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23 June, 2011

In Good Hands!!

Hubby and 2 daughters flew to Indonesia to his hometown, Jakarta. Niel and I stay here in Taipei as he will start his Chinese School summer camp next Monday. There are so many activities you can sign kids up in the summer in Taiwan and you just have to know how/where to look for!! 

We are in a very good hand.  I have so many friends, and used-to-be coworkers who are voraciously signing up their kids for summer activities. I merely need to find things for them to be busy for by myself in Taipei. Here is a great link to some fun as well as educational activities: 聯合報系:聯合學苑 』 

Irene and I went to my fave. Korean style apparel store "a. fad" yesterday. We instantly become vivacious when we found ourselves some good deals and pretty stuff there. If you mention my name, you probably can receive 20% off from the store. ^O^ 

I never had that light washed denim shorts...EVER~~~ Now I do! {so happy!}

The dress is by a Taiwanese designer: CHU!


For some reason, this sexy dress' pattern gives me an impression of JOKER, you know, from the porker cards. ^O^ 

Niel enjoys a soccer game in the afternoon at 天母運動公園!

Thanks to my friends, 素貞 and 雲珊, who generously invited us for a lovely afternoon and evening. Niel had a great time playing in the soccer team and we had a great dinner at 糖朝 restaurant! 

Sometimes, I think friends are what you need wherever you travel!
xoxo Rachel 

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