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29 June, 2011

Unostentatious Elegance!

While my dad bravely takes charge of caring for my 3 kids, I can't be happier just to watch TV or movies at home. You know, {Ok, even you didn't know, but now you know.) there are over 100 channels including locals and oversea TV stations broadcasted in Taiwan everyday and you almost can find good eats and even activities to do 7/24 everywhere.

I was watching an old movie {Apparently, to me, it is like 10 years ago} the other day and saw this beautiful woman worn a pretty silver with glitter dress.  Instantly, the dress reminded me of my new one!!  Mine is designed by a promising Taiwanese designer, "CHU!!"  I thought to myself that I needed to go back to Elite to explore more Taiwanese designers and I think they needed to be recognized as lots of them are really talented in my mind's eye.

Fashion has history, so does textile silhouette!! 
I adore the ideas of utilizing smart cuts and drapes without redundant embellishments on both dresses to achieve the quality of sexy and feminine look!!

Left below: "Trippen" shoes "happy" collection 2011
Right below: I was trying on copious compilation of colors underneath that Opening Ceremony crochet/fringe knit top ...... {grr... the underneath orange blouse seems not to comply with me....}

"Trippen" a Shoe brand from Germany, a flair mixed of European style and practicality.

I was debating whether should I visit HK, Singapore or Korea. Regardless, a good pair of walking shoes is in need...then I found Trippen "happy" collection with rubber sole platform!! {"Perfect" as my mind screamed.}



1. Top:
J Crew golden tank top
Opening Ceremony black crochet/fringe top ( I found this link for its dress and in white version)

2. Bottom:
KERAIA (Taiwan Brand) boyfriend cropped jeans

3. Accessory:
Purple floral key chain
PS1 large feldspar messenger bag

4. Shoes:
Trippen "happy" collection platform...{super comfy for its rubber sole}

My dear hubby, you forgot to use "flash" under this overcast weather!!

I couldn't stop but gazed at the intricacy of this crochet fringe top even when I am wearing it on me.... Aw..... ^O^

Summer is not so hot in Taipei after all... {Well, thanks to the typhoon!!}
xoxo Rachel

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