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18 June, 2011


As a prelude to showing you our whole house's new hardwood flooring, I exclaimed the amazing hardwood stairs and modern chandelier, wall cones they look altogether in my house.

We are flying back to Taipei tomorrow evening and while we are gone, our house's renovation will continue and under my trustworthy contractor's supervision.  I premeditated the whole hardwood flooring and lightening fixture replacement since the day we moved in this house in 2006 and finally we did it!!


I love the modern shade over the chandelier which gives it a 
different vibe and kicks up a stat-of-the-art design. 


Both me and my contractor have to climb up to put up those glass chandelier by hand!

Here I'd love share my dearest friend's, Isabel, her family dinning area.
Isabel is a pure "minimalism" admirer, who loves Prada and simple, yet classic design. I particularly love the classic plastic chairs she picked which perfectly accentuate the coziness and warmth on the sisal rugs.  

Just like her new Hermes 3 tones Kelly, simple and classic!!!! .... Envy~~~~~


Live your life in style!!
xoxo Rachel

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