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21 June, 2011

First Day Back at Hometown, Taipei!!

I think I might be the first one carrying Proenza Schouler big messenger bag in Taiwan?!! 
No? }
 Everything feels so familiar yet so different at the same time when walking on the street in Taipei!! Stores are different, people and neighbors are the same! Yes, I want to meet up with my old friends, used-to-be coworkers, relatives,......... everyone that I actually remembered

I am home!!!! ^O^

Enjoy every single bit of your life!
xoxo Rachel 


Julia said...

I know the feeling:-) enjoy the stay.

We will be traveling soon too.

litlstrawberry said...

Nice, Julia, where are you going then????

Julia said...

The same tour every summer - Shanghai, Hangzhou, Beijing, Taiyuan. I would love to tag along silk road if possible. But only so much time.

litlstrawberry said...

I know, silk road is the place that we should visit at least once in the life time!! ..... But for me, only if I don't have to take kids with me. ^^

Enjoy your trip!!


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