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15 September, 2011

Wear Missoni For Target like you MEAN it!

Yes, I think I am pretty satisfied with the loot I had scored from Missoni For Target, big time!!! I love every piece I kept for myself which includes a skirt, a sweatpants, a cardigan, a pair of socks, a pair of flats and a pair of rain boots. {As things meant for home and for my girls, they are all keepers!!}

So~ I am going to wear Missoni for Target rest of my life...... {Of course this is just a hyperbole.}  Ooookie, let's see what I came up with to pair those pretty "little" things. {"Little", I mean they are relatively cheap, by "little", I mean some of them are in size xs and I had to take it no matter what and pray I can fit in just fine, by "little", here I mean I adore them like they are the real deal.}

1. Zigzag Sweatpants size xs. {I probably want size s instead but oh, well... }
I layered asymmetrical cut sheer tank over gray bustier, C&C California racer-cut long vest coat, Missoni for Target zigzag sweatpants, Dior 08' patent quilted booties, Ben Amun mixed color beads necklace

Here I paired my outfit with Missoni for Target pink/green zigzag flats!!
{I just had a feeling of striking a pose with my daughters' toy Microphone station with this outfit. }

2. Mix-color fitted zigzag cardigan size s 
{We were repainting our big front entrance, so pardon the messy look here.} 

Original look... 

After a second thought... 
Another layer of long vest would add more dimensions to the look. 

Additional layers from previous look, Missoni for Target zigzag cardigan, Yaya Afalo wool long vest coat, Anthropologie wooden platform, Momo's March full moon bracelet, Ben Amun necklace, Zara oversized evolve clutch, brown hat.

3. Missoni For Target zigzag knee high socks {this yesterday look deserves another glance.}

4. Missoni For Target mix-color cardigan 
I am feeling this cardigan even more after day 1, and after talking to Isabel, my friend in LA, about how crazy that people procure themselves anything from Missoni for Target. Yes, then you know how precious this Missoni for Target cardigan is!!  

My Outfit Du Jour
Vena Cava romper with charms, Missoni for Target cardigan, theory knitting shrug, Lanvin leopard happy sac, Yves Saint Laurent nude suede tribute pump
Don't you think the pattern on this cardigan is so resembling to a tiger.... therefore, I had an inspiration to carry my leopard tote, as a clutch! 

{I really like our newly paint door - Kelly Moore: Red Ochre}

5. Missoni For Target Zigzag flats, size 8 from I normally wear size 8.5. {running chores like crazy in the afternoon that I had to switch to flats.... a test walk!!} 

A lot of people ask me about how do I feel about this flats.... I said, 
1). They are nice  2). They are "Missoni for Target", thus, no comparison in price, look whatsoever with any other. 3). They are soft FLATs, thus, comfy!!  {No, I assure you that I am not getting a dime by advertising it.} 


..... Such a long post...  

I might wear my zigzag skirt tomorrow..... or not! ^^
xoxo Rachel 


Julia, the Thanksgiving Girl said...

Love the look where you wear the nude heels! Other pieces are super fun as well, I'm wondering what would one look if she wears ALL of what Missoni for Target has to offer lol

litlstrawberry said...

hhaa, Julia, she would look just fine... with the real Missoni collection, it won't be a disaster but with Missoni for Target, I will just pretend i am traveling from or to Africa. ^O^
Have a good Sunday.
xo Rachel

kris said...

Hi! I love all your missoni for target loot! You are such a fashionable mom! I was able to snag two pair of tights (the knit in olive green and black with blue zig zag), but they only had size M/T. Which size did you get? I'm 5'6" and 118lbs. Do you think they will fit or should I return them. Please help! Thanks in advance! =)

litlstrawberry said...

Hi, Kris, thanks.
I think you are relatively tall and M/L should be ok..they are tights and you always can wear them "higher" than normal. ^O^ Make sure your shirts/skirts/pants covers it. I believe their collection made slightly bigger for Target than the real Missoni collection. You don't have to return them;.... did you try them on??

xo Rachel


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