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08 September, 2011

Fashion's Day Out!!

We don't have that kinda of luxury to fly to NYC for a big fashion's night out but it doesn't mean that we dress less stylish in SF city or in the suburban.  Fashion certainly doesn't only exist on the runway, nor less accessible in the suburban, it exists everywhere. {I am a total believer of what Coco Chanel said.}

My girl friends and I had a casual lunch today. All of us dressed up distinctively to whatever our life style fits.  Ann dresses up with a blazer as it makes her look posh and more professional at work. In the meantime, a floral dress makes her less provocative when addressing things/meeting with clients. {This has something to do with Psychological point of view... you know!!} As for Pei, she works whenever so she can dress up any style she wants on those non-working days. Then since I don't have to work (at all), I play with different "styles" almost everyday. Yu, not so much of a trouble-dresser, she dresses up whenever she wanted as well. As for my other buddy, Cathy, she can't make it to lunch today, we will leave her alone then. lol... 



1. Top:
Au Jour Le Jour mesh maxi dress
American Apparel 3D rose sweater
2. Bottom:
TOGA tights (I cut off the toe part so now is a legging.)
3. Shoes:
Alain peep toe wrap boots (
4. Accessory:
BCBG wooden bangle
Lanvin leopard happy sac



Left to right, top and bottom: 
1) Ralph Lauren Shearling vest
2) On Yu, Zara asymmetrical top, tapered pants with fold-over waist, Hermes croc CDC, Anya Hindermach straw bag, Givenchy sandal booties  
3) Pei is very into color-blocking. 
4) Vince coyote fur coat

Guess which coat I end up buying? ^O^

I adore this lavish look from Ralph Lauren!!

Have a fun fashion week!!
xoxo Rachel 


Julia, the Thanksgiving Girl said...

Love how different you all look - you totally compete each other! And that's exactly what friendship should be like, I believe :)

litlstrawberry said...

hah, Yeah, I guess at some point you are right, we all try the best to look into our best. ^O^ We copy each other's style or we would buy the same thing but create different looks to fit our personality.

Have a good weekend, dear.


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