones and then sometimes teal tone. So strange right? LOL! Your outdoor pix even makes it look like a Kelly Green or sth but it's not a Kelly Green, right? So confused! LOL! BTW, where did you buy yours? You mentioned you had 20% off! Must be a great deal! Congrats again and hope to see more modeling pix!


litlstrawberry said...

Hi, Charles, yes, presumably we girls all love to be a "princess" and dance and dress like a doll. ^^ Well, I don't have these fancy tutu dress while I was young though.

yes, the PS1 is he** a loot in such good deal.

Have a good rest of your weekend.

xo R.

litlstrawberry said...

Yes, Mia, I know Net-a-porter has the same color and I know the italy website is probably just carelessly written the color code for mine. ... although I do kind of wanting them ship me a dirty pink instead. haha...

It is the site I always find good stuff from....on right scroll of my blog...Luis....something. Never remember how to spell it. :P

Anyway.... with 20%off, it is even cheaper than medium satchel after $1600 USD.

Enjoy yours then, dear.

xo R.


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